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  1. Oldest Sequencer Here?

    I'm 69. I'm expecting a magic year.
  2. TSO - Paul O'Neil has passed

    Paul O'Neil, founder of the Trans Siberian Orchestra, has passed away at age 61. Thought you should know.
  3. I'm thinking of wrapping some small tree shaped shrubs in smart pixels. What's the best choice? Up and down like a mega tree? Or spiral around like string lights? Or some other method? What do you think will give me the most flexibility. Keep in mind that these are too small, say 50 to 100 pixels on the shrub, to be effective as matrices.
  4. There seems to be a recurring impression that bacon is bad for you and your heart. Turns out, the deadliest thing in that BLT is the bread! I'm serious. Not only that, lard is actually not bad. Reference: "Why We Get Fat and What to do About It" by Gary Taubes. I lost 24 pounds by eating man food. Meat...good. Flour and sugar....bad.
  5. How is your display take-down coming along?

    After the great response this year (everybody says Merry Christmas now instead of "Happy Holidays"), managed to take down all the pixicles from the roof. The ground props can be done anytime, even in bad weather. It was COLD on the roof! Should have made the penguins do that work. Winter depression setting in as snow is on the way and no lights or music anymore. Time to start bugging LOR for new software! Haha!
  6. Layering of effects

    Maybe he means Kopi Luwak coffee. Finest kind!
  7. Power Supply Cooling Fans

    if the fans are kicking in, it means the supply is reaching high enough temperatures to need them. I got a replacement for one of mine at Newegg.com. Lots of choices there.
  8. Windows 10 (Home edition) annoyingly downloads updates and reboots the computer when it thinks you're not looking. This is a well documented incurable hazard which leaves the show computer not running the show and the happy little message "Windows has updated your computer." If I shut off wifi and internet connections, it just locks up until internet is restored. Is there a way to build a task or batch that will load the LOR control panel/listener and start up my schedule automatically when the computer restarts?
  9. Windows 10 issues

    Whoa! I have to correct myself here! This is the first season running Win10 on the show computer. I noticed that every morning, it was totally locked up. Even though all sleep and power down modes were disabled and automatic updates were off, I suspected it was stalled waiting for internet access. When I say locked, I mean LOCKED. Not even ctrl-alt-del worked. No response from mouse or keyboard. It had to be unplugged to power it down and reboot. Turned on wifi, and thus internet access, and it hasn't stalled in several days. So maybe Win10 MUST have internet?
  10. preview file?

    How is the preview info saved in PE? I have Xmas eve sarajevo on my show computer and had to make a change to a prop. I saved that as a preview with a new name. Now I want to transfer that preview to my programming computer, so I copied every file of xmas eve sarajevo to a thumb drive and then onto the programming computer. When I load the sequence into PE on the programming computer, it comes up with the old preview file. Why didn't the new preview follow? Do I need to import it? How?
  11. FM Transmitter

    Every year we go through this. If you want a tiny bit more range, just extend the antenna wire that came with your transmitter. In many cases the transmitter is overpowered but complies by shortening the antenna. There are NO empty bands in my area, so I just step on a very weak foreign language station. So far, no men in black have knocked on my door.
  12. Windows 10 issues

    Once the computer is up for the season, I turn off the wifi. I also tell it never to sleep. The only network windows sees is the LOR Ethernet with no internet connection. So it can't do any updates without me there.
  13. I have a Sandevices board, a Holidaycoro board, a Servodog board, and several LOR boards. Is it best to put a timer on them, or leave them powered 24-7 during the season? Is it potentially harmful to leave them powered when not in use? Discuss!
  14. E1.31 used for roofline. PE seems limiting

    There were hints earlier of a major update coming next year. Since LOR is usually closed mouthed about plans, I suspect this is pretty far along or they wouldn't hint. As for now, PE is a first pass by LOR at producing software for pixel programming. As such it is a bit light on effects and cumbersome to use. But there are quite a few choices already and you can overlay or mix them together. It takes a bit of thought, experimentation and perseverance, but I've been able to get a lot of what I envisioned using PE alone. For rooflines, I suspect the curtain and meteor effects will be your friend. I also wonder if you can declare your roofline string to be a matrix of one row and 900 columns (or however pixels long the whole thing is). That might open up some strange and wonderful effects. Try them all and have fun.