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  1. I can get you part of the way there. Turn on Tools -> Foreground Effect Select the fade down tool with what ever % you want. Then select the entire area. The problem with this method is it changes each of your cell's fading back to 100% on before it does it. Years ago I asked for a similar thing (fading out the entire song) but I still don't know of a solution.
  2. Thanks Man! You just changed a days and days problem into only hours. I still wish the editor had a better way of handling this but hey, that will work.
  3. Hi All, I recently change a few strings on some of my props. The new bulbs are almost twice a bright as the old ones. Is there a way to change the channel information to scale down what is sent to the controller. i.e. If the sequence editor has 50% and the channel info is 50% then only send 25% to the channel. I have a bunch of songs with all kinds of things going on (like most people I guess) and the drudgery of going and redoing all that just to re-calibrate the light levels doesn't appeal to me. any ideas?
  4. I'm getting a "Cannot drag an event to or past the start of the previous event" when trying to Move a timing event. As you can see from the screen shoot it's a perfectly legitimate move that does not cross any timings. This is happening randomly and on approximately every 10th move. this is making it very difficult to animate wording of a song. Also, as you can see it does move the timing but leaves the event and doesn't resize it. Is there something I can do to resolve this? I've updated to 4.2.6. using Windows 10 64 pro. 8 cpus (I7) and 16 gig of ram. and 216gig free on the drive it's using.
  5. Yes. But I think that's the crux of the problem. All the Audio files will be in one folder. If you have different <Default Folder> for each client, How do you change the default folder. i.e. it only asks that on install and reinstalling with every project changes seems a bit over kill. Where do you put your <Customer>.LCC file? Where do you keep your visualizations?
  6. Does anyone have any advice on setting up the S4 Suite (Advanced) To better handle Projects. What I mean by Project is things like; Halloween.2013 Halloween.2014 Halloween.2015 Christmas.2013 Christmas.2014 Christmas.2015 Christmas.Kids.House.2015 etc.. I know you can put all the documents in one big mess of files (say S:\Data\Light-O-Rama\ ). But then you loose the project nature of it. i.e. If you Make one improvements to a song you loose the previous song it was based on. Then I can't reference specific sequences from older years. It also causes problems with the song reference in a sequence being absolute address ( S:\Data\Light-O-Rama\Sequences\Audio\Song.mp3) instead of relative addressed ( ..\Audio\Song.mp3) or By project relative ( Audio\Song.mp3 ) Archiving older projects are also a big pain as you can't simply zip up the project directory ( S:\Data\Light-O-Rama\Halloween.2012 ) but rather have to parse all the directories and files and try to figure out what's what. Now, I've bandaged something together to hit the big problems but there are still annoyances like File->Option Never going to the right default. The .lee file being manually located. Having to edit the .lms files manually etc... Now, I understand this is just home based software that is targeted to a single person with one house. But I can't help but thing I'm missing something as there has to be others that thing more project based. Any idea's out there?
  7. And yet still no sign of life from LOR on this topic.
  8. Well, that's good to hear. But how does it know where it got moved to and how does it move all the timmings (on/off/fade/twinkle and such)
  9. My display grew and over the time I have added channels. The .lcc file has four groups of 16 (The controllers) and all my songs use the same .lcc file. Now that I have some experience with this I understand that it`s not best to group things by Channels and type of display but rather the location of the item in the yard and the location of the controllers. I.e. To save a whole wack of extension cords running all over the place and making my yard look like and over grown plate of colourful spaghetti. So, before I go and try and move all these channels to a better setup. One by one in each and every song and then try the fix up the Visualizer. I thought I would ask out there if there is a better way? A better way to Move the channels i.e Move the square from controller 1 ids 1-4 to controller 2 ids 12-15 and such. Also, is there simply a better way to organize the songs then by controller? I would make scene to me to organize things by Prop (Visualizer term). I'm using Lor V3.7.0 also, if it matters I'll upload my .lcc file for reference. Halloween.2012.lcc
  10. Hi All. Is there a way to hook up the tapper screen to a usb-piano keyboard and hook a channel to each key on the keyboard? That way I could play along with the song in a much more natural way. Thanks.
  11. Thanks everyone for the excellent information.
  12. Don Gillespie wrote: Well, I can't imagine why you left this weather. Anyway. Great to hear from someone from Winnipeg. Sounds like the consensuses is that the little bit of water that will get into the wiring (if it's off the ground) will not be enough to cause a short. Still, For my own curiosity. Does anyone know if the controllers will freak out or fry if something shorts out?
  13. Being in Canada and having the very end of my Halloween show rained out, I've been thinking about Christmas and the many feet of snow that will be out there. So I have a few questions. Does anyone know what would happen to the LOR controlers if something shorts out? How do people generally deal with snow/rain. I could electrical tape the extention cores to make the water proff but that would be a pain to undo and it doesn't help the actual displays. What are other people doing to prevent these kinds of problems?
  14. Seems light displays Sure seems to draw in the kids. I've never had more then 50 kids. I bought for 60 figuring I'd get a few more. Well quickly we discovered I'd have to go buy more. Ended up having to go buy more. The place was soooo hopping that we lost count in the 400 range. But were in the 400-500 area anyway. There was 36 active channels. (18 in the 24 foot cave I made to the front door that can't be seen in the video). Learnt a lot this year. Like make sure the video camera is charged before the night starts. Unfortunately it started raining around 8:30 so it all had to get pulled down quite quickly.
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