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  1. I have one that stays white, except for a few inches at the beginning of the ribbon. When I get a chance I'm going cut off the bad part of the ribbon and solder the wires back on. Maybe the might work
  2. I have a 16 02W MP3 controller that will ONLY work with Lexar 256 mb cards, 512 mb won't work, I just brought 4 GB card from LORI that doesn't work either. I can't write shows with the hardware utility, The simple show builder works perfectly though. I have two left and can't find any more anywhere
  3. Are you talking about the Vikings
  4. That I don't know. I read somewhere that the problem may be with software. I tried a few things to get the lights to go off, fading, flashing them.I checked the channels to make sure they didn't have the same address. The DMX channels stuck too. Sometimes it worked then they started sticking again. Last year I thought that I was the only one with this problem. Also last year the lights would play the way they supposed to, then the next time around they would stick. So far the MP3 director works like a charm.
  5. This is another cheap ecloseure if you drink coffee, I used plastic Folgers coffee cans, I cut the middle out of the lid and glued clear plexiglass to the rim just put the top back on the can with the the light inside, and sealed it with stretch wrap just in case. And cut holes for the wire and cables and bracket. One more thing I had to take the knobs off and put hex head screws in, the knobs don't fit inside. So far so good
  6. I had the same problem for the last 2 years, this is my third year with Light O Rama. I was using ELL's to run the show off my laptop. This year I bought the MP3 show director, where you don't need the computer, only an SD card. The lights have worked perfect ever since. I was thinking maybe it's the software or interference from somewhere thats causing the lights to stick. The only problem I had with the show director was when I tried to overwrite a show on the same card. To fix it I deleted all the files first, then copied the show to the card and never had a problem since.
  7. You will need 1 DMX3-F for each fog machine. Just ordered mine I should get them next week.
  8. Would a 12 volt landscape lighting transformer be good for power for the dc controller
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