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  1. I made them years ago when I started. The one im trying to edit I made but I do have others I have to edit too that I bought or traded with people here. Thanks so much for getting back to me quick.
  2. I am getting all kinds of errors trying to edit my sequence and saving. 3 days left until I have to run the show and decided to make some changes. Now I cant Using LOR 4.3.24 Pro Original computer it was on crashed and I installed LOR on a new laptop and thank god I had it all backed up. Here are my errors: Copy function - Data from encrypted sequence cannot be copied except on the sequence's originating computer Save file - Error saving file. Do you want to try to save to another file name? (Detail: Invalid procedure call to argument) Say yes - Changed file name - dont have permission to save in this location. Save to another folder? say yes - Error saving file. Do you want to try to save to another file name? (Detail: Invalid procedure call to argument) I hope someone can help me. Again... I have to have this up and running by Friday. We do this show for the community Food banks and dont want anything to hold it up. Thank you all again Jay
  3. Thank you so much. I know we cant share MP3 but could you link me to where you got yours so I can purchase it? J
  4. Been a while since I have been here. Took a couple years off from my display but with the new BIGGER house and LARGE yard its time to rock the new neighborhood I HAD 16 ch.... but just picked up 4 more packs, but would like to stay 32 for this year but will take almost any size and edit if needed. I do not have anything but the packs right now. No cosmics or anything like that. Basic. Next year... Watch out hehehe. Looking for these 3 (or others if you have it besides Wizards) First Snow Christmas dreams Christmas Day Thanks everyone Jay vsnsound@aol.com
  5. Would love this also. I know im late to the party... but had to take a couple years off from this. Back in full swing again. Do you have a vid of it running or does anyone? Please shoot over to me if you can. vsnsound@aol.com Thank you so much Jay
  6. Not exactly a newbee.... but this has puzzled me for a few years and I always did it the hard way. I HOPE someone can lend me a hand to do this right. Im SURE most of you know how to do this. Here is what I want to do: I have just a basic "on" for some lights before and after the show. I made a 58 min program and called it spots.las. This is to light up the sign and a few lights on 50%. I also have a couple blow up things on as well. So when the whole musical show starts (5 songs) I need "spots.las" to turn off 2 min BEFORE the musical show. Then when the musical show is done I would need spots.las to run again until 2 min before the next show. (I need the 2 min before so the blow ups have time to deflate before the musical show starts). heheheh Thank you again. Jay Connecticut
  7. One of the other problems is when I choose the times for everything I get an error saying I already have a show scheduled for that time. How do you delete older shows so I can make a new one? Thanks again
  8. HI Group. Im having some difficulty in programing daily shows. Im not a newbie but havent realy gone deep into this. Each year I have run each song seperat. This way I could tell by the crowd what they were in the mood for. Annnnnyway.... Here is what im looking to do. I want to run my non music 1 minute show all night, then at 7 & 8:00 (or whatever time I finally choose) I want to run the 4 song show( 2 times a night), then after the 4 songs I want it to go back to the non music show for the rest of the night. I know you all know what im talking about but im stumped. Also... When I try to program the 1 min show to go all night it tells me I already have a show sceduled for one of the times. How do you clear out the old shows that I programed last year. (last year I used the quick show builder to play 4 songs). Any help would be GREAT! AND if anyone is in Mid Northern Connecticut... let me know. Thanks again
  9. Downloading the updated version did the trick! Show went off GREAT! Thank you all for the advice and help. Now to work on next years show
  10. I hope someone can help me. Im using LOR I 1.6.3 Im running a non musical sequence and then when it ends at a time I tell it I strat the musical sequence with 4 songs in it at a time I say. Example: 7:00 till 7:59 the non music sequence starts 8:00 till 8:06:21 the music sequence runs. 8:07 the non music one runs And from there every hous 3 times a night. Ok, My problem..... The non music sequence stops at the right time. The Music sequence begins at the right time. The music sequence plays 2 songs and the lights stop working. Then after the music sequence time ends and the non music one should start IT dosent restart. I have to Unload show and enable show and the non music one comes on where its suppose to. Please could you help. I was running this show for a crowd and this happened. I had to go in and run each song seperatly. Thank you all. Jay
  11. What I want to do is just run this 1 one minute sequence all night on nights im not runing a music show. Just so my lights are on. Dont want it dark in the yard. Then on nights I run the music show I want to run this one minute show all night untill the music show starts, then when the music show is over the one minute sequence comes on till the next show. How do I loop the entire one minute show forever? Thanks again
  12. Ok, But what if im not running the show every night and just want the annimation one to run all night? How do I loop it to run till I tell it to stop?
  13. Ok, The subject might be off but here is my question...... I wrote a non music annimation 1:00 sequence that I want to run all the time EXCEPT when the show scheduler starts the show. How do I do this. Cant seem to figure this out. BTW... This is AWSOME!!!!! It worked right out of the box and I am so happy! Will upgrade 16 ch each year till im at the max Thanks again for everyones help in the past with sequences. Jay
  14. I actually dont know. I just put it in musicmatch and hit copy cd. Is there a way to lenthen the begining of the song or shorten the begining of the whole sequence? thanks for the help. This forum has been so helpful. Jay
  15. Ok, So I got some sequences from the lorsequences site. I ripped the songs from the CD's I bought. The sequence is off about 1 second or 1 1/2 seconds. It starts earlier. Is there a way to fix this problem? Thanks again.
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