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  1. I have 16 Residential Controllers in my LOR network. My show ran perfectly Thanksgiving Evening and for the next 3 nights. Monday evening my Star Towers were not working and I found a completely "dead" controller. Here is what I have done to troubleshoot the problem: 1. Checked the power source to the controller 2. Checked the extension cords and plugs used to supply power to the controller 3. Changed both fuses in the controller (left & right) 4. Moved the "jumper" from pins 4 & 5 to pins 5 & 6 attempting to resent the controller, nothing happened, it would not power up, I returned the jumper to pins 4 & 5. I do not understand why the controller will not power up. Working perfectly at the close of my show Sunday evening, would not power up on Monday evening. HELP! Ronnie Floyd
  2. Is it possible to watch a show in progress on your computer screen?? I have built a show, scheduled it and when it starts I want to watch it run........i.e....like watching a sequence play in the sequence editor..........is that possible?? Thanks, Ronnie
  3. Thank you very much George & Godney...........
  4. I operated 3 controllers last year and had 2 of them addressed as #1 and had no problems.......my real question is........can I address 2 controllers as #1 and still operate 3 other controllers with Basic Plus Software??? Ronnie
  5. According to the literature Basic Plus will operate 4 LOR Controllers. Can anyone tell me that if I "address" 2 Controllers as #1 can I sill use 3 additional Controllers? Thanks, Ronnie
  6. rfloyd8


    I'll lay it out "straight". I ain't no programmer, no computer wizzard.....just a nut who LOVES lights and light shows. I have 3 LOR controllers and have managed to make a show that delights my family and the close neighborhood.....all this with the help of Darryl Brown and LOR's "pre-made" sequences.......I have taken my CCR out of the box, connected it to my computer and run through all of the "Quickstart" stuff with hardly any problems.....BUT.....I really have NO IDEA how to begin to make a sequence for it, much less how to intergrate it into my network and use LOR's music sequences...........HELP PLEASE..... Ignorant but Eager to learn
  7. Thanks guys............I am a virgin at this, maybe next year I'll get a little more exotic........for now I am trying just to get it to work to a tolerable degree........just a simple animation sequence.......it might be me, but, the user guides, tutorials and instructions are not very user friendly to idiots.......
  8. Thank you evan.a.................kind of thought that might be it........I am brand new at this. Actually I have 3 16 channel controllers. 2 10' PVC Trees with a controller on each and between them 1 controllers for 4 mini trees and bushes. Do I have to disconnect the other 2 controllers to change the address of the 1. They are addressed now as 01 (big tree), 02 (4 mini trees) and 03 (big tree). I want both "big trees" doing the same thing at the same time. The controller for the "mini trees" is in the middle. So, do I have to disconnect everything to change an address?
  9. How do I make 2 16 Channel controllers do exactly the same thing at exactly the same time?
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