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  1. Could you get me shipping cost to 04401
  2. This evening I hooked up my USB485-ISO to my indoor ELL and was able to find my 18 controllers. I than went with the USB485-ISO and set unit IDs on 4 other controllers 2 of which run off of ELLs in my neighbors yard. When I returned from setting those Unit IDs I connected my USB485-ISO to my indoor ELL and searched for controllers in the HU and every time it found between 1 and 0. I tried with multiple CAT5 cables and USB cables from PC to USB485-ISO. One thing I noticed is when the PC was connected to the USB485-ISO than to the indoor ELL the TX light was blinking soft. For some reason I thought the RX light should have been the one blinking. I also had the green USB Power and green ISO power LEDs were on. When I looked into the indoor ELL I found LED 1 was blinking normally (about 1 per second) and LED 2 was blinking about dimly about 3 per second. When I hit a refresh in the HU the indoor ELL LED 1 stays the same, LED 2 shimmers like it is trying to stay on but does not. Is this normal? I just ordered another USB485-ISO as I am not sure but I think that might be the issue. I also uninstalled the USB485 driver than reinstalled the software with no difference. I also did a complete LOR install on another computer with the same results. Any other troubleshooting ideas please let me know.
  3. Does anyone have It’s Christmas Time Again by Backstreet? Looking to add it last minute and just looking for some ideas. Thanks in advance!
  4. Could I please have a copy. Roderick.hathaway@gmail.com
  5. Would take a copy as well. Roderick.hathaway@gmail.com
  6. Has anyone ever come across brown rope light? Need it for a project and having a hard time finding it.
  7. Total newbie thinking about doing a small pixel piece for this coming year. I was thinking of getting the below Boscoyo Studio Santa Hat matrix https://www.boscoyostudio.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2_56&products_id=242 I want to do an outline of the hat than on the matrix piece I want to be able to scroll a message. I wanted to trigger this prop to turn on when a donation is made. Can I use the input pup to trigger the pixel controller? Not sure what I would need or even how to program this prop. Any help is much appreciated.
  8. Anyone have a good source for the 3 channel star burst frames. Looking to add 5 to my display this year.
  9. I could use 3 18’ but looks like you only have 1. Correct?
  10. Anyone have any left over green LED rope light? Looking for around 50’.
  11. Has anybody sequenced Christmas Time Again by the Backstreet Boys? Looking to add this last minute and looking for ideas. Thanks in advance below is my email. Roderick.hathaway@gmail.com
  12. Anyone know of a good source for T5 led strings. Looking for 16 50ct green. Thanks!
  13. Saxon send me a pm if you haven’t ordered yet.
  14. That’s what I do. I am able to get 3 controllers around the base of my mega tree pole.
  15. If anyone has a copy of James sequence I would love to have it. Roderick.hathaway@gmail.com Thanks!
  16. Does anyone have any 3 channel star bursts? Looking to add them to my trees this year would need 5 of them. Also open to suggestions on where to buy them online.
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