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    Looking online from a young age I found LOR and always wanted to try it out. Once I bought my own house I purchased the controller and the rest is history!
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  1. What gen are these controllers
  2. Maine Lights

    250' rolls of green spt-1 wire

    Any deals for all 10?
  3. Maine Lights

    Mounting controller to mega tree pole

    That’s what I do. I am able to get 3 controllers around the base of my mega tree pole.
  4. Maine Lights

    Cmb24d controllers complete!!!

    Do you still have?
  5. Do you only have 1 tree topper
  6. Maine Lights

    Shake up Christmas By Train

    If anyone has a copy of James sequence I would love to have it. Roderick.hathaway@gmail.com Thanks!
  7. Maine Lights

    Lindsey Stirling Announces Tour in US

    Do you have a video of that song sequenced?
  8. Maine Lights

    3 Channel Star Burst

    Does anyone have any 3 channel star bursts? Looking to add them to my trees this year would need 5 of them. Also open to suggestions on where to buy them online.
  9. Maine Lights

    SPT-1 and C9 Spools

    Who has found the best deal on SPT-1 1000' spools and C9 Socket spools?
  10. Maine Lights

    Items for sale

    Do you have the controller for the flood lights?
  11. Maine Lights

    faces for trains shake up christmas

    If anyone still has the face sequence I would love to have it. Roderick.hathaway@gmail.com thanks!
  12. Are the fire sticks and stars still available? Do they collapse down for shipping?
  13. Maine Lights


    Your view is different than what I see under channel config and add device. Is there a separate spot you can add a device from? Thanks for your help!
  14. Maine Lights


    Trying to set it up in my channel configfor sequencing.
  15. Maine Lights


    What Device type would I select for a CMB16D-QC? Thanks in advance