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  1. I know I am missing a step, and hopefully someone can help me. Due to a computer crash, I am moving my show to my wife's computer. No matter what I try, I cannot get the network to recognize. It was working on the old computer before the crash, so I am assuming the LOR components are not the problem. I have four controllers, all connected via ELL's. I have a USB485 (with booster) between the transmitting ELL and the computer. When I go to the hardware utility, no LOR is found on any comm port, even when I use the network module to manually select the port. I have tried going to the RF tab to update configuration, and i does not find a configuration to update. I am running LOR 3.10.14 on WIndows 7, 64-bit. I did install the USB485 drivers. Any suggestions appreciated. Bob
  2. Unfortunately, there are no markings on the unit indicating, well, anything. On the front it says FM transmitter, and has + and - buttons for tuning. On the back it has inputs for DC12V (power) and antenna. That is the total marking on the unit. If there was any paperwork/manual, it has been lost to the ages. When you talk about dummy loads and SWR, I have no idea what you are referring to. Help!
  3. I wish I had known about this a few years ago, BEFORE I bought 1 1/4 miles of extension cords.
  4. Unfortunately, there are no markings to indicate power level, and my electronics skills are rudimentary at best. I think it is either 1 or 5 watts.
  5. Probably best if I not give a hard number, just in case you do have a black van or helicopter. I need to scale it back quite a bit, but I have a problem. I live on several acres in a rural area, and if I strictly conform to what I understand the FCC limit to be, the signal can not be heard from the road. What I am trying to do is limit the signal to only a mile or so, where it will be heard by about 30 houses total. Every year I test to make sure the frequency I want to use has nothing on it in this area. I also check this site http://www.radio-locator.com/cgi-bin/vacant as a backup check. I am going to see if I can get an attenuator with an adjustable power level. Hopefully I can find one at a reasonable cost.
  6. I have a transmitter that I purchased a few years ago on eBay, from a Chinese manufacturer. It has no volume control, just a switch for changing the frequency. I do not know how much power it is putting out, but I have been told that it could possibly be in excess of FCC regulations. Is there something that I can put between the computer and the transmitter, or between the transmitter and the antenna, that will let me adjust the transmission distance? Thanks, Bob
  7. Tonight was the last night for this year's show. Having a drink and feeling very melancholy at the moment. On the brighter side, next year will be the first year I try to sequence the entire show, instead of buying/using someone else's work. I already have 8 new songs picked out.
  8. Dennis, I apologize if you thought I was bad mouthing you or Ulta-Lit, that was not my intention at all. I fully respect the quality and usability of your testers. We have two Lightkeeper Pro's, and they are the reason I was so excited when I heard about the LED Keeper. I like the idea of thorough product testing. My frustration is with retailers that advertise products that they do not have in stock. If I may offer one suggestion: None of the web sites that I have seen advertising the LED Keeper make any mention of the different models. It would help us consumers if we were aware of the differences, so that we can select the one that best suits our needs. Keep putting out fairly priced, quality products that help me with this obsession, and I will keep buying them.
  9. Orville, You Da Man! Just placed my order, many thanks.
  10. One of Amazon's affiliates is one of the misleading ones. After waiting for my order for 10 days, I contacted them and was told that it was listed by mistake, and they do not carry the LED Keeper.
  11. Does anybody know a reliable place that has the new LED Keeper in stock and ready to ship? I have a several strings of led's that need to be reapired for this season, and I have had two separate vendors accept my order and then tell me that they were not in stock yet.
  12. Unfortunately, that makes sense. I guess I will need to go get a long network cable. Even though it is not what I hoped to hear, thanks for the explanation. Bob
  13. Here is my situation: I have 4 LOR1602Ws, all using ELLs. 3 of them have line of site to the PC-connected ELL. The 4th unit is on the opposite side of the house. This unit has at best an intermittent connection. However, it does have good line of site to one of the other controllers in the yard, and is not far from the yard unit (Less than 100 feet). Shouldn't the unit in the yard, which has a very good connection to the show, act as a repeater and send data on to the unit which does not have line of site to the main unit? Is their something I can do to test out this issue? I have tried swapping out controllers, and get the same result with each of them. If the ELL does not work as a repeater, my only option is to use a 50 or 75 foot network cable to move the ELL so that it has line of site. Since it is 50 miles to the closest electronics store, I am hoping somebody has a way that I can use the good ELL as a repeater. Thanks, Bob
  14. I am having an intermittent issue with 1 of my controllers, and there are a couple of possible reasons. Hopefully i can get advice from someone with more hardware experience than me (which means just about anybody). I have 4 controllers, all 4 or 5 year old 1602Ws and connected via ELLs. 2 of them are mounted to the house, and 2 are in the yard. Both yard controllers and one of the house controllers are working fine. The 4th controller is only making a network connection intermittently. As luck would have it, I know of 2 possible problems. First, the faulty unit does not have line-of-site to the sending unit connected to the show PC. It is on the opposite side of the house. However, it does have a good line to one of the yard controllers, and is closer to the good controller than the good controller is to the PC unit. My assumption is that the controller ELLs should function as both receivers and repeaters. Is this correct? The second problem is in the network receptacles on the controller itself. Both receptacles are a little loose on the board. I was testing this controller in the house, and I had to apply tension to the network cable in order to establish the connection. With tension applied, I got a consistent connection to the rest of the network. As a result, the cable is duct-taped to the protective panel inside the controller, with tension between the tape and the receptacle. It is possible that the tension is not enough for a good connection, but I wouldn't think that this would be an intermittent problem. I apologize for writing a novel, but I wanted to provide as much information as possible. If anybody can enlighten me as to any possible solutions, I would be very grateful. Bob
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