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  1. Found the bad pixel. Took Jim's advice and looked at the wiring 1st. Noticed the wiring for one of the pixels was twisted. I cut on one side of this pixel and checked the continuity. The section without this pixel did not have continuity and the section with this pixel had continuity. I then cut the pixel out of the 2nd section and checked continuity again on this section. No continuity. I believe I found the bad pixel, but have not had time to power them up. Thanks for everyone's help. Rick
  2. What is the fastest way to determine which pixel(s) have a short. There is continuity between the 12v and ground wire on a 50 RGB pixel string. I am hoping this is a problem with a single pixel, but not sure how to go about this without cutting each pixel from the string. This is a new string and I am getting credit from the vendor, but I would like to determine if there is a way to find where the short is. I originally tested to make sure I had continuity from ground to ground and 12v to 12v, but did not check 12v to ground until I blew 2 fuses on my pixel controller. I would appreciate any ideas. Thanks Rick
  3. Will go with the 4amp 32v. Thanks Rick
  4. The Pixcon fuses are 4 amp, is there a specific voltage (30V)? Where can they be purchased? Thanks Rick
  5. Followup. I ran the hardware test pattern and everything ran except the pixel stars. I tried changing port and that did not help. Thanks Rick
  6. I am using a router. As I mentioned the other ports work. Thanks Rick
  7. I was able to ping the address 192.68.3, but could not get into the pixcon interface through the browser. I reconnected both my wireless network and hardware network (goes through router) and now can get into the configuration. I set the universe and channels for the pixel stars, but they will not turn on. I checked the channel IDs in one of my sequences and they seem to be correct ( universe 6, channels 1 through 300). I have 100 pixels (50 for each star). Control panel is running. I tried using the "test physical channel on" option, but this did not turn on pixels. I am running all the same type of pixel. WS2812. I tried another brand new string, but they did not work. I may try to change the port to see if port 5 is bad. As I mentioned previously the other pixels work. They are on ports 1 through 4. Any ides? Thanks Rick
  8. The is what shows up in the configuration box. I will try to ping the pixcon after the show tonight. It is obvious that the PC is talking to the pixcon because the pixel tree (400 pixels) and the 2 firesticks (150 pixels each) are working. Just the new pixel stars (100 pixels) are not. Thanks Rick
  9. I did get my pixel tree and firesticks to work last year and they are working this year. However, I have added 2 pixel stars (50 pixels each) this year and I can not get into the pixcon configuration to set the universes and channels. I am running the pixcon 16 in E1.31 mode. I am running LOR ver 4.3.14 software. When I click on find/configure, it finds the board ( LOR Pixcon). It is listed in white. When I click on the board it states that "The device configuration could not be loaded. etc". When I run the trouble shooter it ask if I am running through a router, I click on yes. I do not have any other networks running including wireless. It states that the "computer is using dynamic IP address. Set board to run a dynamic address as well". How can I set the board to run dynamic address if I can not get into the configuration? My computer IV4 address is I tried connecting directly from the Pixcon to the PC, but then it does not find the board. What am I doing wrong? I am only dangerous when using E1.31 and IP Adresses. I appreciate any help you can provide. Thanks Rick
  10. Cheski

    RGB Help

    As George mentioned above you need to know what kind of RGB's you have (smart, dumb), voltage (12, 5), power injection required, etc. Last year was my 1st year with smart RGB's. I purchased a Pixcon 16. I run them in E1.31 mode and programmed them using Xlights. Xlights is freeware. There was a small learning curve in programming in xlights, but it has good tutorials online. It also has the capability to convert sequences into LOR format. I used it'smebobos vegomatic program to create additional channels in my current LOR sequences and pasted in the Xlight sequences. Good Luck.
  11. Bdwillie indicated he has Basic Plus, which may limit his ability to delete tracks. Since basic plus only allows 2 tracks. Not sure how it allows the shared sequence to be used with more than 2 tracks. It may allow more than 2 tracks, but then you can not delete any. Try adding a track and if you can then see if you can delete it.
  12. Papagayo does most of the work, but you still have to adjust the wording. Then check out itsmebobo software to convert to LOR.
  13. I had to update the firmware. As wbaker4 said above, turn off wireless connection. Check your IP address from the router. Mine changed and I had to go back and reset it.
  14. Agree. I would like to selectively print the channels. Maybe Bobo can come up with a solution.
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