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  1. james campbell

    well back to the lor forum

    Ive been absent from the forum for awhile. ive had several life changes,including a divorce lol.the best change is a new house to decorate. I look forward to talking and seeing whats up with all the new and old members.
  2. james campbell

    how many spirals

    I did a spiral tree two years ago, I did not have any luck using the calculator like George used( probably operator error) My tree is 10 feet tall 6 foot base, I think I used 2 twist. I found trial and error the was the way for me to get the effect I was after. Good luck
  3. james campbell

    GFCI trips

    are you ever wrong orville? do you always have to dispute others post. I suppose you could watch a weather report,and in case your planning on being out you could perhaps set you show not to run, but hey I'm no expert like you
  4. james campbell

    GFCI trips

    people you need to realize, stuff outside gets wet. All my outlets are gfci, if it rains too hard I don't even bother running the show. I have done things to prevent as much ground contact as I can,but still I will have trips when the ground is saturated. I don't tape anything I don't grease anything,(with hundreds of plug ends in the yard who has time) besides you can't grease every light right. My best advice would be , keep your plugs off the ground and insulate your wire frame items such as mini trees.
  5. james campbell

    what to start with

    wow lights has a 32 output kit that has all you will need. its 2300 bucks. you can do it cheaper by building it all, but if you want to spend that much then that is the way to go. wowlights.com
  6. james campbell

    Newbie in training

    i dont think you can control them
  7. james campbell

    Nativity Scene in Shut Down

    yep you need to fade those lights down to off,and run a few seconds at the end to ensure they stay off.
  8. james campbell

    USB485 not recognized

    first off, you can't have the lor control panel and the hardware utility running at the same time. unload the lor bulb In the lower right corner then run the hardware utility. once you've done that you should be able to refresh the network(with your 485 plugged in and controllers power up) and reset your port. if that don't work, yo may have a bad adapter.
  9. james campbell

    Moisture in controllers

    I have never had a moisture issue. if you have the controllers off the ground and the pigtails up at least 3 inches,and have the door secure those boxes should not leak. and as others have sais leave them on 24/7
  10. james campbell

    Thinking about getting started, maybe a show for 2015

    I always get the card assembled kit. its about 50 bucks cheaper ,and all you do is install the cords and strain relief. as far as dmx lor works well as long as your not sending a lot of information ie a lot of pixels.
  11. james campbell

    Mega tree advice

    I do a tree for a buddy thats four colors. He uses 64 channels,30 stands each color so two strings per channel,always have extra channels left over.
  12. james campbell

    DIY vs Card Assembled vs Ready to go controllers

    all the pc kits or the ready to go pc controllers, all do the same thing. so they have the same bells and whistles
  13. james campbell

    simple show builder

    Click on all files. It will have 32 or 16 clicked
  14. james campbell

    Help starting show

    Also you can't have the hardware utility open and play though the sequence editor
  15. james campbell

    cannot find controllers

    that's a new one on me. why on earth would you plug it into a switch?