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  1. VERY GOOD, Loved the mega tree's light movements with music on Christmas Carol. Keep up the great work!
  2. I have it's about the cross, send me your E-mails and I'll get them to you guys. Not super flashy but got good response last two years.
  3. I have used mini's, M6's and C5's for Mega tree during past 3 years. I have come to my conclusion that I like best the C5's for Mega, M6's for mini trees and mini's for bushes and arches. I think the C5's really 'filled' the tree best when viewed about 50 feet away, the others didn't in my opinion.
  4. Very nice, liked your smooth sequencing of arches the way the lit up to/from each section. Great work.
  5. Fantastic Job with your sequencing and layout Jeff. But, I have to ask. How did you make those three snaking poles? I haven't seen those before and they were great !! I also really liked the Sarajevo sequence effects with your fades that made props appear to have tails.
  6. Has any one else had issues with being unable to stop sequences after upgrade to 3.10.12? If so is there a fix? I constantly use space bar for start/stop during sequencing. Thanks everyone.
  7. Last couple of years I used 8 channels, doubled up the strings (C6 lights) for smaller trees then used the other 8 channels for additional items in the yard. Remember with a smaller tree your base will be smaller and crowded with so many wires, confusion etc.
  8. Agree HLE is the way I'd go and have in the past with their great service and product.
  9. Baron1414

    type of LEDs

    I am in Florida, with alot of rain at times also. I like M6's for bushes, mini trees and C6's for the rest. But, definately sealed lights with no issues last several years.
  10. That's also what I am planning , 2x4 PVC with LED mini's like arches. But... What type of lights are George's, in his above pictures, RGB's ??
  11. Great job, nice and clean with good use of your props. Love your weber tree, just would love it a little better with a beautiful bethleham star to top it off. Hat's off to you, very enjoyable and soothing to watch.
  12. Hey Earle, I just got a another 'new' controller from a friend that works great and have all my new lights. So.... I guess like everybody else I need more samples for spiral trees. Just kidding! Everything works great. Just keep up the great work helping everybody and being a mentor. Thanks, Jeff
  13. +1, great info and guidance guys. Now if more could read your post......
  14. Excellent Job, Looks and sounds GREAT!!! Now the real madness begins. What am I going to do for next year? Best wishes on that.
  15. But... I know it works ! Thanks Earle
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