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  1. Thank you Matt! And thank you again for the work-around, its been a great option to continue in S5 and not lose my previous work.
  2. Thank you for the updated software. I was hoping this would be addressed: The work-around suggested earlier still works for me, although the preview isn't quite accurate on the blending. But it's not a big deal. Still hoping for the ability to mix channel effects in a true RGB prop.
  3. I'm glad to hear it can be reproduced without having to change props.... But I do not have the pro level,so no motion effects for me. Matt did suggest a work around of making RGB aggregates for each prop. And this saves the integrity of the channel effects when entered on top of each other. The bummer part is having to remake the RGB props into single channel red, green and blue props. But I saved the other preview, so it'll be an easy copy and paste when they address this in the future. It doesn't render /perfectly/ but it's close enough for upgrading existing sequences and some learning while ticketing in S5
  4. I look forward to trying this! Thank you!
  5. I would like to see the ability to mix effects in an RGB channel set again. For example, solid Blue, Shimmer Red. Or Solid Red Twinkle Green. Etc. Even when entered manually, the top RGB channel overwrites the type of effect when played back. Thank you.
  6. This EXACTLY. I wonder if it can be a feature request for a future update.
  7. Thank you for this - you described the glitch. I am going to go read your post now. __________________________________ Yes yes yes! That is what I need back - some sequences can get by with the conversion, others were written around that exact effect. I will make a new thread I guess asking for it as a fix or feature update. If it can't be fixed, I have to downgrade to S4. I don't use motion effects, nor smart pixels or whatever... I really enjoy hand animating, and this effect was part of it. Thank you for responding and linking that thread, it did not come up when I was trying to search for this over the past week. -Eric
  8. I recently upgraded to S5 and email support has been stellar in helping me with things I couldn't find in the docs or forum. However, I found a new issue and have been waiting about a week - so I thought I would also ask here. (copy and paste from my support ticket) "... In some sequences, I'll use a solid color and an effect like shimmer or twinkle in a single RGB channel with cool effect. For example, I'll have the red set to solid then twinkle at the same time on green. The effect is almost flame-like. Set this across my display and it's a rather nice fire effect. Or, on my skeletons eyes, I'll have steady red and I'll shimmer green and blue. This makes his eyes strobe white while staying red in the off time of the white. Now in S5, his eyes simply turn on white. No shimmer, no red, just white. I loaded some of my Christmas sequences that use the method heavily. The preview window renders these moments as a solid color. How can I recover or fix this? A few sequences are built around the effect entirely and this is kind of devistating if this ability has been done away with. ..." Has anyone else used solid, shimmer and/or twinkle in an RGB channel set before? It works in S4, but I cannot find a way to make it work in S5. Thanks in advance for your time, Eric
  9. I know I'm late to this topic, but wanted to add my experience. I have used cheap, standard size servos in my puppet's skull with great success. These were $9 to $13. I used micro servos for the eyes. It has operated for many many hours continuously without fail. I am currently printing arms for it - those I will use 1/4 scale servos for - but they seem a bit slow by comparison.
  10. Full out continuous red hot maximum burn lasts about 60 seconds on an 11 oz. can. Budget accordingly ;-) I figure that gives me about 120 fireballs per can.
  11. Hello again, I will try to get a new can of fuel and do a continuous burn this weekend. I'll time it and post back here. I did not get to use them in a show this year, but they seemed to last well during testing. Obviously, the more you use it - the quicker it'll need changing. The effect is so impressive just as a quick burst that I doubt I'll do more than one or two long bursts in a show. The 'fireball' burst with a good sound effect is freaking awesome in person. RE: springs, I was not able to push the lower plate down far enough to comfortably change the fuel can. It was a very very tight fit. I changed the springs to make swapping the cans easier. As tight as the fit was, I imaging that could contribute to the issue. Try lowering the bottom plate by tightening the nuts that hold it against the springs.
  12. I'm using engine starter fluid in these. Nice big yellowish flames. Cans of starter fluid cone from Auto Zone or Advance Auto. I had to use different springs as the stock springs were too tight for the size of the starter fluid can. Hope this helps.
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