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  1. ok thanks. im doing 7 windows and the eves. i have everything measured out. i also have a santa house im going to do. just trying to figure out what im doing but my lights are preordered and wount be here till June. im making a mounting structure to help speed up the install and take down.
  2. thanks im just trying to wrap my head around starting channel lay outs. i bought 10 pixel per meter since my viewing distance is about 150 ft from street. so at 4 ft im looking at 121 pixels then times 3 cause each pixel contains 3 rgbs, of course i wish i had at least one strip so i could verify my math lol. then do i make the very first pixel chan 1? (which means it will be 1,2,3?) im not even sure im asking the right questions lol. is there anybody who has there house outline done that shares their sequences? if i could see how they are laid out it might make since lol thanks for taking the time to help Matt. Phillip
  3. yes, im sort of wondering how to start laying them out in a sequence, i understand channel lay outs with no problem. ive watched videos on how to add several channels of rgb at once in my sequences. im still wondering best practices to add them, but you did bring up some ideas for me about using each window as a prop or a section programmed together. im not understanding using words but i do have the s4 beta and i like the ability to add in the windows as props but im trying to figure out if there is a way to add the rgb chans just as easy.
  4. Ok i finally bit the bullet and ordered the stuff to out line my house and windows in pixel strips with e1,31 board. my question is how do i lay these out when programming them since every pixel is addressable? should i do the windows in a group one to the next one? then the out line? if i could just get started would be great.
  5. i used to do a ton of lights as halloween is big for me. you can get free seqs or contact someone who trades or might just help you out. as for lights you have to constantly ck the web or wait an other month and halloween stuff will start hitting the shelves. walmart and sams have lights, but you can find them online. dont pay $80 for a seq, put that money toward a diy kit to make a new controller so you can look for more lights learn to program, just play with it, 16 chans is nothing to learn. everyone here will normally help you out. if yeah have trouble msg me.
  6. well i played with these, and played n played went to our florida mini where one of the guys showed me how to get it going, im so thankful for our minis, learn so much there. i did this when i had 3 boxes and the rgb floods, so jumped up quick and had lots of programming to fill up the lights, which left less time to play with the seq for the floods. as a result of this i think i got one song done, but wount swear to it. and a couple test songs where i finally had time to play, but seq, the new channels put me into setup time, so while putting up lights i didnt have the time for proper programming or even setting them up so i have a santa house that i built so i used the rgbs to flood it when normal lights werent on and i have a wall that i made a gaint cross on that i flooded just to see what im doing. so ill be glad to help yeah if i can.
  7. dave i do not, might try and lay them out this weekend, but as i said before, my iphone doesnt take a good pick looks dark even though it is not. ill get out the wifes good camera this weekend and see what happens
  8. are those the same kits i used? course you throw enough lights on something you can color it lol. i think my 4 will do my house or ill be ordering a couple more. now tell me what you used to program them jsachs82
  9. ok an update. i have front double doors a large arch way with large bay windows on ether side. normally i put my floods on both bay windows. well tonight for you guys i sat 1 rgb flood on the sidewalk in front of my front doors and i was amazed that it lit up the whole front where i normally have 2 floods doing this. now the bad news, my iphone makes it all look very dark so it looked like just the front door was lit. but it did well just doesnt video tape well, sorry.
  10. great i answered this once and it didnt post, so will try again. each kit is around $26, the housing is $6 which is a total of $32 per flood, times 4 makes it about $130 for the 4 of them. you still need to buy the power pack though, but other then that and you'll need a dongle like the enttec pro to run them during your seq. which i have to figure out now. and i have to wonder if buying the add on to the software would be a good move to help me sequence them. and thanks for your service as well. ill try and make a vid for better viewing. but i have a 1 level house so it only takes 4 of these for my needs, but ill pull it back to see if it works any better for those that want a better idea. but since my house is sitting back 220ft from the street most my lights are on the acre in front of my house.
  11. nice tells me i dont have permission to edit my post so here is the youtube vid here. its short but was trying to keep the file size down and its sort of close up. i might put them outside tonight and post the vid so you can get a better look at them in a real setting from someone who has no idea what im doing lol.
  12. wow so many reply's already lol, wasnt expecting that. ok, yes holiday coro flood kits, like $25 each kit. comes with everything to make but will need a power supply for every 5 floods. since i had 4 stations the last couple years each station with 4 flood lights in them, each station with a red, green, blue, and yellow. this gives me just 4 floods and lots more color choices. here was the fun part of this project, finding a flood that was cheap enough to not add a lot of cost to this project. i first found some at about $16, that was still to much, finally found one for $12, getting better, then i decided to check lowes and home depot websites as they really werent showing anything cheaper but was hoping to pick up for $12 and not pay shipping. home depot had 500 watt for $6.88 on their website, perfect right? i go in the store that says they have 45 of them. the store had them for $5.88, so i picked up 6 of them figuring the other 2 i could use as work lights for that price. and to make it even sweater since im a disabled vet i got 10% off my purchase. so the cost to me was around $130 total for the 4, i had a power supply i ordered last year with their sample kit, which i never got around to playing with cause it toke me 3 months to find an enttec pro on ebay for the right price. so now i have to figure out how to use them before xmas or ill have to put out 16 floods again lol. http://www.holidaycoro.com/kb_results.asp?id=71 here is a link to coro to view putting them together. http://www.holidaycoro.com/RGB-Flood-Light-p/171.htm and their is a link to order them and see some videos on how they look. mine i just got working and they come with a small demo already programmed on the dmx module. i recorded it real quick on my iphone but of course the file is to big. ill have to see if it will post to youtube then link it here so you can see it. they look pretty bright as any flood. let me know if you have any more questions.
  13. Is it too early to have a project 3/4s done for christmas this year already? lol ive got them working on their own now to figure out how to use the enttec pro and lor.
  14. My questions remain (see earlier reply re-posted below)...point being, this sounds very fun to do in May when there is no pressure, we've all envisioned doing the "light up the neighbors for money" gig at some point, but I really have to ask...are you really prepared for this? Not trying to rain on your parade, but you do need to be honest with yourself, and your capabilities. *** So I guess I would ask the more honest question, based on a comment in the OP's profile: I have the software but just cant seem to get over the hump to get even 1 song done. So you are (considering) offering your services to do displays for others...and you haven't, as far as I can read, ever done a full musical display at your own residence? Struggling to fully sequence your first song? So being brutally honest, (which may have Dan all pissed again, but oh well), is this something that really makes sense for you to be considering? Once you offer services and take money from others, its whole new ballgame... the hump was getting animated lightings software to even get one song done, actually have like 5 songs done for lor although im trying to find an easier way, as i tend to make every note pop with some action, so it takes me a while, ive seen nice displays done with just random countless lighting that dont seem to hold any beat with the song, i dont ever want to see my shows like that. ive ran my own mobile DJ service since 1975. just trying to get a feel for mixing both loves......
  15. Jeff Millard wrote: thats awesome as i play paintball so this sounds great. lol but i put static lights across the front. i actually go get a 1 x 2 which is like a dollar for a 8' piece. i cut them up into stakes about 18" long, paint them black or candy striped white/red, i put a 3" drywall screw at the top that i separate the wires to wrap around it. makes nice rope off areas very cheap.
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