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  1. i save my sequences to memery stick i have one for halloween and one for christmas i move files back and forth no problems at all and a 10 gig stick is not expence
  2. i have one i bought it month ago it works good it has a 2 gig card in it holds about 2 hours of videos in it i have about 1 hour of videos in it so far halloween
  3. i have used some of youe sequence great job could i get bocka bells mp3 james hotrod54ford@yahoo.com love halloween cant wate
  4. I have black box 5000 i have used it all summer long real good sound and distance it comes with a antania a bit pricy $260.00 but works real good i play a stero in my grage tuned in to the black box have a file with 5000 songs in it on random play
  5. i have been playing with the projector works good easy to use they have free download software to make avi convirsen the only trouble i had was program would go to 99% done and stop found out you would just say finished and it worked fine i has a 2 gig card built in i pun about 25 3 min videos in it sti have about a gige left i used shower certon liner workes real good got it wally world $4 dollars
  6. i got 10 tombstone and 2 pumkins from them i haved already ran somes sequences with them work very good
  7. it has a two gig memory card built in about two hours videos
  8. it has a two gig memory card built in about two hours videos
  9. i love the videos i also look at a old one godzilla one great job first halloween desplay i have 10 tombstones two singing punpkins and 6 little pumpkins im using the ultra projection in the window i have about two hours of halloweens videos to play with the light show
  10. i have the ultra projectoe it works very good easy to use i using a shower curton liner for a screen using it inside very good pitcure from outside the window
  11. all are working the first time i tried them i got music err i had to resave all the files with editor so it could find the mp3 files i used the channel prorerty channel in the tools to turn off channels i did not use i have only 16 channel system most of the sequence are bigger this way when i get another box i can turn them back on
  12. Buying a projertor need info on the different types used would also like wed site for christmas and halloween projertor vids thanks james
  13. im ordeing ultra projector this friday let you know how it works out james morris
  14. any picture of building the tree lights i cant seam to visulize the lay out want to by new controler for the tree help
  15. i bought the black box 5000 about 2 months ago it comes with a antena pulg it in to the computer found a station that had no one on it use ever weekend as a radio station playing my music by the pool no problems at all love it
  16. i have reworked 85 christmas and 55 haloween sequences mane 2 goules 2 singing punpkins 5 tomb stones have 2000 lights a black box 5000 fm transmitter no cords made up but i have 35 extion cords .need more lights need to make 9 small and 3 medum trees for my show my haloween show is all made up just need to make the power cords will by 1000ft spt2 wire
  17. im trying to find where to buy skeliton heads that are like the wow pumpkins please hepl
  18. started 3years ago with gemmy 12 channel pre program set up used for 2 years was not happy with it found light o rama will be my first year have 32 haloween sequences and 57 christmas sequences to try happy happy hook on light will have 8000 lights
  19. i dont know a lot about the cosmic ribbons but im thinking about geting 2 need to know how many controlers to buy withem them for the summer sale please help a newbe
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