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  1. Can you please define modest? My work-around solution has been to use a G3MP3 to two ELORs from San Devices (which would allow a max of 1,365 pixels). Also, what is the max wattage per port? The information states you can swap the fuse out for a 7.5A fuse but with .65w pixels, 170 pixels at 12v would equal 9.2 amps.
  2. Hello, I have a 3G-MP3 and we are having severe issues. I created a DMX-only sequence and uploaded it to the controller and, despite the audio playing fine, the data is coming out all wrong. I'm thinking maybe it could be a firmware issue but as I am nowhere near the unit right now, I'm wondering if there is a way to check the firmware or update it without a computer? Does the screen show the firmware information anywhere or can you update firmware using the SD card?
  3. Sorry Orion but I'm going to have to contradict your statement. In November, 2015 I attended a backstage tour put on by Disney for the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions national convention where we met the producers of the show and were able to discuss the behind-the-scenes aspects in a more open (and less "magic") way. Here is what I gathered: Hardware: Osborne is using LOR Controllers for their standard LED lights and Stellascapes for their pixel canopy. The lights are cut off the buildings each year, recycled, and new ones are purchased (but the frames are stored). Source: Team Lead for Installation of the show Software: The show is programmed using a commercial-grade lighting console called the GrandMA. I can't remember exactly what he said about the canopy but it's either Madrix or a media server (such as the Hippo brand servers). Source: The Lead Programmer for the show Cinderella's Castle was originally using a custom Animated Lighting hardware setup installed by Drew Hickman (Holiday Technologies) but that may have changed by now (not sure).
  4. Ok thank you. Any of you have experience writing the SD card files to your C: drive instead? I ask because I want to email some files to a client since it'll be faster than sending him a new card.
  5. Hey there are buttons on the Show Director Standalone unit and I was hoping they could be used to activate different shows on the SD card. Anyone tried this? My primary use is I want a static show as Show 2 and a musical show as Show 1. Triggers aren't an option but being able to use the push buttons would be great. The manual suggests it's possible but I didn't quite understand.
  6. I really appreciate how much you care about the user experience. Thank you for listening k6CCC, I agree that in some cases seeing the numbers on every frame may not be practical. My hope is for a solution in which we can see the numbers at a glance at all on the main page without constantly needing to hover our mouse over the area. Unlike the pixel editor, which shows you a white or grey area whenever there is data listed, the sequence editor shows a different shade of blue depending on the value of the DMX data. In some cases, myself and others are literally selecting values of 4, 9, 16, 42 (etc) which show up as nearly (if not completely) invisible on the screen. They make a huge difference in the show itself (as our fog, snow, and other machines are receptive) but it makes sequencing and tweaking those elements difficult. I hope I was able to clarify better! I would love to hear everyone else's experiences as well. THANK YOU DevTeam for even putting in a customizable DMX toolkit for us in the first place .
  7. Hello! I couldn't figure out where to submit this so I figure here works . I've been working with LOR and chatting with fellow programmers who use DMX fixtures such as intels and fog machines, etc etc. I love that LOR supports DMX values but is there any way to change how they appear graphically in the editor? Sometimes we are working with values as low as 4 or 9 and other times the changes between values are only a few digits from each-other, which make a huge difference to the machines but don't show up on the editor. My thought is that instead of showing the fading blue-scale for DMX values, perhaps we could see the actual value in each timestamp segment (or something like that) What are your thoughts?
  8. Hello! I want to quickly confirm, before I purchase, that there has been no major change in terms of trigger headers on the 3G-MP3 Director? Is the MP3 Director Connection Header (http://store.lightorama.com/mp3dicohe.html) still the right one? I ask simply because I know there was a change from Gen 2 to Gen 3 and I don't want to make the wrong purchase.
  9. Hello! I know LOR boards are resistance dimmers but I've heard of people connecting fans and motors to them before. I found this AC water pump and am trying to determine whether the LOR board would fry with it. Any thoughts? It's an AC pump that pulls 2.1A each. http://www.dannermfg.com/Store/Products/Danner/PID-02660.aspx
  10. Typically I have a 3-4 song show that runs every X minutes. In some cases I'll have multiple of these clusters but there's always a gap to let audiences shift through. My favorite show is a storyline-based show that lasts 17 minutes and runs every half hour. But for that people have to get out of their cars so it's more reasonable to have a gap for audience shift.
  11. You could always switch to Animated Lighting lol. Pretty sure they haven't updated their software since before LEDs lol. But hey, no upgrade fees
  12. A 64 bit version would be wonderful.
  13. Mike, Thanks for the insight! When it comes time to discuss that, I would love to be part of the conversation. I've been pushing the limits of what LOR can do from a scheduling/interactive perspective and would love to chat about options. When do you think you'll be looking at this? Maybe we can find a time at the expo to chat over lunch?
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