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  1. One word, WOW! 19 years and counting, USAF, Scott AFB, IL
  2. Is there a website to find Christmas displays up and running in Metro STL? I am making of list for a trip to the city for an evening of great shows... Also, if possible can you please PM me your address so I can add it to my list? Thanks, Brock
  3. I am going to begin stringing my Mega Tree today and I realized that I may have a possible issue. The LEDs I will be using came from holiday-light-express (good LEDs btw) and they have a rectifier bulb directly in the middle of the string. My tree is setup where the string length is perfect to the tree, 11.1" up and 11.1" down the other side. I will be using 2 strands of each of the three colors in 12 slices (24 slices total), using the cross over method. Potentially, I would have 72 of the rectifier bulbs at the very top of my tree, does not seem doable. My question is, has anyone experienced this issue where all of the rectifiers will be at the top of the tree? If so how did it look and work? If not, how did you make it work? I have though about off setting the stringing by an inch or two to not have the rectifiers at the very top, but I am unsure of how it will work or look. It was just something that I realized today as I was collecting all of the lights I will be using. With time ticking by, I am beginning to worry I will not figure it out in time. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Brock
  4. Looks good Manik. I have been working on my first mega tree as well. Mine is PVC though. Where I live I cannot put I pole like that in the yard. Again, looks good.
  5. grump010 wrote: Thanks Daryl, that is what I suspected when I saw the 3 wires in and out of the middle rectifier. Of course when my wife heard I was going to cut lights she decided for me that I would just double up the strings. Problem is that I have to do that around the entire house to look right. Oh well, more work for me. Thanks everyone for your responses. Brock
  6. Steven wrote: The answer, in layman's terms, is: "It depends on the way the string is wired." The reason you have not been able to get an answer is the technology is relatively new, and as is the case with any new technology, the manufactures have found about a dozen different ways to construct the light strings. One example of "No, you can't" is where the plug and socket both have 3 wires, which is common with the GE brands. A good technique to determine if you can cut a string in half is to go down the string looking for a place where you could make a cut that only cuts 2 wires. If so, then the first half of the string will most likely still work after the cut. Depending on the string, the 2nd half will probably also still work, but it may have been full-wave before and now is half-wave. This may still be satisfactory. A friend purchased a bunch of strings where the rectifier failed, making the string dark. He simply removed the rectifier, making it a half-wave string, and it still looked good in his display. Thanks for the reply. I actually emailed the owner of holiday-lights-express and he didn't know for sure. I guess I will just have to sacrifice a string to see if it works. Because it has rectifiers at each plug and one in the middle I am hoping it works. The only worry I have is the rectifier in the middle, it has 3 wires in and out of it.
  7. So, I have been doing research on this forum and the Planet Christmas forum, and I am more confused now that I was before I started the search. Can someone please let me know, in layman's terms, whether I can cut full wave LED strings in half or not? I have the full wave 70-count LED lights from http://www.holiday-lights-express.com. These lights have, from what I can tell, 3 module diodes (?) on the string. There is one by each plug (male and female) and one in the middle. I have read that once you cut LED light strings each half will become half wave, affecting the brightness. I have also seen that if I cut them, one one half will work, and other will not. I have seen where folks will add diodes to the strings to make them work. My head is spinning... I am absolutely confused to whether I can do this or not, but I do have a need for a half string. I don't have an issue with purchasing a smaller string, but why do that if I don't have to. I apologize in advance if this causes duplicate posts on the forum.
  8. So, this past weekend I was able to complete my first Mega Tree and 4 mini arches. It was not hard at all. I think it was harder determining the amount of PVC pieces than actual assembly. I used the mega tree plans from http://www.loopychristmas.com. For my first tree, it is perfect (especially for the size of my yard). I also used the plans for mini arches from this post on Planet Christmas Forums: http://forums.planetchristmas.com/index.php?/topic/32967-new-mini-arches/page__hl__mini%20arches. Between the two, they took me about 4 1/2 hours to build, not bad at all. I also made PVC window frames and other PVC frames to hang up around the house. So now the hard part, putting the lights on and finishing sequencing. If you decide you want to try one of these ideas and you have any questions, just let me know.
  9. evan.a wrote: That's the issue that I am having. Although, my daughter helped with the building of the Mega Tree base frame and my mini arches, but that was it. Of course, all my kids and my wife are in school and studying all the time. I guess I won't complain too much.
  10. Thank you all for your ideas, they have really helped. I have a couple of conceptual designs that I have. Need to get the family to choose one, but will let you know what they decide.
  11. scubado wrote: Not yet, I got behind after I had some medical issues, so I was in a rush to get things done. I think I have some photos that might help explain it. If you PM me your email address, I will see if I can gather a few pictures and send to you. In the off season, I will have to do that though. I have the evolution pictures for the posts and the pumpkins.
  12. evan.a wrote: Actually no, it is nothing more than sheet insulation from Lowe's (its light blue in color). We cut the sheets in different sizes to simulate 2x2, 2x4, and 2x6. After they were cut we just painted them with brown exterior paint. They are attached to the window frames with heavy duty grade velcro. This is the second year we have used them, so they last too.
  13. @dharker, I considered that as well, eliminating one color from the mega tree (white) and just go with red and green (trying to convience the wife). That would free up enough channels for, like you said, mini trees or arches. Thanks for your input and the additional ideas.
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