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  1. Could someone send me a copy ? Thanks stonerone@embarqmail.com
  2. Mike, just a thought here. What would happen if I replaced the slow blow fuses with standard fuses ? Would that save my triacs ?
  3. Sad thing is , I had NO burned out bulbs, 0 . Mike do you know if the triacs that LOR is sending me will be the 24A or the 16A . BTW, they haven't arrived yet.
  4. I have accepted your offer of new triacs to do the repairs. Thanks BTW not all the problem controllers are four years old.
  5. The last two that went bad was on a dry night. The show ran fine for four hours. Then , the next morning , I found lights were stuck on.
  6. Thanks for all the input , just seems to me that with almost everyone is having this problem, I think LOR would be working on something more robust . FYI my show is not running tonight due to an impending thunderstorm here in Pa. , all controllers are unplugged from their power source.
  7. I don't run my show during a rain nor after a good rain. I always felt it was best to let everything dry out first.
  8. Well here we are, AGAIN, 4th night into the lighting season of year 4 , and we have another controller with a bad triac. The first year went flawless, but it's been going down hill ever since. Year 2 bad triac in controller no. 3,,year 3 bad triac in controller no. 5,,this year , bad triac in controller no. 2 and only been running for 4 nights this season. Resetting the controllers, per LOR instructions does nothing. NO,, I am not overloading anything,,no. 3 had 4sets of 100 cnt incan. mini lights on it,,no.5 had 6 1/2 feet of incan. rope lights,, no. 2 had 3 feet of incan rope lights on it. Just seems odd that we have this same problem every year. Now my question, is there any upgrades to these boards or triacs that will prevent this once and for all. Feeling disgusted.
  9. Welcome to the world of LOR controllers,,,,,You are NOT alone !
  10. I have had this problem with almost one controller , per year, since I've been doing this. This is year 4 for us, and just found one malfunctioning tonight. That's no. three for us. Really getting tired of it, seems like a weakness in a lot of their controllers.
  11. Thanks djr, I wasn't sure if the animation drawing was stored in a file of it's own somewhere or not..
  12. I have been using LOR 294 for several years now. This year I have made changes to the locations of my props . I have drawn these changes into the animation window in my newest musical sequence. My question is , how do I import this new drawing into my musical sequences from previous years ? Thanks
  13. I see your thinking of adding incan. purple floods. I used them one season and was not happy with the color or the brightness. They turned out blue on our white house. I ended up getting LED floods, much brighter & better colors.
  14. Welcome to the LOR bug. I found my first year it was best to wait till I had the lights up so I could actually see what I had sequenced, in real life. Then make tweaks to the them as needed. I had 10,000 lights on my Mega Tree last year (2012) and only covered the front half . Wasn't sure how it would look untill I flipped the switch. Everyone loved it.
  15. This is the only site that this happens on. I always wait like you said. I think I have it set up to dump cookies every seven days (auto.) . Not a problem , just wondered if any one else just started seeing this.
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