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  1. I have groups setup. guess I need to play around with how they are defined. this was my first year with pixels so still learning. Thanks
  2. I am having the same problem with S5. I need my roof outline to run in a single line across 2 controllers and can't add a second controller to it.
  3. I have my roof outlined in Pixels this year. I have a Pixie8 on that controls half my roof and a Pixie16 (will be changing this to a Pixie8 for next year). The Top Ridge on my house for example is running off one port on my Pixie8 (89 pixels) and one port on my Pixie16 (89 pixels). Each run starts on the outside edge of my house and runs to the middle of the house. It works but when I add an effect, each section either starts or stops at the middle of the house. Is there a way that I can make the entire ridge (178 pixels) appear as one string of lights even though its coming off 2 controllers so that effects go from left to right all the across the ridge? I am attaching a picture that shows the top ridge. I would like the 2 lines circled to be "one continuous line" even though they will be on 2 separate controllers. I want to be able to drop an effect on the ridge and it go from left to right all the way across the ridge and not just stop in the middle. Thanks in advance
  4. I have windows 7. But I think I may have seen some people having the issue with windows 10
  5. I had the same issue. I was using 5.3.6 and upgraded to 5.3.8 and still had the same issue. I downgraded to 5.2.4 and was able to get my show scheduled.
  6. Can I get a copy of this? Email is joeycain@gmail.com
  7. I have noticed that one of my props doesn’t light up in preview when I have a motion effect on the entire roof. The prop is one of the ridges on my roof. I fixed it by deleting the motion effect for that particular prop and leaving the entire roof. I know I don’t need that prop and the entire roof sequenced at the same time. But this is the only part of the roof that does this. And it’s the only one with these little squares. It’s like this on all my songs using this preview. What are the little squares and how do I fix it if I can?
  8. I was asking about either one actually. Just a way to get the brightness to say 30%. I only has 5.3. I don’t have superstar. As far as controllers I have a pixie 8 and pixie 16. I thought I saw a while back they were going to make it to where you could go lower than 50%. Wasn’t sure if they had done that yet.
  9. Yes that is what I talking about. I found hay after I posted. And I did unpin the effect samples but it was the other stuff I needed moved. I’ll have it wait till I can get back on the internet to download the newest beta. I don’t have internet at home so have to wait till I get to work to download it. Thanks again.
  10. I have it set to 50% now from the controller. Was just wondering if you were able to go lower than that yet in LoR. I know the falcon controller and XLights allows you to go to like 10%. Wasn’t sure if the new beta allowed you to go lower than 50%.
  11. Just wondering if there a way yet to lower the brightness of pixels lower than 50%? If not, can we get that option to? It would be great so they wouldn’t be as bright and won’t take as much power
  12. I just installed 5.3 Beta on my laptop. I opened up a sequence and now I can't see the entire sequencing area. Plus the buttons across the top are extremely big. this might be ok for people who use multiple monitors all the time. Most of the time I have my laptop hooked to a tv and it probably won't be as big of an issue. But like right now just on my laptop, I can't see but like 8-10 seconds of time. An option to at least move the items circled in red (I am attaching a picture) to the top of the screen. It would also be great if the buttons across the top (circled in blue) could be made smaller. That would be big help to someone that is only using one screen. Thanks
  13. can I please have a copy of it. Thanks in advance. My email is joeycain@gmail.com
  14. I thought I read where S5 wouldn't run on Windows XP?
  15. I'll try to open an existing sequence and try that to see if it brings over the channels and preview. But if the only way I can get the add motion effects is to register the software, I guess I won't be able to that. I wont be able to sequence on the work computer. I just wanted to play around during the holidays while it's slow at work. My boss wouldn't like me to sequence on the work computer. haha. And I still have the old software version listed because I still use it. my show computer for one of my shows is Windows XP so I still have to use the old software to sequence for now.
  16. I can't figure out how to move the Preview and Channel Config to another PC. I have it setup on one laptop but need to move it to another computer. In S4 you just exported the Channel Config and then imported that to the other computer. I can't get anything to work and have to redraw my entire display on the other computer. How do I transfer the Channel Config and Preview to another computer? Bonus to whoever can help me figure out why it won't let me add motion effects. This is just the demo of the software that I want to play around with the different motion effects to see what they all do and what mixing them does. No sequencing will be done on this computer (it's my computer at work that I want to play around with during downtime so don't need or want to register the software). I may not be able to do anything in the demo though. And right clicking doesn't give me the option to "Add Motion Effect Row" Thanks
  17. I plan on adding Pixels to my roof outline next year. I want to go ahead and start sequencing since I have to redo my roof in all my current songs. I plan on using a 2 Pixie8 controllers (one on each side of the house so can't use a 16). I see where people run pixels at like 30%. My question is can the brightness be changed on the Pixie8 configuration or is it done in the sequencing? I know on the Falcon you can change it on the board. If it is done in the sequencing, is there a way to change the brightness for everything that has already been sequenced without having to go back over every effect you have done? Best case scenario it can be changed on the board itself. Thanks in advance
  18. I am trying to convert my sequences over to S5. I got one song setup the way I wanted it. But if I use the same preview and open another song, it is taking some of my props out of groups. So basically I have to redo all that every time I open a sequence. But I thought once the preview was setup, it stayed the same for every song as long as you used the same preview? I also have go recreate the group for the pixels that I’m putting on the roof (first year with pixels). Also is there a way to change the cursor from the pencil?? I feel like a normal cursor would help out a lot since everything uses that. Thanks
  19. I think it’s actually showing individual pixel bulbs in the preview. In the visualizer in S4, I have the roof line drawn it as one continuous line. In S5 it creates that “line” as dots (individual pixels). That’s just a cosmetic thing and I could get over that. It just doesn’t look as good to me. I have 92 channels sequences and it’s “dots” vs solid “lines”. Like I said that cosmetic and can over that part. It’s all the other stuff that is keeping me from using S5.
  20. I sequence on a 15.6” laptop. So I don’t have have duel monitors. I sequence the “visible screen” and then play back and watch the channel names on the left light up. That feature is missing from S5 (might be added back in future version). And once I get that like I want it, then I open the visualizer and watch it there. I can watch the channel names light and tell what my show is gonna to do. And I drag the visualizer around the screen to see the time or to see the channel numbers. So the preview window automatically docking causes issues for me. And in the preview it’s “dots” instead of lines like what I draw in visualizer (I could get over that if other parts of S5 was closer to S4). Also it’s almost impossible for me to see the grid lines in S5 between rows. And those couple of things are the main reasons I don’t like S5. I’m sure it will function basically the same but the look and some of the missing features are major problems for me. Oh and I don’t use tracks. I have tried it but it’s just easier for me without them. It’s how I learned to sequence and easier to keep going that route. Keep doing that and just add the pixel tree using pixel editor seperately.
  21. I started a topic last month about S5 and things that I would like changed with S5 to make it more like S3 and S4. The visualizer ( not the preview window), the channels names on the left lighting up when a sequence is played and not being able to see the lines in between the channel names. A couple things were “fixed” which helped some but still not enough for me to switch to S5. You did fix it to where you can click a button on the toolbar and the preview window opens up. That way it can be open and closed. I still don’t like the fact that if I drag it, it will automatically dock it back into the program. Then I have to drag it back out and resize it. I like how easy it is to change the channel configuration and export and import it into new sequences (I know the preview is supposed to allow you to change it in one place and it goes across all the new sequences without having to import it into each one). I just sequence for 3 different shoes and it feels like it gives me more control when I can choose which layout I want to use by selecting it in import. Basically it feels like a completely new program and the old one works just fine for me. The new one is comletey new and feels a lot like XLigthts (sorry to bring them up). It just feels like everybody is pushing pixels these days and making it harder to use AC lights. Where S4 is for AC lights and you can use Pixel editor if you want pixels. Sorry to hijack this post but that’s kind of how I feel about S5. I will take another look at it once a new version is released but for now I’m sticking with S4
  22. Christmascrossing I’m in the same boat. I have tried S5 (I was using S3) and it seems to be more for pixels and rgb stuff. I plan on adding a pixel tree this year but still gonna to use my 96 channels of AC lights. I recently upgraded my software but plan to stick with S4 unless some there are some major changes in S5. And I might try S5 later on but it’s jusy so confusing to me. Think I’ll stick with what I know and use pixel editor for the tree and that’s it.
  23. One thing I’m missing is me and my wife are used to sequencing in the SE and once we finish part of a song, we open the animator and watch it. Then close it out, fix what needs to be fixed and then open it back and watch it. So I’m opening and closing animator a lot. And with S5, you have to click “Window” and then “Playback” every time. In S3 there is a button on the toolbar to open it up. My suggestion would be either put it as a shortcut or give us the option to use the items we use all the time. Make the toolbar customizable. That could fix that. I want to see as much of the sequencing window as I can, so I keep the window closed all the time until I get ready to watch the show. That brings me to my next problem with S5. The channel names don’t light when playing a sequence. I sequence part of a song and play visible screen and watch the channel names light up. I can picture in my head what that is going to look like and there is no need for the preview (animator) when sequencing say the beat of the song for a few seconds. And the zoom playback doesn’t do what I need it to do. I like the channel names flashing. I actually use that a lot during my sequencing. And I sequence 3 different shows so I sequence year round. And something else you can’t see the lines in between the channel names. It’s almost impossible see where one channel name ends and one begins under it. And part of that could be the fact that they are written on a white background and grey like previous versions. One more thing is when you move the Preview window around (I make it as big as I can get it on screen), it will snap back into the toolbar. Then I have to start over trying to resize it. get it the the size I want and try to move it around and it snaps back into place. It's just frustrating to me to keep dealing with that. So I guess my best bet is just to stick with S3 and no pixels or S4 if I want to add a pixel tree. I know that stuff is minor and some people will just say I'm trying to complain about small things, but that is how I have sequenced since 2011.
  24. Matt, I'm sure it's me not knowing how to use S5 but I don't see where Zoom Playback does anything. I have to right click on 1 channel to to get the option for Zoom Playback but it does nothing when I click it. Not sure what it is supposed to do. It very well could be the computer I am on. It's an old computer running XP Pro (my Windows 10 computer won't run S5 at all). I am just trying to get familiar with S5 to know whether I need to wait for S5 to be released or just go ahead and upgrade to S4 after the Christmas show season. But seems like S5 took a lot of the features me and my wife use for sequences out (we use 3.8). Also do you have to keep clicking on Windows and then playback to get the preview window to open? Is there a shortcut on the toolbar like the animator is in S3?
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