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    Frustrated with S5

    I think it’s actually showing individual pixel bulbs in the preview. In the visualizer in S4, I have the roof line drawn it as one continuous line. In S5 it creates that “line” as dots (individual pixels). That’s just a cosmetic thing and I could get over that. It just doesn’t look as good to me. I have 92 channels sequences and it’s “dots” vs solid “lines”. Like I said that cosmetic and can over that part. It’s all the other stuff that is keeping me from using S5.
  2. wicket82

    Frustrated with S5

  3. wicket82

    Frustrated with S5

    I sequence on a 15.6” laptop. So I don’t have have duel monitors. I sequence the “visible screen” and then play back and watch the channel names on the left light up. That feature is missing from S5 (might be added back in future version). And once I get that like I want it, then I open the visualizer and watch it there. I can watch the channel names light and tell what my show is gonna to do. And I drag the visualizer around the screen to see the time or to see the channel numbers. So the preview window automatically docking causes issues for me. And in the preview it’s “dots” instead of lines like what I draw in visualizer (I could get over that if other parts of S5 was closer to S4). Also it’s almost impossible for me to see the grid lines in S5 between rows. And those couple of things are the main reasons I don’t like S5. I’m sure it will function basically the same but the look and some of the missing features are major problems for me. Oh and I don’t use tracks. I have tried it but it’s just easier for me without them. It’s how I learned to sequence and easier to keep going that route. Keep doing that and just add the pixel tree using pixel editor seperately.
  4. wicket82

    Frustrated with S5

    I started a topic last month about S5 and things that I would like changed with S5 to make it more like S3 and S4. The visualizer ( not the preview window), the channels names on the left lighting up when a sequence is played and not being able to see the lines in between the channel names. A couple things were “fixed” which helped some but still not enough for me to switch to S5. You did fix it to where you can click a button on the toolbar and the preview window opens up. That way it can be open and closed. I still don’t like the fact that if I drag it, it will automatically dock it back into the program. Then I have to drag it back out and resize it. I like how easy it is to change the channel configuration and export and import it into new sequences (I know the preview is supposed to allow you to change it in one place and it goes across all the new sequences without having to import it into each one). I just sequence for 3 different shoes and it feels like it gives me more control when I can choose which layout I want to use by selecting it in import. Basically it feels like a completely new program and the old one works just fine for me. The new one is comletey new and feels a lot like XLigthts (sorry to bring them up). It just feels like everybody is pushing pixels these days and making it harder to use AC lights. Where S4 is for AC lights and you can use Pixel editor if you want pixels. Sorry to hijack this post but that’s kind of how I feel about S5. I will take another look at it once a new version is released but for now I’m sticking with S4
  5. wicket82

    Frustrated with S5

    Christmascrossing I’m in the same boat. I have tried S5 (I was using S3) and it seems to be more for pixels and rgb stuff. I plan on adding a pixel tree this year but still gonna to use my 96 channels of AC lights. I recently upgraded my software but plan to stick with S4 unless some there are some major changes in S5. And I might try S5 later on but it’s jusy so confusing to me. Think I’ll stick with what I know and use pixel editor for the tree and that’s it.
  6. I am running 6 controllers this year. The problem I’m having is random channels will stay lit. Tonight (Wednesday) is on one of my channels on my controller 3. Last night (Tuesday) all was good. No issues what so ever. The night before (Monday) it was a channel on controller 2 that was staying on but part way through the night it went off and was fine from then on. The first night (Sunday) when I hooked everything up and wired it and tested, it was a channel on controller 1 that was staying lit up but then it was only the red LED’s lighting up but not the white LED’s (they are both plugged up together). Several years ago I had a channel stick and had to replace the triac on one controller. But that channel was staying on all the time. Anybody every seen or had something like this happen? Any ideas since it’s changing channels and controllers from night to night and some nights it’s fine? Thanks in advance.
  7. I’m sure this has been asked but can’t find it on the forums and have searched the software and can’t find it. In previous versions their was a Channel Configuratikm Window that would show the controller numbers and channels. You could delete entire controllers and unused channels from here. I used it all the time when I was changing downloaded sequences to fit my display and the sequence had a lot more controllers. Is that option in S5 anyway?? Also is there a way open and close the provide window? 1 more thing. Is there a way to make he channel names on the left side light up when I sequence is played?
  8. wicket82

    Channel configuration

    One thing I’m missing is me and my wife are used to sequencing in the SE and once we finish part of a song, we open the animator and watch it. Then close it out, fix what needs to be fixed and then open it back and watch it. So I’m opening and closing animator a lot. And with S5, you have to click “Window” and then “Playback” every time. In S3 there is a button on the toolbar to open it up. My suggestion would be either put it as a shortcut or give us the option to use the items we use all the time. Make the toolbar customizable. That could fix that. I want to see as much of the sequencing window as I can, so I keep the window closed all the time until I get ready to watch the show. That brings me to my next problem with S5. The channel names don’t light when playing a sequence. I sequence part of a song and play visible screen and watch the channel names light up. I can picture in my head what that is going to look like and there is no need for the preview (animator) when sequencing say the beat of the song for a few seconds. And the zoom playback doesn’t do what I need it to do. I like the channel names flashing. I actually use that a lot during my sequencing. And I sequence 3 different shows so I sequence year round. And something else you can’t see the lines in between the channel names. It’s almost impossible see where one channel name ends and one begins under it. And part of that could be the fact that they are written on a white background and grey like previous versions. One more thing is when you move the Preview window around (I make it as big as I can get it on screen), it will snap back into the toolbar. Then I have to start over trying to resize it. get it the the size I want and try to move it around and it snaps back into place. It's just frustrating to me to keep dealing with that. So I guess my best bet is just to stick with S3 and no pixels or S4 if I want to add a pixel tree. I know that stuff is minor and some people will just say I'm trying to complain about small things, but that is how I have sequenced since 2011.
  9. wicket82

    Channel configuration

    Matt, I'm sure it's me not knowing how to use S5 but I don't see where Zoom Playback does anything. I have to right click on 1 channel to to get the option for Zoom Playback but it does nothing when I click it. Not sure what it is supposed to do. It very well could be the computer I am on. It's an old computer running XP Pro (my Windows 10 computer won't run S5 at all). I am just trying to get familiar with S5 to know whether I need to wait for S5 to be released or just go ahead and upgrade to S4 after the Christmas show season. But seems like S5 took a lot of the features me and my wife use for sequences out (we use 3.8). Also do you have to keep clicking on Windows and then playback to get the preview window to open? Is there a shortcut on the toolbar like the animator is in S3?
  10. wicket82

    Channel configuration

    Thanks. I’ll check that out. Going to miss the channel names lighting up because I check sequences and timings a lot by that
  11. I currently use S3 software and use the animator to view\watch my sequence when it's playing. I currently use all LED's (regular AC lights) but I plan on adding a pixel tree next year so I need to upgrade my software. I know that S5 does away with the animator. My question though is there a way to make the preview in S5 look like the animator. For instance I have my leaping arches drawn out in animator as an actual arch (or as closest as you can get to a curve using the boxes). The only option I saw when I was playing around with S5 was the default squares (or stars or triangles or octagons). I don't like that I can only see 8 squares lined up and not the actual arch. My entire roofline is one channel and when I draw it out, I draw the entire roofline (the bottom, sides, and ridge). In S5, this is displayed as a single square. Can I draw all props in the preview to look like they do in the animator in older software?? Thanks in advance
  12. wicket82

    CCR Controllers for sale

    Do you have to use CCR with these or can you use other RGB lights with them? And if you can use other RGB lights, do they have to be “smart” RGB or can they be “dumb” RGB? Trying to get started into RGB lights and didn’t know if this would be a good way to start. Thanks
  13. I am thinking about trying to get into RGB. I know people “make their own” by buying the different components separate and them adding them together. Basically building your own controller and all. I see the pixel boards for sell on LoR. I would like to stick with LoR for the boards if possible as I think they would work with my current LoR controllers easier. My question is if bought the board from LoR and then got the following pixels and power supply from Amazon, would they work? I am new to RGB and I am confused about it all. I’m not sure what power supplies work with boards. I was thinking about getting the Pixie4 or Pixie8 board from LoR to start with just to try it all out and try to get a better understanding of it all. Thanks for any input that you might have. And if I’m completely wrong or missing something, please let me know. RGB: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00B4UKG2W/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_gJK1zbWFS014N Power Supply: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01HJA3OUG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_6KK1zbSK3E7H3
  14. wicket82

    Getting started with RGB

    Thanks everyone. Gonna keep reading and researching and see what I can figure out.
  15. wicket82

    Getting started with RGB

    I am thinking of just a basic pixel tree (similar to the LoR pixel tree). Maybe like 25 pixels on each vertical strip with either 8 or 16 strips (maybe a 50 pixel string running up then down). Probably wouldn’t be anymore than 4-6 for wide at the bottom and probably 6-7ft y’all. I’m not opposed to using 2 4-channel versus 1 8 channel (I know they are necessarily channels like standard LoR comtrollers).
  16. wicket82

    Getting started with RGB

    I really don’t know anything about RGB or where to start. So I’m guessing the 12v would be better than 5v. That will give me something to shoot for then. I haven’t thought about enclosures yet. Im not looking for somebody to tell me everything. I don’t want to be the guy that everybody does everything for. Haha. But I have looked several times in the past year or so and I just can’t get my head around the whole RGB thing cause there is so much stuff. So if you have any suggestions to start with that would be great. I have thought about getting the Pixel Tree from LoR but not really wanting to spend $600 just to test out RGB. Thanks
  17. wicket82

    straight no chaser can can

    I would love a copy of this sequence too. Thanks in advance. joeycain@gmail.com
  18. I also use the LED's from Wal-Mart and I am on my 3rd year using a lot of them. I did buy some sealed light strings from a local hardware store and have had nothing but problems with them. the cheaper ones from Wal-Mart seem to do better for. I have had some strings fail (half goes out) but maybe only 2 or 3 a year. And most of the time, It's a bulb where the contacts have rusted. Just change the bulb and they are as good as new.
  19. wicket82

    Saying hi from Alabama

    Hi. I am Eagle1978's brother. I hope I haven't made a mistake by getting him involved. I have already given him a lot of my old lights, my old tomato cages and drew out the design for his yard in LoR software. Now just waiting to finish the sequences for my house before I work on some for his house. Think I messed up getting him in this cause now I have 2 setups to deal with. haha.
  20. wicket82

    Ideas for next year

    This is my first year doing this. I only have 16 channels this year. Wanted to start small. I plan on buying at least two more controllers for next year. I'm looking for ideas on more props and music. As far as music goes, I'm wanting more of a traditional Christmas music but with a fast paced, jazzy sound. Any ideas? As far as props go, I have 6 mini trees, 5 "square" arches from 1ft tall up to 5ft tall and then I have two columns wrapped with red and white lights (kinda like a candy cane). I'm thinking of adding a spiral tree next year. Any other ideas on props that will get a wow factor? I didn't win anything in my local lighting contest and I want to win something next year. Haha. I'll post a link to one of my videos from this year. Any ideas or suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.
  21. I know everybody is probably tired of Wizards of winter but this is the song that got me wanting to do this. I've only got 16 channels and a little of 7,000 lights including the static roof lights. But here is my first video. Sorry if the quality is bad. It was taking with my iPhone. It's not perfect by any means. This is only my first year. Haha. But this is a sequence I downloaded and edited to fit my display to the best of my ability. Haha. We'll hope you enjoy it. Let me know what y'all think.
  22. wicket82

    Show problems

    I had the same problem with my show. I upgraded to the newest version of the light o rama software and that has fixed my problem. I can't remember what the newest version is right off the top of my head though. But you could start there.
  23. wicket82

    Video of my first year of using LOR

    Thanks. I do plan on adding more channels and lights next year. I havent really thought about putting different color lights on my "arches" but I like the idea. When I was thinking about building the arches, I thought, "Why not square? They would be easy to make and I've never seen them before." So I built them instead of regular arches. And the flicker in the icicle lights is more the camera. But they are cheap Walmart icicle lights. As far as the construction of them, it's just a 2x4 that is ripped in half. So it's basically 1.5in square pieces screwed together. 3 pieces per "arch". The width of the "arches" is double the height. So the first arch is 1ft tall by 2ft wide, second arch is 2ft tall by 4ft wide, third arch is 3ft tall by 6ft wide, fourth arch is 4ft tall by 8ft wide and fifth arch is 5ft tall by 10ft wide. They are spaced about 20 inches apart so it gives it a nice slant going up and down the arches and makes it look better from the side. If you need a more details on the construction of the "arches" let me know and I'll see what I can do to help. But it's pretty simple to make. Oh and when I was done, I painted them black so the wood wouldn't stand out as much. As far as lights go, they are all blue 60ct LEDs for a total of 2580 lights. Here is the light count per arch Arches - arch 1- 17 60ct 1020 blue LEDs - arch 2 - 11 60ct 660 blue LEDs - arch 3 - 8 60ct 480 blue LEDs - arch 4 - 4 60ct 240 blue LEDs - arch 5 - 3 60ct 180 blue LEDs Oh and as far as the soccer goals go, I haven't figured out the lighted soccer ball yet. I have wrapped it but keep tripping over the dang extension cords and can only kick it one time and then have to replace the lights. Go figure.
  24. wicket82

    Show schedule not starting

    Im sure this has been asked before but I've created a schedule for my show. The first 3 nights, it has started fine and runs through the entire show with no problem. But for the past 2 nights, the show hasn't started. I have to click disable show and then click enable show. After that the show runs fine. The pc is an older one but it's been running for the first 3 days no problem. The pc is only used for LOR. It's not on the Internet and was a clean install of windows a few data before I started my show. Any suggestions and what the problem might be??
  25. wicket82

    Show schedule not starting

    I upgraded the software. My show started on time tonight. Let's hope that it's fixed. Thanks for the info