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  1. Here are a couple of the videos from this year's Independence Day lightshow. I added some background lights to the roof and front of the house to really make this year's show look alot better than last years. I will try to post additional videos later. I hope yall enjoy and please leave comments both good and constructive if you have some. God Bless USA & Armed Forces Tribute - American Patriots Why I Love Her - John Wayne
  2. CKSedg wrote: Well, as I stated, I can not take full credit for this design, but I am glad for all that it may help to do an Independence Day show. Because if you think about it, Independence Day is the only holiday that does not get what I feel its just recognition. I say that with this funny thought in mind, we never say Merry 25th of December or Happy 1st of January or Happy last Thursday of November...but we always say Happy 4th of July, when we should really be saying... HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!! Seriously though, if people on this forum and part of the LOR family never shared ideas or designs, then there would really be no need for the site....glad I could help.
  3. Then I used some 1-1/2" pvc pipe and couplings (2 T's & 2 elbows) to frame it for display. I did not glue any sections of the pvc in order to make take down and storage easier, but I did use a mallet hammer to make sure it was stable. I used zip ties to secure the flag to the pvc frame. This can be seen in the top picture from front view. This is what it looks like from the rear. Attached files
  4. Then push the lights through the holes in the peg board. I used M5's for everything except the stars, where I used conical lights, so the stars could be seen better. Attached files
  5. Use 4 x right angle braces and place one in the middle of each piece of board 1/2" from the center. Then take the bottom section and the two sides of the frame and put them together using 4 of the wood screws. Set them around the flag and securely place the the back side of the right angle braces in place. Make sure they hold the flag tight. Then stand up right and place the top section in place and secure accordingly. Attached files
  6. Completely painted and ready for framing. Cut the 2 pcs of 1 x 3 to frame the flag and paint heavily with white paint to protect. Attached files
  7. Next, tape off the white stripes, and paint the red stripes. Allow to completely dry and carefully remove the tape. Attached files
  8. completed star section Attached files
  9. Once the board has dried completely for a couple of days, I place the self adhesive stars in place making certain to leave the holes around the stars open for the blue lights. Make certain that all the edges of the stars are pressed down completely, so that paint does not run underneath. Once all 50 are in place, tape off and cover other parts of the flag. I chose to use spray paint after failing with a brush and it seemed to cover all the corners of the stars much better. Allow to completely dry and remove tape and stars carefully so not to peel other painted areas. then make sure there is a hole in the center of each star. I had to drill about half of the stars. Attached files
  10. Jeff... and others, my sincere apologies for taking so long to post the information on how I made my flag. I have no excuse other than not taking the time. First, I bought a 4' x 4' piece of pegboard @Lowes and counted down 26 rows of holes and had them cut it on the 27th row. Thus leaving me with 2 rows for each of the 13 stripes. Then I purchased the following items from Lowes & Hobby Lobby: 1- quart of white rustoleum Door Enamel 1- pint of gloss red valspar latex enamel 1- 12 oz spray can of blue valspar gloss interior/exterior 1- large bag of self adhesive stars various sizes but used the 1.5" 1- roll of 2" painters tape 2- 1" x 3" x 8' boards (as straight as possible) 8- 2.5" wood screws 8- 1/2" x 1/2" x 3" right angle braces.I painted the pegboard white with 3 coates, making sure to cover the outside edges and the insides of each hole completely. This helps protect the pegboard from the weather and helps to fill in the holes slightly in order to make the lights fit tight. Of the approx 1400 lights used only the 50 for the stars and about a dozen of the red-white-blue had to be hot glued in order to secure them. Attached files
  11. Thank you both for the site information
  12. Does anyone have any idea when they may have the results of last year's (2011) showcase contest results? I am sure there were thousands of entries and it is super time consuming...I was just curious to see some of the sequences and get, borrow, or steal some ideas for this upcoming year. Thanks
  13. GoofyGuy wrote: Thanks Guy.... See my reply to Scott about mine. Proof that with using only 12 channels it can be done and looks as good as an 8 channel arch. At least I think so
  14. Mike Cole wrote: Thanks Mike Oh yeah that tree was tough.... rented a 34' manlift to get up in there. Unfortunately, rented over weekend and ran out of lights to put up there and no place to get them before lift had to be returned, so next year I will get some on the right side . The icicles have been the biggest hit by most everyone.
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