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  1. OK, so I saved intensity data, have a whole song with some effects to pop into my other sequence which is 32 channels of regular LOR... how do I merge them...? I have both LMS's open... I cant see how to copy one track into another sequence... Can anyone point me towards a resource to do this?
  2. I am running s4.4.2 I believe. not at show computer to check. my license covers up to 5.0... I will check that out for next year's show.
  3. no, thats old... sorry. I will fix. I have pro and the newest version.
  4. PE is DEAD easy once you get it set up... BUT it is limiting... but thats the point a little bit... SS license would be $$$$ and I am not good enough yet to animate etc...but PE allows me to program a whole song of stuff onto my tree and star in minutes...
  5. vampire plugs and zip wire. OMFG. I fought this for a long time... why make cords??? I have hundreds of feet of heavy green extension cords... I have 16 trees in a line on my roof and just made a vamp/zip cord for each, and then zip tied the whole thing together into like a harness... it will take me like 5 minutes to power it next year. and probbaly weighs 1/10 what 16 ind. 3 wire green cords weigh...
  6. So... I get the general idea of pixel editor... have made a couple short sequences... I have lots of legacy 32 channell LOR sequences that I havent the time to sequence onto my 16 CCR tree and star... assuming I go in and make some general flashy blinky on PE for the tree... how can I get THAT into SE to combine the two? in SE I have my 32 channells, AND my 16 RGB tree with star together on one channel config.
  7. I PM'd James, he was super cool and sent to me...
  8. I want to buy holidaycoro's sequence for my 16 CCR tree... but also want channells... anyone have some channels for this song... or the other one too...? Have a few sequences to share with anyone who hoos me up! Thanks!
  9. James, would LOVE a copy of this, have 32 Ch and a 16 ccr tree. email is carsonwilcox @ gmail.com I have a few CCR ones if you want them...
  10. HIGHLY possible. when I started the computer for the first time in 10 months, it spent a while updating... this one does have internet as I use my network to run my pixel stuff. LOR nerds. any ideas?
  11. I should note, it was doing this BEFORE I updated to the most current version as well....
  12. Hey all. Firing up the show... and I went in to get my coms refreshed all loaded up for the season.. Checking my USB etc. So I get a controller connected, found and tested with a test light... all good. Running 4.4.2 Pro license. windows 7 computer... BUT if I go to sequence editor, open a sequence that I played last year... when I hit play, it does nothing. The track box moves one half a second in and it freezes. I cant stop it, and the file, edit, tools and help file bar icons are greyed out. I can get into the play menu, but it does nothing. I cant close the sequence... have to just X out of sequence editor all together and restart it. If I make a bs animation sequence, with programming for the test light I have hooked up... it will play and control lights. any ideas?
  13. I have made a channel configuration for my 16 pixel tree with topper... all DMX.. This one will import fine onto a 32 channel LOR sequence, but obviously ruins it Then I went in and manually added my 32 channels of regular LOR...ABOVE the new DMX elements... My thought being when I imported it onto my large number of previously existing 32 channel sequences, it would just have the blank DMX channels below... Saved it as a channel configuration... yet when I try and import that LCC into a sequence, it says Import error: invalid procedure call or argument I have attached it... ANY HELP?? this is killing my soul, and I dont want to redo it all to find out that there is some issue I dont know about Wilcox 32 Channells PLUS 16 RGB Tree with star.lcc
  14. Super cool and simple. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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