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  1. I have made a channel configuration for my 16 pixel tree with topper... all DMX.. This one will import fine onto a 32 channel LOR sequence, but obviously ruins it Then I went in and manually added my 32 channels of regular LOR...ABOVE the new DMX elements... My thought being when I imported it onto my large number of previously existing 32 channel sequences, it would just have the blank DMX channels below... Saved it as a channel configuration... yet when I try and import that LCC into a sequence, it says Import error: invalid procedure call or argument I have attached it... ANY HELP?? this is killing my soul, and I dont want to redo it all to find out that there is some issue I dont know about Wilcox 32 Channells PLUS 16 RGB Tree with star.lcc
  2. carsonsig

    RGB Pixel Fire Stick without tubing

    Super cool and simple. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. please pm me the link! thanks!
  4. carsonsig

    Light em up sequence

    I would love a copy of this! carsonwilcox@gmail.com thanks!
  5. Every year, I get 10 people tagging me on facebook with the youtube from the guy who has reigning blood sequenced. As if I havent seen it. I commented on the youtube, but it has been duped and reposted so often that I cant find the original guy to beg for the sequence.... Does anyone have it? or know who did it? Merry XMAS!!
  6. carsonsig

    Melted plug and fuse blown

    seems so. I pulled a fuse from controller 2. and it fired up fine.
  7. carsonsig

    Melted plug and fuse blown

    it was moist, drippy foggy day.... but I have never seen this... moist days lead to GFCI trips usually... scary!
  8. Tonight right after I left the house. One of my circuits melted! Luckily a neighbor saw. And called the fd. It blew the fuse on that side of my controller. I don't know how the plug was sitting. As the fire fighters clipped them. This channel only has like 8 strings of led minis on it. A window frame and 2 small light curtains. Any ideas on the failure...? The plugs weren't all chained together. It was just these two.
  9. carsonsig

    Frosty The Snowman by Gary Hoey

    yes please!! carsonwilcox @ gmail.com
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    love one! carsonwilcox @ gmail.com
  11. carsonsig

    Jingle Bell Rock Anthem

    love a look carsonwilcox @ gmail.com
  12. The ONLY point I was trying to make is that if you’re tripping your GFCI circuits then something is wrong and simply isolating the prop from earth (If that is the source of the imbalance) only circumvents the protection provided by the GFCI. BUT if it is a cumulative leak to ground, as people are theorizing..a la 16 metal minis on one GFCi... popping it... then IS that a dangerous circumvention of the GFCI protection? is there any setting where a cumulative leak to ground can be dangerous? seems a bit nit picky... Or am I wrong?
  13. a couple things I did, there is a thread I started where smarties came in and helped me. http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/34188-gfci-trips-leakage-to-ground-huh/?view=getnewpost 1. check all connections, and look for fraying. it usually isnt a plug, as the holes being filled with water wont do it, they have to be bridged with water.. 2. replace the plug. they wear out, or are bad from go. I did this and in a pouring rain will still get a pop... but 10x less 3 insulate metal elements from the ground with rubber or plastic. this made some difference... search "leakage to ground" it can be a combined thing. no bad circuit , ie channel 5 controller 3 pops it, but the combined amount of lost juice pops them.
  14. ok, I bought a few things. audio ground loop isolater off amazon. seems to take a bit of the bass off? but I dont care. dipole FM antenna, hardware store. as well as the adapter to go from the screw on spade connecter to the female 3.5mm splitter... figured I would ISO the FM radio from the stereo instead of running laptop->fm->stereo... dont know if that matters..., but who knows. and a nicer 3.5mm cable. Ran the FM dipole out the garage door ( I knew that huge gap from my house settling would come into play) and hooked it across the fascia above my garage doors... It is WAAAY better. I can CRANK the radio across the street now. it is clear and no HUUUUUM! A little gutless maybe... like I said... seems the bass is gone... but I am not running a rap show. thanks everyone!
  15. I am using the extending metal antenna that came with it now... I am only broadcasting 100 feet...I figured I didnt need more. I have the lights off, but I will check the volume and fiddle tomorrow... discovered this at 9 pm..