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  1. Good question. I would like to be able to have this option as well. My roofline, for example, was mostly programmed last year at the individual pixel level. However, I did do some programming in xlights and then pasted into SE (presumably could do this in the pixel editor this year). It would be nice to be able to do both.
  2. Still seems like a bug, though, as there are no such thing as channels 513 - 600 in any given universe, right? Maybe should generate an error message or something?
  3. I would delete the existing 1800 to create a new baseline config. And then use Vegomatic to add the 2400 back in to the baseline. It's very fast and easy. Took me a couple tries to understand a couple of the settings, but what you're asking would take less than 5 minutes, assuming all the pixels are in contiguous addresses.
  4. Fade from your chosen color to black. That should do the trick.
  5. I do both. For my pixel trees (mini & mega), I like NC for its effects and don't do any pixel-level sequencing. However, for my roofline, I primarily did pixel-level sequncing (albeit with a lot of cut and paste). For this, I used LOR. NC is awesome. I'm really looking forward to v4. For me, what I really want LOR to do is to fix the horrendous load and save times for the files, take advantage of the 64-bit hardware and OS that we all have (to include using WAAAAYYYY more memory than they're able allocate in today's software), and to draw my whole display in visualizer. And hopefully, do the latter more painlessly. Non-CCR Pixels in Viz are terrible. Similar to Ron's comment about XL, I'm not trying to bash LOR. Just to point out where my current beefs are at (on top of the lack of communication). I actually enjoy using the sequencer for my non-RGB stuff. The show player runs my show very well, even with 50 universes of pixels, although I now know I'm on that hairy edge (trying to add 3 more songs to my 15-song show caused a memory allocation issue consistently this past year, so I had to break it into 2 shows). I like the interactive capability (and use it in my show constantly). And I like the level of precision available in the timing. All these things make me want to stick it out. However, the memory allocation issue will literally be a non-starter for me if it's not fixed, so I'm having to consider my other options until LOR makes at least that one go away.
  6. Agree, Ron. Except, I'm to the point where I don't think I can trudge through any more. S3 ran my show just fine (50 universes) this year. I did, however, have to revert back to 3.9.0, as the memory management code that came along in 3.10.X and later would actually cause lots of lag and make effects look very "jerky". I had the problems in 3.11.2, but they went away when I backed up to 3.9.0. My only rationale is that it had to be the additional memory code that came along in 3.10.0. My brute force hardware approach (translation: very fast processor and lots of RAM) actually handled it better than the more elegant software approach from LOR. However, like you, I was unable to view my entire show until my hardware was up outside, due to visualizer limitations. My reason for having to change is actually the length of time I spend getting my pixel effects into my .lms file. Though I can't say for sure, I'm guessing I spent an hour or more each song this past year waiting for it to open, doing cut-and-paste, and saving the files, including when I had failed LOR channels during show season and had to re-map channels in each song. I effectively have a 15-song show (10 music, 5 voice announcements) and making a change on a single channel would take me 2 hours due to open/save time for those 15 songs. I'd just like another update so I know what to expect. I seem to remember (but my memory isn't great) Dan said they were going to release a new version for those who wanted to be part of an alpha test program back in early December. I'm ready to sign up, especially since all my hardware is still up outside. I really want to keep using LOR, as I prefer the timing fidelity (0.01 sec) that is available ONLY in the LOR software. But we have no communication again.
  7. Wow. Looks like it's handling things well. I'm cautiously optimistic that I'll see the same type of results. I'm a couple weeks away from that "test", but I'll report back.
  8. I don't have the manual, but if memory serves, I think that the power for the board actually comes from the second bank. I'd check the fuse on the first bank as a starting point.
  9. Doug, Let's check back with each other as we do our first round of testing to see how things are going. I'm probably about 2 weeks away for doing a stress test on the network. I'll report back as well.
  10. Doug, How large were your sequence files last year? I ran 12,000-ish channels last year without any trouble at all. I ran it on a beefy PC, but that's what I bought it for. Most files were right around 200MB. One was about 280MB. Compressed files were half that. And I ran the compressed files for the show and loaded all files before the show started. I'm gonna be right around 21,000 channels this year. I did a very rudimentary test before I took everything down last year to try to stress it and it seemed to handle things OK. But like I said... rudimentary. I don't expect problems, but am trying to rule out any variables I can.
  11. Ugh. You're right, plasma. I should learn to read first... then type. I was giving the instructions for doing it with the PC. Sorry for any confusion.
  12. I set up my musical show in the Musical tab of the Show Editor, just like normal. Then I set up an interactive "group" to play when someone opens my donation box. I have the interactive group set up like this... 1. Click on the Interactive tab in the Show Editor. 2. Select the "jukebox" type and select OK 3. I named my interactive group "Donation Box" 4. Click on the "+" sign. 5. Set up the trigger you wish to use. For me, it's on the Regular network, controller 15, input 1. I named my trigger "mail slot" 6. Click on the "+" sign. 7. Select your sequence file. For me, it's an animation file. I've never tried it with a musical sequence. 8. Select OK. I've used this for the last couple of years. My show continues to play, just as I want it to, when the donation box is opened. But, when the box is opened, I do a simple 3-string light chase around the donation box. It runs for 30 seconds (the duration of the animation sequence), stops, and waits for the next person to open the donation box. Then, it plays the same animation sequence again.
  13. You can actually do the second scenario as well. I have a sequence that is played whenever a trigger is received from my donation box. The rest of my show continues running, uninterrupted, when this trigger is received. Note that the donation box sequence is an animation sequence. I don't recall whether a musical sequence would work in this scenario. You can't run two shows simultaneously, but two sequences can run at the same time, as I described above.
  14. Lemme know if you still have questions. I use triggers on my controllers. No need for an input pup unless you need more than a few triggers or have a specific design reason to have a bunch of them located all in one place.
  15. I have never tried it, but I'd be worried about the latency in an Internet-based solution. Your eyes will detect even a small delay between the lights and the audio. You'd want to test it before relying on it, especially since there are more variables to consider that are outside your control (potential loss of your internet connection, bandwidth - both your upload speed and all users' download speeds, overall network traffic depending on time of day and day of week, etc.) As you can tell, I'm skeptical, but I'd be interested to hear any results you can share if you do some testing. And it wouldn't be the first time someone proved me dead wrong. Good luck if you give it a shot.
  16. I saw the same on 35-ish feet strings as well. I added one null pixel to each and this behavior improved, although I did still see the "fluttering" on occasion. More prominent the colder it got.
  17. Is there a reason you want to connect from 1-1 through 2-2? If you were to connect the 75 pixel strips to 1-1 and 1-2 and the 50-pixel strips to 2-1 through 2-4, the setup will be easier, as the e682 wants to see the same length pixel string on each connector of a given cluster. You can make it work with different lengths on each cluster, but it's a little less intuitive. In your case, you'd tell the e682 that each of the first four strips are 75 pixels in length and that the two connected to cluster 2 are 50 pixels in length. You'd need to account for this when setting up your channels in SE. Alternately, you can tell the e682 that you're using two connectors on the first cluster @ 75 pixels each. And all 4 connectors on the second cluster @ 50 pixels each. Then, you can set up all the channels within SE to be contiguous. Since you only need 6 connectors this year, you don't need to worry about where you leave the open connectors. One final thought... You might consider using connectors 3-1 through 4-2. If I'm not mistaken, the controller gets its power from the same power input as is used to drive pixels on that half of the board. Then, you wouldn't need to provide power to the other half of the board at all.
  18. Deleted. Better info was posted, above, than I had.
  19. I didn't do any empirical testing, but I had two switches in series in my setup last year and didn't detect any visible latency. About 150' from PC to 1st switch and another 100' from 1st switch to 2nd switch. 3 e682s hanging off 2nd switch, 2 @ about 2' away and one at about 50'.
  20. This depends a bit on the density of your pixels. I was VERY pleased with how it translated to the real thing. I actually was blown away with how much better it was "for real". Especially for the non-picture effects. But even those were great on my setup which used 3" spacing.
  21. If you're interested in warm white, I have some NIB "globe style" lights that I bought from Walgreens last year. I think I have about 2 dozen of the 50-ct strands. The globes are about 1/2" in size. I know you said you wanted cool white, but if you're flexible on that, you can have them for $100, plus shipping.
  22. All my pixels were programmed in xlights and copied and pasted into LOR. I ran the show with LOR as well.
  23. Here's one of mine. You can find them all at my YouTube channel: http://youtube.com/bluecreeklightguy I shot from 3 camera angles. Editing took a lot longer this year.
  24. FWIW... I ran about 300 LOR channels (no CCRs) last year. Along with about 4,100 pixels (spread over 32 universes) of e1.31 traffic. No problems here, but I was running on a beefy intel i7 with 24GB of RAM on my show computer. Sequencing was no fun when I had all 12,000+ channels loaded into the configuration, but I managed.
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