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  1. Thank you for the answer. I just thought it would work without the pc because when I wasn't running my show this year, the pc was off and I still had some channels glowing over night.
  2. Does the controller need to be hooked up to the pc for me to check my triac leakage or can I just plug it in to the electric and test my channels?
  3. I was told LED lumens is not as bright as regular lamps. That would be nice if it is bright enough.
  4. Virtual Santa was it for us too. Kids love it
  5. I always just back up my entire lor folder to a thumb drive and copy it to my laptop
  6. Go to your history in your browser.
  7. For me anyway, I use announcements from the demented elf but I discovered that usually there is no one there to here them. People don't usually show up until they see the lights flashing. A few have been there to hear the closing but hardly never for the start up.
  8. I used the Demented Elf last year too. He did a great job
  9. It's not about how much you have but how you use what you have. lol
  10. Sorry to be critical but I think its an awful song for Christmas, but I can't stand that kind of music any time of the year.
  11. I bought from MITS last year, (my first year), and didn't have any problems at all. High quality lights. All worked without any problems.
  12. MTS has the white wire lights on sale right now till Jan 20
  13. otisriggs

    Nasty Neighbor

    Her way of letting you know your show bothers them
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