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      Fire at LOR in Glens Falls, NY   01/17/2018

      A fire has broken out in the same building that houses the main LOR offices.  More information can be found in 'Important Announcements'.  


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  1. Guardians of the Galaxy / Hooked on a Feeling

    I would like love a copy mcas_4380@yahoo.com
  2. I Am Santa Claus Ozzy SINGING FACE?

    I would love a copy also mcas_4380@yahoo.com
  3. Taylor Swift - Christmas Must Be Something More

    I would love a copy mcas_4380@yahoo.com
  4. Looking for Pentatonix "little Drummer Boy"

    I would love a copy mcas_4380@yahoo.com
  5. Now What ?!!?

    Go to some show builder put in your SD card and follow the prompts. Done in director add power Lights
  6. Whole house transmitter station problem

    now i don't use the WHT but i understand that it can broadcast on any FM channel what channel are you trying to broadcast on? i just looked it up and there should be up and down buttons on the side to adjust your channel. you don't have to use the preset channels.
  7. Colley Christmas 2016 -

    Very Nice!
  8. Polar Express

    Could i get a copy also mcas_4380@yahoo.com
  9. What starter items do I need?

    Lots of extension cord and then some more and a little more.
  10. Light em up sequence

    May I please get a copy mcas_4380@yahoo.com
  11. I know if you contact LOR they can help you with that.