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    2011 first video??

    Frank That is is BAD A** !!!! Great job !!! The firesticks Rock !!!
  2. Ron Amedee

    My apologies to the community.

    Great work Kevin Been working 7 12's for awhile and won't end till christmas so my display is a pipedream for this season. Your display is the talk of the town everywhere I go !!!! It's nice to say I have been following you for a year on the forum !!! Keep it up and good luck with the cult status !!!
  3. Ron Amedee


    I really miss all the LOR friends yet Also having fun playing with other peoples MONEY !!! Also have an unlimited bar tab !!! Back at it in three hours, Got 5000 watts of amps to mount and wire
  4. Ron Amedee


    Try taking a three week break from LOR and comming back to 100's of post. Whew!! Been setting up a band stage for a friend..Wiring Tower speakers, Lighting truss and Projector for a 20ft x 20ft screen above the stage. Thinking of incorporating LOR into the mix somehow..Just would have to sequence about 50 songs to play the band breaks !!! I have actually been going outside !!! Instead of beeing a hermit to the forum :shock:
  5. Ron Amedee

    A couple recommendations?

  6. Ron Amedee

    Singing Christmas Trees

    Go Maggie !!!!
  7. Ron Amedee

    Summer Sale?

    3. (Fill in the Blank) How do you like my new strobes? !!! Attached files
  8. Ron Amedee

    Show your face

    Yes, I saw it when he posted it. Don't even have to go back to make sure. It must be mine because I obviously didn't have the balls at the time to ask him what the hell kind of party he throws. :shock: Mardi Gras gets alittle WILD !!! Come see for yourself !!
  9. Ron Amedee

    Christmas in July

    Congrat's Denise !!!! Pic looks great.
  10. Ron Amedee

    radio tower for mega tree. Should i buy it?

    Had not realized how long it's been since I used Morse Code !!! Best regards ! One of my ex wives sold all my gear 28 years ago..Made me lose intrest I guess. My 140' Rohn tower hurt the most !!!
  11. Ron Amedee

    radio tower for mega tree. Should i buy it?

    73JERYGREG --... ...-- .--- . .-. .-. -.-- --. .-. . --.
  12. Ron Amedee

    Sequence Tracks

    At least I built my office upstairs..so I can hear them comming !!!
  13. Ron Amedee

    Sequence Tracks

    My Boss walks by alot had to minimize my screen !!!!!:shock::D
  14. Ron Amedee

    A Decorator's Glossary

    DING !!!!! DING !!!!! Attached files
  15. Ron Amedee

    Sequence Tracks

    That what I call service..Three replys in 1 minute !!!