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  1. Using that one this year- great song!
  2. I only copy the LMS files and nothing else....
  3. My CCR Tree is split between 2 networks and not on ELL's...those networks plug straight into the computer running everything... This year we have 16 houses- each with at least 4- color eves top and bottom and 6 mini trees also 4 colors...those are all on ELL's..so each house has 1 ELL . Works like a dream!
  4. Question on the ribbon tree- can you add them to existing 12 LOR CCR's to make a 24 ribbon matrix/tree? Do they have a warranty?
  5. I ran 16 ELL's over 16 houses..not a single issue with them..no lag...just cant have over 500 channels per network....
  6. You did??? Im losing it! Yes, please send again Greg- thanks!
  7. Love you Mega Arch! LMAO
  8. Any one sequence this Bob Rivers song?
  9. debtoews

    Singing faces

    You can also check out seasonalsequences.com
  10. I would suggest that near the end when the music is kinda crazy- have the trees blink on and off randomly....love it!
  11. Have always enjoyed watching this show!
  12. We buy our coro from a local shop- black is $12 for a 4 X 8 sheet...might wanna look into it
  13. christmaslightshow.com they are expense but really pop!
  14. we drill ours...i personally wouldn't go thin because of the weight of the lights...
  15. Opening night will be here before we know it! (I cant wait either BTW...)
  16. I can program all the lights/house...you're just much better at it
  17. Yes- lets blame Scott for all of it....hehehe
  18. Yes we will be doing a Frozen Night on Santa Claus Lane this year. We did a Stars Wars night last year and the people came out in droves and all dressed up too! When I start promoting Frozen Night we will encouraged parents/kids to come out in costume as their favorite character. We have one home that loves snowmen and Frozen in their decor so we are thinking maybe a photo op their as well. Thanks guys for your kind comments!
  19. You all are CRAZY!! But I like the idea too :-)
  20. This is by far my FAVORITE Frozen song!
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