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  1. https://youtu.be/ZUUheZiPOgI We will have individual songs videos and will post soon- thanks!
  2. We are done, tested, drone video finished and now just waiting for the 25th to light up all 16 houses!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I run 17 ELL's with 16 houses- no lag at all to the house down the street! The issue is the total number of channels - 500 ish...so I have 2 networks- one for each side of the street...they work just fine that way...next year we are adding another 16 house on the street behind us and plan to do it with ELL's.
  4. They are LED's that are approx 3 years old bought from Holiday Light Express. They are not our longest run- its our neighbor who is directly next door and those lights re plugged into our controller house.
  5. thanks Scud 2- I will try- its just so weird that those lights react fine in all the other songs- it just that one start up fade up!
  6. Ok outta the 17 songs and 16 house we have hooked up- I have now only 1 issue- in the beginning of one song- I do a fade up/ramp up one house the white and green dont come on until after that event and then starts working. All the other 15 houses fade up properly. I have copied and pasted as well as manually placed that fade up back int he sequence adn still nothing. I checked the connections at the board and they look ok. Any ideas what the issue could be anyone??? Thanks
  7. Environmental LED- $145 plus 95 cents shipping( shipping cord is expensive!) .....might be a coupon for 15% off if you look on Planet Christmas website under LED's - I ordered Saturday because hubby miscalculated and the 12,000 feet we got earlier this year wasn't enough! (SMH!) Shipping notice said its going to be here Friday :-) Oh and they have plugs too....
  8. We have been setting up for the last 2 weekends...it will continue this coming weekend and everyday after that since we are both on vacation. With 16 houses to gt ready- it takes a lot of time and coordination!
  9. 6-10pm every night Black Friday thru New years Eve!
  10. I bought him at Holiday Coro.... He is super cute!!!
  11. LOVE that song! Did a great job!
  12. We had a drone video done last year- we had no issues with the ELL's/FM transmitter or lights- the biggest issue here in California is the laws have changed regarding drone video at night plus we are close to an airport- not sure about where you live. We are planning 3 nights of drone video this year and cant wait to see it! https://youtu.be/nx1nkw0buJg
  13. done sequencing, done building 6 new coro pieces and 82 4-color mini trees...no extension cords for the mini trees then start set up for all 16 houses!
  14. Oh I have plenty of tweaking to do (especially with 16 houses!) but the majority of the work is finished....
  15. We do 17 or songs...so I put a couple of slower ones to break up the higher paced ones...there are some beautiful slower songs that if sequenced right..makes people go...AWWWWW
  16. all separate strands...there are upper and lower eves plus at least 6 minitrees per house....
  17. My input is- controllers tend to not fail...but it is always wise to have a backup just in case!
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