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  1. Ive had no issues with Youtube or Facebook and I post all kinds of video with music....out of everyone on the forum..how many people have gotten sued??? Sure they give out warnings but its nothing more than a warning and we all use copyrighted music. Better to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission..........
  2. If you are on Facebook- Tom got those from Jeffrey Holmes- they have a special weatherproof cover on the them. I believe they were around $900 a pair. One note- if you live near an airport or in a traffic pattern, we have to get permission to use them. If you have trouble contacting Jeff- send me a message with your contact info and I can forward to him- Merry Christmas!
  3. My response to everyone after the thousands of questions I have received this year in person and facebook " ITS CHRISTMAS MAGIC" pretty much covers all questions :-)
  4. try splitting your controller into 2 networks.
  5. Think before you speak-only tell them what they need to know- keep it simple and expected to be misquoted or wrong numbers..thats my words of wisdom as we get ready for 2 more interviews on Friday- Also, be aware that once they air your interview, you will see an increase in traffic! Congrats and good luck!
  6. split your CCR's into 2 networks- run at 500k and make sure your setting are right and using the high speed adapter- should look beautiful then....
  7. LOL- Alan! The neighbors LOVE all the people..looking to expand next year to 38 homes!
  8. we had 7000 people opening night! Thanks for your nice comments!
  9. http://abc30.com/society/clovis-neighborhood-becoming-hottest-light-show-in-the-central-valley/1645065/ Great coverage! Honored to be called THE HOTTEST!
  10. Love it- can you post a playlist?? Love the 24CCR matrix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. turn down the volume setting on your computer and see if that helps.
  12. debtoews

    SPT wire

    http://www.environmentalled.com/ Plugs 0.70 each and 95 cents shipping. Its always (5 cents shipping on this site- We ran out of SPT wire and I ordered 3-1000 rools...shipped for 95 cents and that stuff is super heavy...of course best to buy presale and get plugs for 50 cents each Hope this helps!
  13. 2 new videos from our show- one edit version and the other is all drone- enjoy! https://youtu.be/9htyQnKw_CM https://youtu.be/Bg-FL-d88wA
  14. LOL- that wasnt all of it- there was more! we ran out ans ordered 3 more 1000ft rolls and ran out again...this year we ordered 15 rolls and still had to buy 500 ft extra at Lowes...YES we are crazy! We also ordered almost $10,000 worth of lights for mostly the 82 4-color mini trees. We became a nonprofit organization- 501(c)3 so we take donations and that covers our costs. Opening night we had over 7000 people show up- it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Have you tried changing the frequency in the hardware utility? Are they up in the air 8 feet and line of sight?
  16. That's because your not a Platinum or Gold member :-)
  17. how many channels are you running? are you running any rgb channels too? I have 16 houses- and a 12 CCR tree- the tree is on 2 separate networks. Each side of the street is a separate networks too ( 8 houses)- my EEL's run like a dream but I dont have a ton of channels running thru them....(see the Santa Claus lane Drone vid in My display)
  18. I did not create that- Ask Scott Davis who hangs out here on the forum as well- thanks!
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