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  1. boys boys boys...the sequencing isnt that hard for multiple houses....we currently have 2.5 streets...no one can see all the houses at one time other than our drone video...so I sequence one street and then copy and paste to the other streets....in the big scheme of things, most people are just in awe of all the houses dancing the music...they are not lighting snobs (as I refer to myself) and so keeping the sequencing simple is actually better in my opinion.  If the lights are too crazy, it doesnt look good on multiple houses.  Having them do the same thing or every other one or one side of the street vs the other side looks really cool.  We also use 4 colors so there is something to play thing there as well.  You can view past videos of when we were only 16 houses and later this year at:  www.SantaClausLaneClovis.com

  2. we use 3 tomato cages from Lowes that cost around $2 a piece, zip tie them together at the top, make a super string out of the lights (because we use 4 colors- RWBG) and then zip tie the super string to the tree form.  We have 216 mini-trees on our 34 home display.  We can make them in our sleep!


  3. I currently run 34 houses...each house has its own channels assigned and controllers.  We use ELL's to transmit and receive the data signal to each each.  We use a visualizer and each house is represented.  Each house runs at least: $ colors on upper and lower house eves and 6 4-color mini trees in the front yard.  This makes sequencing easier.  I dunno how far you are wanting to go with this, but if you plan to expand to more houses, make sure you have a game plan.  It makes things easier when you have a standard for each house.  Feel free to reach out to me if you need any more help.  Good luck!

  4. 10 hours ago, Speedster said:

     in the future I'm hoping to convince neighbors on our street to do the same thing you're doing.  

    Be careful what you wish for!  lol  This is an incredible amount of work that goes on almost every single day of the year.  Also, you will get to know your neighbors in ways that are good and bad.  The bad sometimes get really ugly so just a heads up.  Never ceases to amaze me how neighbors can allow you to do all the work and carry the financial burden and then have no problems just sitting back, watching yet bragging to their friends about their project.  Make sure you consider this and more before including others.  Even tho they know nothing, they can try and gain control over the project.  If you're OK with that great, then it wont be an issue for you.  Good luck!

  5. 9 hours ago, Speedster said:

    Wow, I wish I lived in your area so I could see the show!  

    BTW, how do you get the data from one side of the street to the other side?   A really long data cable suspended high above the street?  Wireless transmitter?   This will be my first year using the LOR, and in the future I'm hoping to convince neighbors on our street to do the same thing you're doing.  Seems easy for houses on the same side of the street, but I'm not sure how to send the data across the street.

    We use ELL's and have several networks. Trying to connect everything via Cat5 cables would be insane!

  6. When your doing 34 houses- you gotta be organized.  Hubby made these stands out of 1 piece of 2 X @ furring strip and painted them black. 2 16 channel controllers fit on each one.  He will put a surge protector on the side. We will over with a black plastic garbage bag for rain.  Best part is the connections wont be on the ground!




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  7. Ive had no issues with Youtube or Facebook and I post all kinds of video with music....out of everyone on the forum..how many people have gotten sued???  Sure they give out warnings but its nothing more than a warning and we all use copyrighted music.  Better to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission..........

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