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  1. Ive had no issues with Youtube or Facebook and I post all kinds of video with music....out of everyone on the forum..how many people have gotten sued???  Sure they give out warnings but its nothing more than a warning and we all use copyrighted music.  Better to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission..........

  2. If you are on Facebook- Tom got those from Jeffrey Holmes- they have a special weatherproof cover on the them.  I believe they were around $900 a pair.  One note- if you live near an airport or in a traffic pattern, we have to get permission to use them.  If you have trouble contacting Jeff- send me a message with your contact info and I can forward to him- Merry Christmas!

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  3. 4 hours ago, k6ccc said:

    Holy cow Batman!  Or in this case, BatWoman (but I was trying to get the quote right).

    I've looked at the map for your area and have a guess where the additional 22 houses are.  Are you adding Norwich and Maine north and east of Indianapolis?


    Yep- sure are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 12 hours ago, default said:

    Woah 7,000 people, heh do your neighbors still think this was a good idea? :P or is it more like "that damn Deb, what did she get us into"? :D

    Very impressive, I wonder how many of those 7,000 will start their own displays in the years to come.


    LOL- Alan!  The neighbors LOVE all the people..looking to expand next year to 38 homes!

  5. 3 hours ago, need lights said:

    That is awesome! I wish I had neighbors like yours! I had to decline the media yesterday because we can barely handle the 700+ cars we already get on a weekend night. I can't imagine how many you must get for your street! I know I would come by if I lived close. Merry Christmas and keep up the great work!

    we had 7000 people opening night!  Thanks for your nice comments!

  6. http://www.environmentalled.com/

    Plugs 0.70 each and 95 cents shipping.  Its always (5 cents shipping on this site- We ran out of SPT wire and I ordered 3-1000 rools...shipped for 95 cents and that stuff is super heavy...of course best to buy presale and get plugs for 50 cents each

    Hope this helps!



  7. 2 hours ago, Jefffrompawpaw said:

    Who pays for the 1000.00 worth of spooled wire? We all noticed that, right?

    LOL- that wasnt all of it- there was more! we ran out ans ordered 3 more 1000ft rolls and ran out again...this year we ordered 15 rolls and still had to buy 500 ft extra at Lowes...YES we are crazy!   We also ordered almost $10,000 worth of lights for mostly the 82 4-color mini trees.  We became a nonprofit organization- 501(c)3 so we take donations and that covers our costs.  Opening night we had over 7000 people show up- it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

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