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  1. You gotta manage the problem and not let it manage you.....we have significant traffic come thru our neighborhood...more than 10,000 cars so far since Black Friday...we manage the traffic just fine with 5 people and a bunch of traffic cones. If someone is doing something stupid/wrong, we address it right then. To me closing down means the jerks wins....that will never happen at my light show.
  2. With a 34 home show- we have to manage our traffic. Since Nov. 24th over 10,000 cars have come thru including party buses, buses, limos etc. We place cones in the gutters to prevent people from parking. If they want to walk, they have to park off the lane. We have multiple people out during show times to talk to people and answer questions and monitor for issues. Thank God we havent had drunken stupid people. Now thats not without saying we have neighbors that complain about noise, traffic, trash and the light are too bright...(???) Really a shame that these folks just shut down rather than try and manage the problem. Im sure a few phone calls to the local party bus outfits could have helped. K6ccc was here recently and he can vouch for our operation :-)
  3. LOL...we started with just us, then 2, then 16, now 34...and 25 more wanna join it..........God help us all!
  4. Love this song- your place is amazing! Merry Christmas!
  5. She did a great job! Tell her welcome to the Ladies Sequencing Club .....LOL
  6. My neighbor who is a cop got them to take this for me as a surprise- they fly over every night!
  7. we had this issue- a toothpick inserted worked until the season was over and I sent the board to LOR for repair :-)
  8. Oh I thought you just didnt get it.... lol
  9. it was taken in the sherrifs helicopter...
  10. https://youtu.be/9tiR6wc0UtY Ive always wanted this!
  11. Oh boy- great things to come from her in the future- LOVED it!
  12. no we dont because it takes many people that work all year long- thanks!
  13. my home address is 3116 Indianapolis Clovis, CA - no National news that I am aware...we are open 6-10pm every night- hope you can make it!
  14. As requested, heres a few! Carol of the Bells Boogie Woogie Santa Claus Sugar Plum Fairy Remix Santa Claus is back in town
  15. Make sure the ELL's are addressed the same and then check your networks perfences....
  16. Nice job! A suggestion for next year...you have those 4 big beautiful columns in front of your house....wrap them tighter with lights and each one become 4-8 channels- it would be awesome! You could get some nice movement of light on your house.. (PS- Im good at spending other peoples money..lol) !!
  17. We had approx. 25,000 people last night- it was incredible! The local Sheriffs office helicopter crew posted this on our Facebook page- check it out- its amazing!
  18. Our Facebook event has over 14.1K people.....cant wait for tonight!
  19. Alan..they probably wonder what whats wrong with this woman! LOL But I can tell you, Im a nurse that has always been 100% about serving her community...this is just another way of doing it but its just on STEROIDS!! We are excited for tomorrow evening. I woke up this morning to news media requests....it never ends and sometimes I get tired, but tomorrow night when all the people come, thank you for all the work and tell you how wonderful it all is...it makes everything worth it!
  20. Yes about 50 ELL's and 9 networks. Organization is the key to all of this. Everything is labeled/numbered or we just couldnt do it! Im sure after Jim comes and hangs out- he will know how the magic is created! lol
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