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  1. 21 hours ago, JeffF said:

    And no offense meant by the "job" comment... if folks want to dedicate their free time to managing traffic more power to them! That's just not something I find appealing. I spend enough time replacing my incandescent bulbs so I couldn't imagine having to be outside 3 or 4 hours a night too! :)

    Well for us, managing the traffic also allows us time to talk to the folks that come out and see us.  There have been so many blessings just by doing that it makes all the time, money and effort worth it all.  People are in awe of the music and lights and many get emotional during the show.  It touches their heart and many times, reminds them of days in the past.  It makes new memories and traditions for families as well.  What an honor to be a part of that!  So I will suggest that maybe you try it for an hour some evening, maybe you might have a different opinion afterwards  :-)  Merry Christmas!

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  2. 7 hours ago, JeffF said:

    I understand what you are saying but personally I feel I donate enough of my time over the 3 month lighting season(from start to finish). If I have to babysit people outside every night then yep, I'm out.  Which that is the point I think we are at unfortunately. :(

    You folks that have massive traffic flow plans and volunteers to implement these plans are way, WAY more dedicated than me. I can see maybe doing this sort of thing if I were retired and didn't have a day job but I just can't be out there all the time. Not only "can't" but I don't *want* to be either. The fun part of the hobby for me is actually watching our lights. I love grabbing a few beers and sitting in my truck watching the lights and watching people watch our lights. Kids and old people are my favorite because their faces light up the same. :D

    Oh well... I can tell my mind is made up to end our lights just how I'm typing here. It seems my mind is at ease with the thought so I'm 99% sure I've answered my own question on whether or not it's time. It's been a GREAT hobby for sure and I've met some GREAT people here so thanks LOR!

    All of us that put on Santa Claus Lane have full-time jobs too.  It sad for your community that you have decided to turn off the lights for good, but if your heart isnt into it, then it is what it is.  Maybe in the future things will change and you can return.  Merry Christmas!

  3. You gotta manage the problem and not let it manage you.....we have significant traffic come thru our neighborhood...more than 10,000 cars so far since Black Friday...we manage the traffic just fine with 5 people and a bunch of traffic cones.  If someone is doing something stupid/wrong, we address it right then. To me closing down means the jerks wins....that will never happen at my light show.

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  4. With a 34 home show- we have to manage our traffic. Since Nov. 24th over 10,000 cars have come thru including party buses, buses, limos etc.  We place cones in the gutters to prevent people from parking.  If they want to walk, they have to park off the lane.  We have multiple people out during show times to talk to people and answer questions and monitor for issues.  Thank God we havent had drunken stupid people.  Now thats not without saying we have neighbors that complain about noise, traffic, trash and the light are too bright...(???)  Really a shame that these folks just shut down rather than try and manage the problem.  Im sure a few phone calls to the local party bus outfits could have helped. K6ccc was here recently and he can vouch for our operation  :-)

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