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  1. I would like a copy also- thanks debtoews@comcast.net
  2. anyone got this sequence they are willing to share?? Please email me at debtoews@comcast.net - thanks!
  3. awesome- I appreciate any help I can get!
  4. I want to know how to do the spiral effects...turning around and around getting bigger or smaller.......
  5. http://youtu.be/tpeYp4Jd73g?list=UUBN7zY0H3r6sd2aie5MaW1Q
  6. May I have a copy too? thanks debtoews@Comcast.net
  7. awesome Larry- that was a BIG help! thanks
  8. Ok- thanks for the input- I really appreciate it!
  9. I am not going to use this laptop to do the actual sequencing on- just running the shows- I do all my sequence on my desk top with a big screen- old eyes!
  10. I need to get a new laptop to run this year's shows. I currently have 272 channels of LOR but now Im adding a 12 CCR matrix to the mix and using Superstar software ( Which I LOVE BTW!). I know the files are big- so what size hard drive do you suggest I get? Of course we are looking to eventually switch out most of our LED string to CCR/CCB/CCP's in the future...any advice you can give me is very appreciated- thanks!
  11. Can I change the orientation of the CCR's too?
  12. I am new to superstar- If I get a sequence from someone else- can I edit it to fits my needs or would I need to create a new sequence? thanks
  13. Thanks for the info- but my question had to do with which version of S3 do I need to run Superstar????
  14. I am going to get Superstar this year but I need to upgrade from S2 to S3- which version do I need? thanks
  15. Love the song- great sequencing too!
  16. I would like a copy too please : debtoews@comcast.net thanks!
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