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  1. I am new to superstar- If I get a sequence from someone else- can I edit it to fits my needs or would I need to create a new sequence? thanks
  2. Thanks for the info- but my question had to do with which version of S3 do I need to run Superstar????
  3. I am going to get Superstar this year but I need to upgrade from S2 to S3- which version do I need? thanks
  4. Love the song- great sequencing too!
  5. I would like a copy too please : debtoews@comcast.net thanks!
  6. that's awesome! I have the original singing quartet done my Graveyard skulls..the kids love it every year!
  7. anyone got this sequence that will share? If so, please email to debtoews@comcast.net thanks!
  8. LOVE IT!!! Saw your vid last year and LOVED IT too! Lots of work to pull that off- great job!
  9. turn off your atuo-focus on your camera...
  10. When do they annouce the winners of the contest???
  11. Got a new computer adn so hubby needs to set up visualizer again- how do you draw a mega tree with 16 channels- 4 colors? thanks
  12. Heres is a link to our new website - clikc on the video link to watch the vids- too many to post here! http://toewschristmas.webstarts.com/index.html
  13. Ssw you on Bill Oreilly the other night - 100% PATRIOT!!!!!!! Congrats :-)
  14. Ok- I have a mix of LOR and Dlight controllers- Im running S2 Lor software and have done ll my programming. I did a test today and the LOR controllers react as I programmed them..it seems Im having trouble with the Dlight controllers and ramp/fade or pop/fade what ever you call them. It there a setting a need to change or something? Otherwise I will have to change a lot of programming....Please help becuz Im ready to start things up!
  15. I have many from Minions web and they are dimmable...I buy a few every year...Corey rocks!
  16. Hey- I live in Clovis and have done home health work in Kingsburg...whats your cross streets on Indianola? Awesome work!!!
  17. WOW! I cant imagine trying to program that many channels- I struggle with 272!
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