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  1. 18 hours ago, PhilMassey said:

    The slow loading started with 5.3.0 for those of us affected. 

    If you are not having trouble with delays and not needing any of the bug fixes in 12, I would stay where you are.

    it started before 5.3.0 - I had major issues last year!  I have never upgraded to 5.3 since I know how to manipulate 5.2.4 to work perfectly!

  2. I personally had great difficulty with S4 copying my superstar sequences into my main sequence.  Even tried a single universe at a time and then got an error about memory.  Was advised by LOR staff after many phone calls I had to upgrade to S5 to get rid if the error and now its back.  I dont understand why developers dont take into account that there are people always pushing the data limits.  I have 2 pixel trees I run DMX and 39 houses I run LOR that have 32 channels each.   Seems ludicrous that I should be getting errors.  

  3. I have an issue with lag and got a program to constantly clear out my RAM.  It helps. I also shut down my computer daily.  I have 2 large pixel trees Im running E1.31 and plus 40 houses Im running LOR.  So my files are LARGE.  Running fine thru the sequencer doesn't mean crap.  IF your issue is syncing, that would be your audio file and you need to make sure its a constant bitrate and not variable.  You can chase that all day long and it will never be right.  I use GoldWave to simply convert the files to constant rate mp3 files.  Hope this helps and good luck!

  4. On 5/4/2019 at 7:26 AM, DLH lites said:

    I am a third year newbie, when I started I had a full head of hair, just thinking of doing 40 homes puts me all in a dither. I was playing Christmas music till 1 am last night, golly how my life has changed, I am a kid again at 69.


    Aww...we started with 1 home and had only that for many years...its a process...you dont just go from nothing to 40 over night!  All the learning and work is well worth it once the show is going and people are in awe....  :-)

  5. 2 hours ago, TheSignGuy said:

    is it the 20ft?

    we used it on our 23 foot tree just fine....4 colors of 70's, 2 strings each color...total of 128 strings....handled the weight just fine

  6. I have a Mega Tree setup purchased from ChristmasLightShow.com.  Includes a metal 16 string head, pulley system and guy wires.   $50 plus shipping from 93619.  message me for pics and details- thanks

  7. Just now, ericm said:

    I have had a few of my neighbors show interest by telling me they would let me put what i want on their house... but i would have to buy it all.

    that is why we started a nonprofit.  We accept cash donations which part we re-donate to a food pantry and other nonprofits and its pays for equipment, insurance, storage etc.  We only require the homeowners (not the renters) to purchase their eve lights...around $200-250ish..the nonprofit supplies the controllers and 6 4-color mini trees, do the set up etc.  This is year number 5 and we will be at 40 homes.

  8. 8 minutes ago, ericm said:

    BTW just curious how did you convince all your neighbors to get on board with it all?

    many asked us..others we asked them....a few grinches but its their choice!

    It was amazing easy believe it or not.

    But it is a tremendous amount of work but a small group of us are committed to putting on the show every year.

  9. On 5/1/2019 at 12:24 PM, Mr. P said:

    You hear rumblings because you have blinky lights in May? Personally I think you are getting a late start.  😀

    I already have my main show for 40 houses plus a specialty night sequenced!  Working on Halloween now  :-)

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