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  1. On 4/9/2019 at 12:56 PM, Mega Arch said:

    2:02 was a new record for me. I had 10 items on my Mad Grab order this year. Loaded the 2 non sale items into my cart prior to sale start time. Loaded shipping address, ect. before sale started. Had a Word document opened with credit card number typed into it. Copied it and was ready to paste at check out.


    Well its about time you figured out how to do this Mega!  lol

  2. 47 minutes ago, Mr. P said:

    The Pixie 8 is a LOR controller and has to be on a LOR network. If you are asking if it has to be plugged into another LOR controller to work, then no, it is an LOR controller.

    Yes that was my question....

  3. I have a pixie 8 for a small matrix- only running 6 ports LOR protocol....do I have to connect it to a regular LOR controller?  I cant seem to get my S5 sequence to play on it- thanks!

  4. 19 hours ago, dibblejr said:


    Are you running just LOR protocol? 

    Yes LOR protocol not DMX.  I run 24 CCR's over 4 networks (6 CCR's per network).  They is no way my system along with everything else I run could handle the data.  It barely does it over 4 networks.  I had to upgrade to S5 only because I was maxed out data load wise in S4.  Remember, I run almost 40 houses plus all my other stuff....its insane- ask Jim!


  5. If you are going ribbons (CCR;s I assume) - I would highly suggest you NOT run 16 ribbons on the same network- they will look like crap.  Ive had a 24 ribbon tree that I run over 4 networks.  Depending on the graphics,  running intensity files help too.  If you are looking for some cheap CCR's, I have a lot (24-27) with the controllers Im looking to get rid of and also have an aluminum tubing frame.  Im in Central Cal.  Pm me if your interested- Good Luck!

  6. So Im brand new to S5 and have converted all this years show files in S5.  The new files are LOREDIT files but to load into show builder they need to be LMS files.  SO I noticed the playback feature- is that the file I create and then load into show builder? thanks!

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