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  1. Yes I have but I didnt use the clipboard as my show it huge so i did copy and paste from imported file to show file
  2. Anyone have the Holiday Coro singing faces for pixels model and wiring guide? Please forward to Debtoews@comcast.net- thanks in advance
  3. Aww...we started with 1 home and had only that for many years...its a process...you dont just go from nothing to 40 over night! All the learning and work is well worth it once the show is going and people are in awe.... :-)
  4. Yes but you will probably need to do so over multiple networks. Plan Plan Plan your display!
  5. we used it on our 23 foot tree just fine....4 colors of 70's, 2 strings each color...total of 128 strings....handled the weight just fine
  6. I have a Mega Tree setup purchased from ChristmasLightShow.com. Includes a metal 16 string head, pulley system and guy wires. $50 plus shipping from 93619. message me for pics and details- thanks
  7. that is why we started a nonprofit. We accept cash donations which part we re-donate to a food pantry and other nonprofits and its pays for equipment, insurance, storage etc. We only require the homeowners (not the renters) to purchase their eve lights...around $200-250ish..the nonprofit supplies the controllers and 6 4-color mini trees, do the set up etc. This is year number 5 and we will be at 40 homes.
  8. many asked us..others we asked them....a few grinches but its their choice! It was amazing easy believe it or not. But it is a tremendous amount of work but a small group of us are committed to putting on the show every year.
  9. I already have my main show for 40 houses plus a specialty night sequenced! Working on Halloween now :-)
  10. September this year as we will be at 40 houses!
  11. Well its about time you figured out how to do this Mega! lol
  12. Done in 1 minute- didnt buy much this year tho....
  13. Yes- export as LMS file- then copy and paste- did it all last year as a workaround
  14. :-) Im good at spending other people's money...says my hubby! LMAO
  15. Nice Jim! Wonder where the inspiration came from??? lol Merry Christmas XOXO
  16. I have a 24 CCR tree on aluminum square tubing frame for sale. Comes with extra 3CCR's - used 3 years. I live in Central California- PICK up only, unless you just want the CCR's and controller. Make me an offer. NO longer using them. Thanks
  17. I have 2 pixie 8's. Email if interested: debtoews@comcast.net thanks
  18. debtoews

    Pixie 8

    Yes- I think now its the configuration in S5.......Thanks JR for your help!
  19. debtoews

    Pixie 8

    ok well i think I have it configured- unit id assigned etc
  20. debtoews

    Pixie 8

    S5 - recently upgraded
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