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  1. Yes- export as LMS file- then copy and paste- did it all last year as a workaround
  2. :-) Im good at spending other people's money...says my hubby! LMAO
  3. Nice Jim! Wonder where the inspiration came from??? lol Merry Christmas XOXO
  4. I have a 24 CCR tree on aluminum square tubing frame for sale. Comes with extra 3CCR's - used 3 years. I live in Central California- PICK up only, unless you just want the CCR's and controller. Make me an offer. NO longer using them. Thanks
  5. I have 2 pixie 8's. Email if interested: debtoews@comcast.net thanks
  6. debtoews

    Pixie 8

    Yes- I think now its the configuration in S5.......Thanks JR for your help!
  7. debtoews

    Pixie 8

    ok well i think I have it configured- unit id assigned etc
  8. debtoews

    Pixie 8

    S5 - recently upgraded
  9. debtoews

    Pixie 8

    I have it plugged into the 485 adapter...so do I have the control panel active and I can play the sequencer editor to view?
  10. debtoews

    Pixie 8

    So why cant I get my S5 sequence to play? is there some special way I have to do it? I want to test this matrix...thanks
  11. debtoews

    Pixie 8

    Yes that was my question....
  12. debtoews

    Pixie 8

    I have a pixie 8 for a small matrix- only running 6 ports LOR protocol....do I have to connect it to a regular LOR controller? I cant seem to get my S5 sequence to play on it- thanks!
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