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  1. Our Facebook event has over 14.1K people.....cant wait for tonight!
  2. Alan..they probably wonder what whats wrong with this woman! LOL But I can tell you, Im a nurse that has always been 100% about serving her community...this is just another way of doing it but its just on STEROIDS!! We are excited for tomorrow evening. I woke up this morning to news media requests....it never ends and sometimes I get tired, but tomorrow night when all the people come, thank you for all the work and tell you how wonderful it all is...it makes everything worth it!
  3. Yes about 50 ELL's and 9 networks. Organization is the key to all of this. Everything is labeled/numbered or we just couldnt do it! Im sure after Jim comes and hangs out- he will know how the magic is created! lol
  4. It is my other full-time job! But so worth it once the event starts and we get feedback from the community. Thanks!
  5. Its a totally different experience in person Jim! Looking forward to showing you the behind the scenes, etc.
  6. https://youtu.be/s9CGQjh7Mg8 Enjoy!
  7. "Lights On" in two weeks!!!

    All 34 houses up , drone video and regular video completed...in a holding pattern until day after Thanksgiving!
  8. Running multiple networks?

    I dont think the ELLS will go that far :-)
  9. Running multiple networks?

    Thanks for the info George and thats good to know since we have even more neighbors wanting to join in which equals even more networks!
  10. Running multiple networks?

    I was advised by LOR NOT to use a USB hub as the data can get scrambled...curious that yours seems to works tho...I had to have a special computer built with a lot of USB ports to handle my massive show.....
  11. First news coverage of Santa Claus Lane

    drone video is happening this next week and I should have a final trailer soon after that so stay tuned!
  12. http://kmph.com/news/local/the-festival-of-lights-at-santa-clause-lane and so it begins!