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  1. The wife's first sequence........Believer.

    She did a great job! Tell her welcome to the Ladies Sequencing Club .....LOL
  2. Helicopter View of Santa Claus Lane

    My neighbor who is a cop got them to take this for me as a surprise- they fly over every night!
  3. Loose Comm ports

    we had this issue- a toothpick inserted worked until the season was over and I sent the board to LOR for repair :-)
  4. Helicopter View of Santa Claus Lane

    Oh I thought you just didnt get it.... lol
  5. Helicopter View of Santa Claus Lane

    it was taken in the sherrifs helicopter...
  6. https://youtu.be/9tiR6wc0UtY Ive always wanted this!
  7. Oh boy- great things to come from her in the future- LOVED it!
  8. Santa Claus Lane Videos

    no we dont because it takes many people that work all year long- thanks!
  9. Santa Claus Lane Videos

    my home address is 3116 Indianapolis Clovis, CA - no National news that I am aware...we are open 6-10pm every night- hope you can make it!
  10. As requested, heres a few! Carol of the Bells Boogie Woogie Santa Claus Sugar Plum Fairy Remix Santa Claus is back in town
  11. Heres my 2017 display, Hope you enjoy!

    This is AWESOME!
  12. Make sure the ELL's are addressed the same and then check your networks perfences....
  13. Nice job! A suggestion for next year...you have those 4 big beautiful columns in front of your house....wrap them tighter with lights and each one become 4-8 channels- it would be awesome! You could get some nice movement of light on your house.. (PS- Im good at spending other peoples money..lol) !!
  14. 2017 Christmas Display Videos

    WOW! Loved it!
  15. We had approx. 25,000 people last night- it was incredible! The local Sheriffs office helicopter crew posted this on our Facebook page- check it out- its amazing!