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  1. I share sequences with 2 other people and we put everything in dropbox
  2. it started before 5.3.0 - I had major issues last year! I have never upgraded to 5.3 since I know how to manipulate 5.2.4 to work perfectly!
  3. I thought 5.3 and higher didnt use .play files?
  4. roll back to 5.2.24 and during the day run the show thru once. after that dont shut ur computer down and run the show. this is how i got around the lag issue and i tefuse to upgrade. 5.2.24 works fine for me. good luck
  5. I personally had great difficulty with S4 copying my superstar sequences into my main sequence. Even tried a single universe at a time and then got an error about memory. Was advised by LOR staff after many phone calls I had to upgrade to S5 to get rid if the error and now its back. I dont understand why developers dont take into account that there are people always pushing the data limits. I have 2 pixel trees I run DMX and 39 houses I run LOR that have 32 channels each. Seems ludicrous that I should be getting errors.
  6. If it plays perfectly in an earlier version why change?
  7. maybe try rebuilding your files in show builder
  8. FYI- I never update during a show season! This is why!
  9. I have an issue with lag and got a program to constantly clear out my RAM. It helps. I also shut down my computer daily. I have 2 large pixel trees Im running E1.31 and plus 40 houses Im running LOR. So my files are LARGE. Running fine thru the sequencer doesn't mean crap. IF your issue is syncing, that would be your audio file and you need to make sure its a constant bitrate and not variable. You can chase that all day long and it will never be right. I use GoldWave to simply convert the files to constant rate mp3 files. Hope this helps and good luck!
  10. Yes I have but I didnt use the clipboard as my show it huge so i did copy and paste from imported file to show file
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