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  1. S5 V5.2.2 Pro G3-MP3 Director V5.38 Running two Networks. AC Lights on one network (not enhanced) 56K. Pixels on other network 500K. Some times (at least once a night) it seems that one of the Networks gets stuck on a song (lights are frozen) the other network seems to be fine. Music is still playing. Stays this way till the next song. All the lights go off and then it plays the next song fine. Next cycle that particular song will play fine. Have caught it happening on either networks. Sounds like something going on with the Show Director? I have also had Both networks down and the music (Radio is playing a really loud buzzing). The only way I found to clear this is to either power cycle or pop the SD card and then plug it back in. Few seconds later all is playing fine. This is only the Second year i have been using this G3-MP3. I did upgrade the firmware this year.
  2. Thanks so much! Nice to know I am not going nuts. Would be nice if there was a Motion Effect that can stretch across cells that would do the chase based on how many cells there are. I only found "Curtain" that would do a Repeate Mode of "once fit to duration". Everything else seemed to be a fixed time. Thanks again.
  3. Wow - Very nice! I think my issue is just it seems wrong to have to tell Pixel 60 to turn on when you want Pixel 1. And this is only for Arches that are defined as "Starting Location Right". If you have a "Starting Location Left", then Pixel 1 is really Pixel 1. For the View I simple Reversed the Pixel list so that Channel 1 is in the Channel 60 location and it all seems to work. Just seems wrong. Somewhere there has to be 2 flips because Pixel 1 is becoming 60 for the Sequencer, but when it finally plays out to the Pixel4 card , it is lighting Pixel 1. And like I said it is only for Right start channel. The Left works as expected.
  4. Top and Bottom as referring to the listing of Channels/Pixels on the Sequencer View Col. The Sequencer uses a "c" as a prefix to each Pixel so I assumed that was for Channel, but I suppose Pixel is a better term. But the sequencer refers to them as "Sort Channels/Revers" and "Remove Channel Level from Pixel Prop" if I right click on one? So I cant be too crazy calling them Channels? ?
  5. I have 4 Arches with 60 RGB smart pixels each. The Preview designer lets me indicate what side to start on. I have the two arches on the Left start on the Right side, and the two arches on the Right start on the Left side. (The controller is located in the middle of the 4 arches). In the sequencer, I reversed the order of the 2 arches on the left so the Channel 60 is at the top and Channel 1 is on the bottom. The 2 arches on the right I left alone, Channel 1 is at the top and Channel 60 on the bottom. The reasoning for this is that I am doing Chases across the arches. The problem is that for the Arches that have the starting channel on the right, Channel 60 on the sequencer is lighting channel 1, and channel 1 on the sequencer is lighting channel 60. I was hoping this was just a display problem with the Preview designer, so I hooked up a Box (Pixie 4D) and the lights and it matches the Preview Designer. Resorting the Arch so that Channel 1 is on the top seems to fix the problem, but it just seems wrong to light Channel 1 in the sequencer and have channel 60 light?
  6. Working on Halloween display and primary colors (R/G/B/W) look great. Colors like Orange and Purple look more like Yellow and Blue. I tried to apply the RGB Intensity Curve 50%. This makes the Orange look good, but Purple is still washed out (more white then Blue). I tried to make a darker Purple and it didn't seem to help. What are other people doing to fix this? Kind of glad I hooked up some lights to take a look at what they really do. I have both Dumb and Smart RGB lights in the display. Currently only looking at the Dumb, but working on hooking a few strings of Smart RGB to see what they do. Thanks
  7. Where does one find the LORRegistryWipe.exe? I did a search of my computer and didnt find it? I am running 5.0.18 Pro and am having issues with Effects on Dumb RGB lights. The effects show up in the Visualizer but not on the actual real strings.
  8. My Prop is a Tombstone that has 30 Dumb RGB lights for the outline and another 30 Dumb RGB for "RIP" portion. I want to control them independently. On the sequencer I first see RIP Tombstone Channels r22c11 r18C07 If I use just these two channels, both the Visualizer and the real box with lights work as expected. If I create an effect: RIP Tombstone Motion Effects Effects 01 Channels r22c11 r18C07 Anything I put on the Effect 01 line shows up on the Visualizer but not the real box with lights. But anything on the Channels still plays fine on both the Visualizer and the real box with lights. Does that help? Thanks,
  9. Sequencer v5.0.18 Pro/Windows 10 I have 8 X Tombstones of Dumb RGBs. I have a chase motion Effect setup (in white). The Visualizer shows it just the way I wanted. But when I get the Sequencer to Control the lights I get nothing. Only the prop channels actually play. No effects at all? If this is as expected then how do you apply effects to the props? This does look like a duplicate of:"Controlling CMB24D motion effects with S5" reported in October by stgregg but nobody posted a response? Thanks,
  10. I had issues with my G3-MP3 running 2 networks. Regular network worked fine but the AUX A did nothing. The boxes had a solid LED so they though they were on the network. What was really strange was the the sequencer could drive both networks just fine. I finally ended up using the Hardware Utility to build the SD. Was able to specify the network speeds of the two networks. I couldn't get the AUX A to run at 500K Enhanced but 115K Enhanced for Aux A and it all worked. Hope that helps...
  11. Ha! Well I just got done setting up the song on the SD card and got the G3-MP3 Director to play the song and work the lights. The one Catch is that I originally tried to have a ELL coming out of the MP3 and that didn't work. Hooked the cable in directly and poof she works! I should say that I am using the AUX A port to get power from my computer using a USB t0 485 Booster. Anyway It seems to be playing just fine... Thanks,
  12. I ran into this issue... I ordered a second Dongle, and hope it gets here soon. Requested 2nd shipping. So in an attempt to test my Regular Mega Tree, I have setup two networks but only have one dongle. I moved all the RGB items to Aux A and set it to None, but an enhanced network. Doesn't seem to work? If I try to force it to comm 4 (regular is comm 3) I get errors about not being able to listen to comm 4. I do have a G3-MP3 Director. If I set it up will it work? Thanks,
  13. Forgot to say that the actual BOX follows the Preview. The Hardware Utility does turn Channel 1 on when you expect it and it is the correct channel 1.
  14. OOoooo I think I got the upload limit figured out... Is the Preview included in this file or where do I get it from? ArchTest.loredit
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