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  1. Well, a day later and things changed again. I rebooted yesterday, and went to the VA Hospital today. I get home, change 4 to 2 and now, when plugged in and the HU on, the led light is off, lights don't work, but it does see it as 2. With these results, I don't want to try the other one. I changed the ID back to 4, it finds it as 4, but, the LED light still doesn't illuminate. The worked for one night. Why does Murphey have to visit me so often? AGGGHHHH! Mark
  2. All strings work in outlets for controlloer. With the two controllers inside for testing, I plugged the testing lightstrings into the outlet I have the controllers plugged into for testing. I know there is power at the outlet, and I know there is power somewhere in the controllers since the LED light turns on steadywhen I plug it into the wall and turn on the software at the computer. I also know that the USB485 is good because controllers 1 and 2 work just fine to run most of the show. I appreciate your help! And, I am thankful for your patience! Mark
  3. Yes, each controller was found. They were also found while hooked up outside while daisy chained with 1 and 2. No, the HU was not able to do anything but find them. The controller led light would be steady on. That's it. At first I thought it might be the fuses, but if it was, the controller wouldn't be powered at all. Or, might I be wrong? Mark
  4. Tested individually inside, one at a time with HU. Ran a sequence, nothing. When I opened HU, light steady, close HU, light blinks, open sequence editor light steady, as soon as I closed Sequence Editor, the light started blinking.
  5. Version 3.7.0 Standard. I have also printed the Troubleshooting guide. I triple checked for solder bridges, bad soldering, etc., when I finished the board. Mark
  6. I've done everything I can think of. I got two controllers in the summer sale. I actually assembled them a couple of weeks ago. I tested each of them individually in the house and everything was great! I put them on the front porch with the two controllers I assembled and used last year (daisy chained). The hardware utility sees all four, and when they were first tested outside, they all worked, for one night. I added "welcome" and "thank you for coming" sequences with my daughter's voices, and all I got outside was the voices. No "talking Angels" (two 36" angels). I just tested all four with the hardware utility outside. All four steady red and recognized in the hardware utility. Controllers 1 and 2 are still fine, but, 3 and 4 give nothing. I disconnected 3 and 4, brought them inside, tested them individually again, and nothing. The light is on steady on both, and they are recognized. I'm at a loss. How would both of the new ones quit at the same time? How do you test them beyond the hardware utility? Sorry for the length, but I wanted to be as detailed as I could. THANKS! Mark
  7. I just got 4 strands of ecosmart 150 count C6 on spools ordered from HD, delivered by UPS. After reading the original post, I kinda panicked because HD is 1 1/2 hours from me. I hooked one strand up to U3 channel 1 and opened the hardware control panel. I ran all tests multiple times on this strand, still on the spool, and it worked just fine for me for the last 5 minutes. It fades down to 7% with little flicker. Maybe I am just lucky? Mark
  8. I have to be at a banquet... Showing my daughter how to order for me. Mark
  9. eurbani wrote: You said it right there. I started with 32. At first, I was sitting in front of the computer saying "CRAP! what do I do now?" After 2 songs were sequenced with help from the fine folks here, I wished I had more controllers! Every time you sit down to sequence, find just one more control button, read what it does in the help section, play with it, and you will soon find yourself going back over your current sequences and editing them. I'm still learning and challenging myself, and getting in contact with folks who know this stuff. NEVER QUIT! Mark
  10. I understand about the broadcast of music in display, but, the videos of my display can't be on MY website (not that I have one yet)? I'm still not charging anybody. I have a lawyer friend at church. I'll see what he comes up with. I would like family and friends who aren't local to be able to see the show. That's the only reason I am trying to make good videos of the show... The law is the law though, and I have to go by it. Has anyone ever tried to contact specific groups like TSO directly? THANKS! Mark
  11. I would also like to see these in action before the sale tonight. The floods and the pixels. Mark
  12. WiggyHD

    Two cool things

    I would have hoped that wouldn't happen...
  13. Can't wait to hang it on my wall! Thank you! Mark
  14. WiggyHD

    Two cool things

    We live just outside a small town city limits, and I don't know of anybody else doing this with the exception of the city park does a big animated show. My kids are making new friends since they heard about the lights, and asking my girls "when are they on?", "can we park in front of the house and watch?". We have two driveways with on of them being a circular drive. I'm thinking next year (if finances are willing) I will do the hoop thing along the circular drive and that animation will stop when the show starts and they can drive through a tunnel of lights? This has been just too much fun! My wife is finally into it since she watched the first time. Mark
  15. WiggyHD

    Two cool things

    My kids came running in the door after school saying: "One of our teachers asked if it was our house he heard about on the radio". Cool huh! While I was trying to video at dusk (sunset behind my house though), a car stopped and told me that it was worth all of my effort! Cool huh! Thanks to all who have guided me through this first season! Five sequences so far, and trying to add another one by the end of the week. Saving up for another controller for an animation of trees between shows. THANKS! Mark
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