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    Songwriting and music production, family time, fast pitch softball in my younger days.
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    From a group that is no longer in existence that I don't remember the name. Most of the members are now in Lone Star Holidays. Got my first setup from Jeff Trykoski of Illuminax.
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  1. John, The indicator light just blinks steady which means it isn't getting the command. About a year ago I sent the whole LOR1602W with the director to LOR. They couldn't find a problem with it. Sent me a Kingston card when they returned it to me and thought it was either a corrupted card or a problem with my sequences, which is not the case. Everything works fine from my laptop. It never worked by using the director since then. I opened another support ticket with LOR this month and got a couple of question answer responses, but no solution. I finally just asked if they could send me a link to somewhere I could buy the right kind of SD card because I've tried the one they sent me and one I bought online. I'm not computer literate enough to understand what FAT means and in the original manual it says "SD cards must be formatted FAT16 (or just FAT)". All the cards I see online are higher than 16. So, stumbling around on my computer I tried reformatting my SD card. It still didn't work and I never heard back from LOR support. By the way, just FYI, my unit is an older model.
  2. I've installed LOR software on an old Windows Vista laptop to run my show. I always used my Showtime MP3 Director to run the show before but can't get it to work. What files from my main sequencing computer do I need to put on my show computer?
  3. My 1602W with Showtime Director is stuck with all lights on. It happened just as the first song was playing, after the show had run right several times. I tried reset button on the Showtime Director. I tried reprogramming the SD card. I powered off. It's still stuck on "all lights on". Any ideas what might cause this?
  4. Anybody have any ideas on why my 1602W would only find a non existent "CTB-16D ver. 401" when I try to test the unit through Hardware Utility? Maybe when I plug other units in the problem will clear up, but right now I'm just running the 1602W for my Halloween show and channel 16 is not doing what the sequence is telling it to do on some of the sequences.
  5. The problem with channel 8 was the extension cord I had going into the lights string. It wasn't holding the male plug tight. Therefore, I was able to read the correct voltages at the cord but wasn't getting the light string to work whenever I wasn't putting it in place. And I also had channel 16 (which is supposed to be on all the time) doing off/on synching things. I found that on two songs, it was correctly staying on at all times, but on three others, it was doing what the beat track was doing which is directly beneath channel 16. All I can figure out at this time is that it has to do with the controller somehow recognizing a non-existent controller, CTB-16D ver. 4.01.
  6. My own description of what I'm trying to do may be part of the problem. I'm not really trying to configure. I'm trying to test 16 channels on the 1602W through Hardware Utility. In "Select Unit to Configure..Download..test" it says "Found 1 unit". But it is not the 1602W. It says CTB16D-ver 4.01. (I had the exact number wrong in original post also) I have tried the suggestions and refresh in the select unit to configure and I'm still only showing CTB16D-ver 4.01. I have removed power, tried it with just the 1602 (MP3 showtime director not plugged in, I've tried it after removing power with the Showtime director plugged in.
  7. Thanks Don and Max-Paul. I haven't had time to get back on it yet, but I'll let you know how it goes.
  8. 1602W w/Showtime Director that I have had since 2007 - No issues - I initialized inn 2007 and have ran show off SD card ever since. First year to upgrade to S3. I am adding (6) CTB16 controllers this year. I checked one of them by initializing it and named it 02. Now, for Halloween show, I have tried to initialize my 1602W and it finds one controller on network - CTB16-04. I have never done a 04. So, I renamed the 1602W from "any unit" to 01. It still only finds the CTB16-04. I am able to run my current show just as is from the laptop or the SD card, but channel 8 is off and channel 16 is supposed to be on all the time but is doing other functions. I checked through the Hardware utility and all channels come on except channel 8. At first I thought I just had a burnt out string on 8, so I replaced it and when I first plugged it in it did an initial blink on (very fast sequence in the show) but then didn't come on again. Checked voltage at the cord where I plug a pumpkin into 8; It looked alright - 120 briefly, then would jump around to different voltages according to what the show was doing. (incandescent lights) Then I plugged an LED string in at that cord and it seemed to be doing what the show was calling for. This seems like it could be a controller issue or it could be that because it's not recognizing the actual controller, but perhaps another one, that it's doing crazy things. Also, I went by the help section in S3 and tried initializing and checking the "ignore errors" box and still got the same results. Any suggestions what to try next. I will be away from my computer for a while but will read any possible answers later on. Thanks, Tim
  9. Got the answer. Thanks Don! I had two different directories on my new laptop, one that I copied from the old laptop and the other that I created on my new computer. I was getting the audio saved to the right directory, but when I went to save the sequence, it was saving it to the other directory, which did not have the correct audio file.
  10. I have five songs in my Halloween show. I got all five to play using my laptop to run the show. When I try to load the show on my SD card to use my 1602W w/MP3 showtime director, I get a message that the sequence doesn't exist or that the music file is a wav not an MP3. So, I checked all the audio. Every song is an MP3. I checked the songs to the end of the sequence. Good. I resaved the sequence, overwriting the old one. I ran these same sequences last year, same audio. Here's the difference. I upgraded to S3. I'm on a new computer. I had saved the audio to my network drive, but I copied all songs to my new laptop that I'm running LOR from. I have already been through the saves where you get the message that you are running them on an upgraded system and the may not work on the old system. I've tried loading the SD card from Simple Show Builder, and Hardware Utility ----->LOR MP3. Any suggestions?
  11. 2.9 was the max I was licensed for. When I go to license renewal, will it take me to a download link or do I need to download the latest demo version and then unlock it with the key I get when I renew my license?
  12. My computer crashed. I had version 2.9 installed. I want to upgrade to LOR S3 on my new computer. How do I go about doing that?
  13. Thanks Gary. That's what it was. It loaded fine after re-downloading.
  14. I am trying to load 2.9.4 that I downloaded from this page: http://www.lightorama.com/SoftwareDownloadPage.html Every time I try to run it I get this message: "Error reading setup initialization file" I'm not a real tech savvy guy, can someone tell me what might be causing this?
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