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  1. Holiday Coro is a great source for singing pumpkins and singing monsters. I've used both and like them a lot. If you get them, you may want to re-consider their recommendation for the frame. Using 2x4s is overkill. I used 2x2 and they worked fine.
  2. Color me crazy, but I can't get a photo to upload in either Chrome or IE. I tried removing my old photo first to see if that would help, but it didn't. Whenever I select a photo, the image stays blank.
  3. I'm looking forward to this class, too. I don't have many pixels in my display... yet! But I hope to come away from the Expo armed and dangerous on how to sequence them!
  4. At the risk of coming in late in this thread, have you tried the Instant Sequence tool in SuperStar? I've found it to be a great way to quickly get some decent effects. Just load a visualizer file and a song and SuperStar can do the rest. You can play with the various settings to see how they change the effects. I'm glad to hear an endorsement of the sessions at the Christmas Expo. I'll be heading there and plan to soak up as much LOR education as I can.
  5. BTW, the Polyethylene is available from McMaster-Carr, item #50375K64, $1.89 per foot. http://www.mcmaster.com/#catalog/121/142/=wr5o7x
  6. BTW, check out this video for building arches. I'm going to use this method, but with the CCPs instead of the pixel strips. I used electrical tape to fold back the space between CCP bulbs to bring them closer together. The wind up at about 10' long and fit well in the Polyethylene tubing that Matt Johnson uses. And they look way, way, WAY better than using PVC, which I used last year. Plus they are much more substantial. That said, don't let the $30 an arch fool you. The Polyethylene tubing was pretty cheap, but the shipping was steep. Four 10' sections ran me about $150 including shipping. Ouch! But it will be so worth it. Matt Johnson's How to build a Leaping Light Arch If you still need a configured prop file (and visualizer file) for the arches, let me know. I can save them out and send them to you. I'll just need your email address.
  7. Victory! The color fade tool going from Orange (or Purple) to black to fade-in/fade out! Fading between the same colors to simply set the channel on to a specific color. So obvious in retrospect, not so obvious when trying to figure it out! Thank you to all for your help! PS Hopefully my new profile picture will be less likely to induce heart attacks. ;-)
  8. Ah, it's all about Halloween! I'll see what other interesting Halloween-ish pictures I might be able to use. ;-)
  9. Here's my problem... How can I set the color of a dumb RGB device? OK, it is not quite that simple. I need to set the color AND take advantage of my old sequences. For the record, I am very familiar with RGB values, as in using Photoshop and other photo/image editing packages. Making pure Red, Green, Blue and White are easy. Purple = Red + Blue. Yellow = Red + Green. This translates easily enough in the sequence editor: put the same effects on the appropriate RGB channels to get these basic colors. It looks like playing with the intensity of a channel will give me greater control over the colors. For example, 100% intensity Red + 60% intensity Green = Orange (the shade of Orange that I want). Is this only way to control the color of RGB devices in the Sequence Editor? Should I even be doing this in the Sequence Editor? Should I be doing this in SuperStar? Something else? I am adding the LOR RGB Flood lights to my Halloween and Christmas shows this year. I have a lot of sequences completed from years past that have standard flood lights already sequenced. I want to copy my existing flood light effects into the RGB channels AND produce the desired shades of Purple and Orange for Halloween. I tried using the Foreground and Background tools to apply 60% intensity to the Green channel to give me Orange. It kinda worked. It produced the desired shade of Orange, but it wiped out my fades. I really hate the idea of having to completely re-sequence the floodlight effects for all of my sequences. Any help/recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I upgraded to S3 v3.12.2 today, but have not used it yet. BTW, I created a prop for the LOR RGB Flood Light 8 pack using the CMB24D controller. Once I test importing the prop I will post it in the Visualizer forum.
  10. Sure, give me your email address and I'll send Rock N Roll All Nite right out. I've done a bunch of sequences now. They're all available on eBay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/161503393692?var=&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  11. Here are some videos from my2014 Chaos Crypt display. Unfortunately my fog machine croaked --- so no fog this year. I guess I'll have to get a new one --- or two --- for next year! Let the Halloween 2015 plans and preparations begin! (The forum isn't showing all of the videos, so I add titles for them.) Keepin' Halloween Alive - by Alice Cooper https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pI4gyMzocXM&list=PLSp0qMhmUtjtIYc8CHUku1TK2n0Vceael Bring me to Life - by Evanescence https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAmdNP4YbPw&list=PLSp0qMhmUtjtIYc8CHUku1TK2n0Vceael Jump in the Line - from Beetlejuice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yb1G6OwEOMs&list=PLSp0qMhmUtjtIYc8CHUku1TK2n0Vceael Weird Science - by Oingo Boingo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SdJzHmmoSU&list=PLSp0qMhmUtjtIYc8CHUku1TK2n0Vceael
  12. Very cool! I especially like the grave digger.
  13. I am not too proud to admit that I bought quite a few sequences. I've also gotten some from people who share them. Then I edit them to fit my setup. When I sequence my own, I use Papagayo for the lip synching, which only takes me about 2-3 hours per song to get the bulk of it done. I then refine the lip synching in LOR, splitting out the various harmonies, etc. SuperStar is helpful to get some sequencing ideas and can really speed the process. It still takes a while to finish a song, but Papagayo and SuperStar really help.
  14. Here's my rough list for 2014. I've replaced five light poles with four RGB leaping arches, so the final play list depends on how many sequences I update by October. A Nightmare on My Street (original, for sale on eBay) Adams Family Bohemian Rhapsody Bring Me To Life (original, new for 2014, for sale on eBay) Beetlejuice Call of the Zombie Dead Man's Party Devil Went Down to Georgia Diary of a Madman/Crazy Train Don't Fear the Reaper Footsteps in the Dust Ghost Riders in the Sky (original, for sale on eBay) Ghostbusters Godzilla Grim Grinning Ghosts Halloween Movie Theme Halls of Insurrection Haunted Mansion Narration Hells Bells Honky Tonk Halloween (original, for sale on eBay) Jaws Movie Theme Keeping' Halloween Alive (original, for sale on eBay) Little Ghost (original, for sale on eBay) Monster Mash Nature Trail To Hell (original, for sale on eBay) No One Lives Forever Rock And Roll All Nite (original, for sale on eBay) Smooth Criminal Tales from the Crypt The Apparition This is Halloween Thriller Thunderstruck (original, for sale on eBay) Time Warp Weird Science (original, new for 2014, for sale on eBay) Welcome To My Nightmare (original, for sale on eBay) Werewolves of London Witches, Witches, Witches (original, for sale on eBay) X Files
  15. Sorry I haven't posted in a while. The replacement of several triacs seems to have done the trick. I tested the controller and it seems to be working fine --- no crazy flashing lights on channel 16 when the controller sits idle! As to my CAT5 cables, I'm 99.99% sure that they are fine. I tested them with different controllers, and even used them to connect a computer to the internet. They worked flawlessly. indi: I imagine that bad CAT5 cables could cause problems. Testing them out should be the proof in the pudding. Good luck!
  16. The monster quartet from HolidayCoro is a great product. I use 'em in my display and have been very happy with them. You may want to do some up-front planning before you buy them, like what colors for each component (outline, eyes, mouths), LED vs incandescent light strings, availability of light strings with the right number of bulbs, etc.
  17. I got the controller back from Light-O-Rama. (It arrived a couple of weeks ago, but I've been pretty busy and travelling a bit.)They replace the "bad triacs" --- plural. Hmmm... I need to pug it in and give it a quick test. Fingers crossed...
  18. Victory at last! Here's what I did since my last post... Used Ron's Visualizer file to create a sequence in Superstar. <<< This ensured I was using a properly configured Visualizer file. Re-added the CCP devices in the Sequence Editor, using the default settings for all 4 arches, of course with my Unit IDs. <<< Once I saw the pixel numbers in Ron's Visualizer file, I realized I did not need to reverse them here. I'll chalk it up to being an RGB-newbie for not noticing them earlier. Imported the Superstar sequence into the Sequence Editor and played/viewed it in the Visualizer. <<< Everything played exactly as expected/desired. Re-configured my CCP controller in the Hardware Utility as follows: Unit ID Mode = Dual Normal Channel Mode = Triples Standalone Speed = 8 Ribbon/String Parameters: 50 Pixels Num of end-to-end connected CCBs/CCRs = 1 First Pixel is Status Indicator = checked CCP (Pixel) Color Correction = checked Flip String 2 = checked <<< This got both strings going in the same direction, and the direction I wanted. DMX Mode = Both Macro and RGB Channels So, this was clearly a PICNIC --- Problem In Chair, Not In Computer! It would seem that I had some configurations that conflicted with each other. That's the only thing I can figure since the "Flip String 1" and "Flip String 2" options in the Hardware Utility did nothing until I got the rest sorted out. This was a major hurdle for me as an RGB-newbie. Bummer that it took a while, but I learned a lot. I'm pretty sure I could now create the arches from scratch in the Visualizer and make them work in Superstar, the Sequence Editor, and on the actual CCP strings. Now all I have to do is update all of my Halloween and Christmas sequences to use my new CCP arches. Oh, and I guess I need to actually assemble the arches. I still need to decide if I'm going to use the paver edger method (see Gary Lipps' how-to for the paver edging mounting method) or clear PVC/PEX. I really like the idea of the PVC/PEX as a diffuser for a smoother lighting effect. But I'd need to decide if I want to buy 4 arch frames or build something myself. Hmmm... A BIG thank you to Ron on this one!
  19. Progress!. Ron, without your help I'd be pulling my hair out! Here's what I did... I used Ron's Visualizer file to save two fixtures, calling them "CCP Arch P1 near controller" and CCP Arch P50 near controller". (P1 = Pixel 1, P50 = Pixel 50) I "assumed" that Arch 1 and Arch 2 were created this way. In my Visualizer file, I added 4 arches: Arch 1 = CCP Arch P50 near controller (unit 07) Arch 2 = CCP Arch 1 near controller (unit 08) Arch 1 = CCP Arch P50 near controller (unit 09) Arch 1 = CCP Arch P1 near controller (unit 0A) In the Sequence Editor, I added 4 Cosmic Color Devices Arch 1: Default settings + set Unit ID = 07 and selected "Flipped (Channel 1 at far end) for String 1 Orientation Arch 2: Default settings + set Unit ID = 08 and selected "Flipped (Channel 1 near controller) for String 1 Orientation Arch 1: Default settings + set Unit ID = 09 and selected "Flipped (Channel 1 at far end) for String 1 Orientation Arch 1: Default settings + set Unit ID = 0A and selected "Flipped (Channel 1 near controller) for String 1 Orientation Results: All arches behave as expected in the Visualizer and in SuperStar. They all "leap" in the same direction when I want them to do so. The controller is configured as "Dual Normal". Both strings work when I play a test sequence, but String1/Arch1 is still starting at the wrong end. I'm sure there has to be something I'm missing, presumably in the Hardware Utility.
  20. K6ccc, thanks! I'm looking forward to hearing how to flip 'em in the software.
  21. Here's a silly(?) thought... Should I simply buy an extension cable for one string to physically flip it? I'd rather flip it in the software and keep the controller in between both arches, but I can be happy with a hardware solution.
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