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  1. Santa and I Know It Faces

    Please and thank you bpaulus@comcast.net
  2. Always just make it an automatic. Life has been doing it’s hardest to get in the way but I’m trying harder and have a slight edge be it ever so small...LoL Ran the first Christmas show testing last night ugh 😑 says it all 🙃
  3. Me me me!!! Please and thank you
  4. Let It Snow LMS Faces and Pixel

    Yes please bpaulus@comcast.net as if you don’t already know my email by now 😜
  5. Charile Brown Skating Pixel

    Thank you
  6. Charile Brown Skating Pixel

    Yes sir please bpaulus@comcast.net
  7. Celtic Carol - Lindsey Stirling

    bpaulus@comcast.net if you please kind sir
  8. Pour Some Sugar on Me Faces

    It’s blocked
  9. Let It Go - Singing Face

    Sent Sent Sent
  10. sequence sharing

    It means it can’t find the audio file you have to find the audio file. click “edit” on the tool bar, scroll down to “media file” and then window will pop up most likely in the light o Rama audio folder and you have to find the Media file. you will most likely have to download it and stick it in that folder
  11. sequence sharing

    You won’t be able to see the picture of their house or if they use the visualizer file he won’t see anything as far as a picture but the sequence will still play and you can watch the channel buttons flash for when each channel would come on
  12. sequence sharing

    That won’t stop the sequence from working that just means you don’t have the background picture for whoever’s house sequence was laid out on it’s just a JPG file it won’t stop the sequence from working
  13. Just click "edit" and "skew track" and you can move it that way by milliseconds
  14. DMX on older 8 ch Controlers?