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  1. I agree with George. Gremlins I suspect. I can not stress this point enough. BACK UP YOUR FILES. Just think after all of the hours you spent creating your sequences why would you not protect them??? External hard drive Flash drive In the cloud. I feel for you.
  2. Arches

    OK folks. Lets get back to the basics here. If your first arch is lets say 3 5 7 9 channels that would equate to 3 5 7 9 power chords. And 3 5 7 9 channels on your controller. Notice all of my if it is what you are doing are in odd numbers. Best effect in m h o. I hate even numbers on arches. If you are saving channels and you want to mirror your arches you still will need to jump from arch one to arch two with the same amount of channels (chords ) as the first arch to make it chase. If you desire full control of arch two you will need that many more channels from a controller. George hit on this. He is correct, now is the time to get experienced controllers. Hope this helps out. Just my 2 cents worth. Hope it helps you out.
  3. Full Control with HWU but no lights with SE

    Did you install the drivers for the adapter on the new desktop???
  4. changing channel configuration

    +1 Steven is correct.
  5. Can you add sequences to simple show after finished??

    You need to open the show that you created in the Show Editor first. Then you will be able to make changes and save the new show.
  6. So just curious... who here is still old school?

    I would fall into this Old School niche also. Not only my light show but I have been training the fleet of hamsters for months to run in the little wheel to turn the generator for power for the show.
  7. Looking for CTB16PC Controllers

    Check your messages. I sent you one a week ago about controllers. Thanks, Joe
  8. Spring cleaning - Lots for sale

    P M SENT
  9. LOR and RGB Controllers For Sale

    Nothing here. Have not been able to get a response from him since the funds were transferred.
  10. LOR and RGB Controllers For Sale

    PM sent
  11. Controllers CTB16PC

    PM sent.
  12. 10 W RGB Floods

    Tom, Love the photos. They look great.
  13. Comtrollers

    What are the model numbers of the controllers? Are they in cases? A bit more information would be great.
  14. Finally Videos Are Ready

    Hi All, Just wanted to share a few of our 2015 Christmas Lights On Franklin Street videos. Take a look and see what you think. Comments are welcome. Links below. https://vimeo.com/151087509 Countdown Raceday https://vimeo.com/151087896 Do You Hear What I Hear https://vimeo.com/151088339 2015 NASCAR Theme https://vimeo.com/151088567 Reflections On Earth https://vimeo.com/151088852 Twas The Night Before Christmas
  15. Finally Videos Are Ready

    Thanks again for the kind words Tony. As far as it being copied in the UK, I can only hope to get some royalties if it takes off.
  16. Finally Videos Are Ready

    Thanks for the kind words Tony. The Marty Fan has been red and white ever since I built it. The fire sticks are eight channels of the amber and the star toppers make each one a total of nine channels. Times that by four and the total channel count of the fire sticks is 36 channels.As far as the white arches, they are 5 channels each. The four arches total 20 channels. The blue fans behind each arch are also 5 channels each. The four blue arches total another 20 channels. As for the construction of the four fans. I made them out of schedule 40 1/2 inch pvc. One 10 foot for the arch of the fan. One 7 foot for the base of the fan and it is joined using two 90 degree joints. I drilled a 1/4 inch hole in the center of the bottom of the cross pvc pipe and used a 5 inch bolt washers and a nut. That is the place all of the strings are wound around for each of the five sections. To get the fan sections to match the arches I measured one section of lights on the arch and transferred that measurement to the fans. I then wound the arches accordingly. I set the arches first and then place the fans behind them and zip tie the fans to the back of each arch. In order to make the fans a bit more stable I pound two 48 inch 1/2 inch re bar in the back of each fan just to the point that the re bar is flush with the top of the fan and zip tie the re bar to each fan. Hope this helps you out. If you have any questions let me know.
  17. Finally Videos Are Ready

    Thanks for the kind words Need more lights. Great to hear that you enjoyed the videos.
  18. Finally Videos Are Ready

    Thanks for the kind words.
  19. Finally Videos Are Ready

    Thanks for the kind words you guys. The stars were a simple but very effective addition to the fan.
  20. What A Surprise

    Hi All, Just wanted to share this with all of you. This took place on Monday night. WFMZ 69 News stopped by and did a live broadcast from our light show. See the link below and see what you think. http://www.wfmz.com/news/news-regional-lehighvalley/lights-music-and-feeding-the-hungry/36848666
  21. How do I make less crude videos?

    Sony Vegas Pro. Very user friendly. Drop in your recorded video. The program automatically separates the video track from the audio track. Drop in the matching MP3 sync it to the video. Delete the audio from the original recording it's usually crappy any way. Save as any video format you want.
  22. Sequence Needed

    Sarge, You Have Mail
  23. new controller

    Joe did you set it up in the h w utility? Did you assign it a unit id? If I remember correctly, they come pre set to unit 01. If any of your previous controllers have the 01 id that could be your problem.
  24. Sequence Needed

    Jeff, Check your PM's.