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  1. I need to find a plug with a red & black wire coming out that plugs into the auxillary power input barrell of the CMB24D board. What is this connector technically called and what is the name of the plug called. (It's the power input from a external power supply) Any ideas on where I could get one? Thanks --Greg--
  2. The answer to your question is two fold. I have over 512 LOR channels so I need two DMX universes to run all my LOR devices. 2nd, I plan to have Nutcracker/Xlights to run my show which will have an additional 22,000 pixel channels. LOR simply cannot do that. I need to have xlights run everything in DMX mode. --Greg--
  3. Well, this year we are changing our transmission protocol from LOR to DMX. Previously we have had over 550,channels running on our LOR network. New this year we will run two DMX universes to handle our 550 lor channels as well as running 50 E.131 universes for our 48X150 pixel tree and tree topper. We have over 110,000 full wave LED's and they really go wild when they are shimmering and twinkling. Any quick & easy way to do shimmers and twinkles when using DMX?? Thanks --Greg--
  4. Andy, (and others) Since I will have Xlights run my show and will NOT have LOR run my show, do I need to run the patch? Here is my setup: I have over 550 AC LOR channels on 40+ LOR controllers in my show. These will be run in DMX mode on two separate DMX universes since I can only run a maximum of 512 channels per universe. This requires 2 separate Xdongles on two separate USB ports. Last year I ran 8800 pixel channels using E.131. Xlights ran this perfectly without any 'patch'. This year I am going to more than double that. Initial plans are 48 strips of 150 pixels/strip. I do NOT configure any pixels in my LOR channel configuration. I do not run Super Star. (Should I?) Strictly LOR channels and a very few RGB floods. LOR does NOT 'know' about my pixels. I use nutcracker to do ALL my pixel programming and will use Xlights to run everything. Is it necessary to run this patch if LOR is NOT going to run the show? All I use LOR for is to do the sequence editing for the LOR channels. I ran into some trouble last year getting everything to run together perfectly but I feel confident that this year, I have a better understanding of running LOR in DMX mode and having Xlights running everything. Hopefully I'm not forgetting anything. Is this patch only needed if you are going to let LOR run your show? Or do I still need this patch if Xlights is going to run everything? --Greg-- --Greg--
  5. Isn't the real problem is that LOR designed the output triacs without fuse protection? There would be NO blown triacs if LOR had incorporated current protection (fuses) in their designs. --Greg--
  6. I have almost 600 LOR channels on 37 16 channel controllers that was running fairly well last year in LOR mode. Now this past year I built a RGB megatree using 8100 RGB channels. I tried on LOR running everything but LOR could not handle running both traditional controllers and the E.131 at the same time. Consesus is that Xlights should run both the pixels and the LOR but LOR should be in DMX mode. Even the setup in Xlights warns about maximum LOR channels running in LOR mode. It suggests running high numbers of LOR channels in DMX mode for better throughput. Since I have more than the maximum channels that a 'universe' allows (512) I have to run my LOR in two seperate DMX universes. Therefore I ordered an additional USB-RS485 converter and two LOR-DMX cables. Both of these parts are on order and should arrive in a few days. What should I be doing in the mean time? II am relatively new to DMX and not sure if my channel configuration or anything else needs to be modified for DMX?? Having my LOR network split up in two seperate DMX universes in confusing. My RGB pixel megatree has been working perfect using Xlights. I have 36 strands and 36 universes that I use for the megatree. I'm assuming that my 2 new universes that I will be using to run my LOR network in DMX mode will be universes 37 and 38? Is that correct? How and where are these assigned and configured? I do know that I have to install' them in Xlights 'setup tab' and feel comfortable with doing that in Xlights. But how does my LOR network know that they are operating as universes 37 and 38?? What do I do to my LOR network so that everything is assigned and mapped correctly? How do I tell my LOR network that they should respond to universe 37 channels 1-512 and universe 38 1-100?? By the way, I deserve this for not testing all of this in July. Lesson learned. --Greg--
  7. We have over 40 standard LOR controllers running in standard LOR mode. I want to import my 500+ channels into the setup tab of nutcracker/Xlights and have Xlights run both my LOR sequences as well as my nutcracker RGB sequences in E.1.31. I ran into a problem trying to set up my LOR channels into the setup tab and found a limitation of only being allowed 47? channels that Xlights could accept in standard LOR mode. HUGE disappointment and a show stopper. Must I run my large LOR network in DMX mode in order for Xlights to accept and acknowledge my LOR hardware? If this is the case, what exact steps do I need to do quickly in order to run everything in Xlights? My current hardware is 40+ standard LOR 16 channel controllers running in standard LOR format. This runs out of a USB port to a USB-RS-485 that is daisy changed to my 40+ coltrollers. My E.131 RGB runs out of a Ethernet port to a Ethernet switch where my 3 J1sys P12s's work. Everything works fine separately but I wanted either LOR to run everything or Xlights to run everything. I'm very disappointed to find out the hard way that Xlights wont run LOR in native LOR mode. I need to find out a easy solution for either LOR to run everything or Xlights has to accept 500+LOR channels. Another option is to convert our LOR network to DMX mode and I'm not sure exactly how to do that or have the necessary cable change to do that. I might need a quick course in order to do that, Can somebody help me out who is running both LOR and Xlights-Nutcracker together? --Greg--.
  8. For the most part my show which consists of 450+ channels on 29 controllers is working fine however........ I ocassionally see several channels that are temporarily stuck on. Usually it is one of my arches (I have six of them and they all have three colors) that I see a few random channels that are stuck on when they should be off. The common demoninator seems to be when one of the songs is having it's grand finale and the show is going 'wild'. When one of these arch channels is 're-addressed' 5-30 seconds later, it then is 'freed up' and starts working normally again until 5-20 minutes later when I notice that something else is temporariy stuck on for a period of 5-30 seconds. What I believe is going on is that there is too much activity on my network and somehow the 'off' command gets 'lost' in the shuffle because of too much data activity???? It's just a guess. I am thinking about purchasing another USB-RS485 converter and running two seperate networks. If I decide to do this, what do I need to know about running dual controllers in my show. What do I have to factor in?? How will S3 know that it has 2 seperate controllers each running 15 or so controllers. Will this generally take care of the problem or am I introducing a cluster**ck that would just make matters more complex? Need to keep it reliable and don't necessary want to have two controllers. I am not using and 'smart strings, just 29 seperate CTBPC 16 channel controllers all on one daisy chain. Thanks --Greg--
  9. I am running 29 controllers all daisy chained together. Is there something I should plug in to 'terminate' ny communications link at the last controller? Also, how many controllers before I should think about running two seperate communications lines? Is 29 controllers 'pushing' it? I don't see any obvious problems yet. 21 gen 3 controllers and 8 gen 2 controllers all on the same daisy chain. --Greg--
  10. Last night at the worse possible time, I blew some fuses in one of my gen3 controllers. I remember that they were 15 amp 250 volt fuses but forgot if they were fast or slow blow type. Can somebody tell me as I want to buy some replacements on the way home from work. Thanks --Greg--
  11. Now that the show is running, I would like to 'see' the sequence editor as the different songs are playing. I have a 2 monitor system and on my right monitor the visualizer is working correctlyand filling up my entire monitor screen as it should. However on my left screen, I would like to see the songs being played on the sequence editor. It's not. On the left screen is the control panel status showing the starting and stopping of songs. I cannot seem to get the sequence editor to show up as the different songs are being played. I remember that last year as the songs were played, the sequence editor would come up for each song. (Hopefully I'm remembering correctly.) That's not happening now. What can I do to bring up the sequence editor while th songs are being played in the 'show?
  12. Thank you. Geoff. I' ll try it tonight. -—Greg--« 0
  13. I wish to cut & paste some parts of an existing sequence (not mine) into our configuration in the sequence editor so basically I need to have 'both' configurations available while sequencing. How is it possible to 'import" an additional configuration file into an existing sequence WITHOUT erasing the first configuration? --Greg--
  14. I just found out that the channel assigned to our radio transmitter has been assigned in our configuration file. 8-9 songs have already been programmed with this transmitter being assigned in the configuration file. I now need to alter the configuration file AFTER the songs have already been programmed. What steps do I need to take to ensure rhat the transmitter will ONLY be in the background and on during the show while the songs play? Can a configuration file be altered after the lms files have been generated? --Greg--
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