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  1. Any Luck on finding a solution? I have the same issue with mine. Thanks
  2. Could I get a copy as well. Thanks gregbower1@aol.com
  3. I would like to see 11, 22 gregbower1@aol.com Thanks
  4. Thanks for the help James, I would like a copy too. gregbower1@aol.com Thanks again.
  5. If anyone is still sharing, I would like the Frozen mix as well. Thanks. gregbower1@aol.com
  6. Not a problem! Merry Christmas!
  7. Nice Job Caniac! I want to do a singing Santa, spiral tree, and arches next year.
  8. Welcome to the madness! I too started early last year with my first show this year. It seems overwhelming at first, but you have plenty of time. I scored big last year with after Christmas sales on LED strings...this year looks like a different story. I went with LED because I wouldn't have to upgrade my electrical box. The cost up front is more, but in my opinion was a better choice. I started sequencing my first song in April and it took me about 30 hours for a 5 minute song. Seen here. I used mostly M6's and a few C9 LEDS. My display is 32 channels. 16 is not enough, and 32 is just enough for your first year. The song I did above I sequenced on my own. I have 9 other songs in my show, but I got from others here on the forum, edited them to fit my display. Each of my mini trees have 5 strands of 50ct on them. I think they look fine. I got luck with those in that I didn't have to make them. I bought them at Michael's after christmas for about $3 a piece for the frames. I just tore off the incandescents and put LED's on them. I started putting up lights after Halloween and had it all put up in about two weeks working on it after work. Hooked up the controllers and started troubleshooting. I was done before Thanksgiving. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. You will get alot of help here on the forum. Oh yeah, don't forget extension cords. I bought three spools of SPT2 wire, and a bunch of Vampire plugs.
  9. caniac wrote: I adapted your sequence to my 64 channel setup and I think you would really like the finished product, many many thanks for sharing!! You will have to put up a video so I can see it.
  10. I don't know if it was on Wall-E or not. I found the sound byte somewhere on the internet.
  11. They are also called snowfall lights, or meteor lights.
  12. caniac wrote: 4 or 4s It was a 4s.
  13. dougd I actually used my new Apple Iphone (Merry Xmas to me)....I couldn't find my camera.
  14. No actually I am not a Bulls fan, but I've always enjoyed that intro.
  15. Thanks everyone! I tried to get permission from the Boss(Wife) to let me get a 20 foot santa from Lowe's. I thought it would add to the show to have him pop up from behind the house, but she thought otherwise....
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