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  1. bdeditch wrote: been there, done that
  2. Yes, no adapter shows up in the network preferences. Also does nothing in xlights.
  3. Windows 7, about 6 months old.
  4. I got an Enttec open and I can't seem to get my pc to recognize it. I have installed the driver multiple times from disk and Internet and I still get nothing. My lor usb485 adapter works though. Does anyone know of an extra step I may be missing?
  5. jimswinder wrote: sorry...YOUR word would be good enough for me... but I think the others would still be doubters... Now I see why you didn't understand my first post...(That was 100 strings of lights correct Jim???) you have dyslexia...:? Maybe 100 strings of incandescent lights. Lol
  6. I think you have to go into the sequence editor and click help, then upgrade.
  7. Arnoldc wrote: You might only need a floating 1/2 ring. Just let the ring hang on the lights over the hill. maybe.
  8. You can drag the channels around. Not sure if this is what you're talking about or not.
  9. james campbell wrote: Good advice here! I would say exactly the same thing. Welcome to the addiction!
  10. What dmx Software/Adapters are you using? If you are using the LOR adapter I don't think you need a crossover cable, just regular Cat-5.
  11. Cracker wrote: N0!!!!!!!!! I can't stand that song but I love your display. I guess I will have to learn to like the song.
  12. It sounds like you are plugging in the RGB power supply into a lor controller. You don't to want to do this. It could possibly damage your rgb equipment. Ou need somthing like an Enttec open or most people suggest the Enttec pro. Then you need some type of DMX controller. Check out holidaycoro.com
  13. This is just using video with LOR. Not sure if they are using LOR or another software. You have to make animations to go along with your sequences. If you have advanced software you can try simple video effects with an extra monitor.
  14. ny_yankee_25 wrote: The board you are talking about is a g3 controller. These CTB16PC boards are marked "CTB16PCG2 - V4" which refers to the circuit board rev level. The main differences from the previous generation are faster processors, higher current accessory power supplies, ghost loads and much better zero cross detection -- obviously we also moved to surface mount technology to keep the price stable. Additionally, the firmware has been upgraded to support LED curves. We decided to call these g3 since there have been a few generations of the original PC controllers. We should have changed the silk-screening to avoid confusion. Sorry about that. The picture attached is a g3 CTB16PC. Where is the LED on this? it is right below the 20 pin header. It is a micro LED (I guess that's what they're called.)
  15. Make sure you get the right resistor! I got the wrong one and I had myself a little flamethrower. That was fun in the middle of the night on the roof.
  16. How the cat5 is wired to the USB? I assume there is also some circuitry in there also.
  17. Does anyone know how or have a schematic of the LOR Dongle or the Holiday Coro programming dongle? I need to run some RGB lights but I lost my LOR dongle somehow . Thanks
  18. Are they the cheap fairy light type with the plug adaptor?
  19. Cracker wrote: Are you saying that it wouldn't even twinkle right once it is connected to lights?
  20. Thank You, I wasn't sure how it would end up turning out. I just ordered kit from holiday coro.
  21. When I do a twinkle in yellow it uses multiple colors, like it twinkles between red, green and yellow. I tried twinkle with green and it didn't do that. I am not using actual RGB strings, I am just viewing in the visualizer. Why is this happening? Thank You
  22. Well... If you have an extra controller, I know a guy. Lol. Anyway it is a good idea, I had thought about doing it last year but was maxed out on my channels so maybe I will try it this year. If you do control your tree I would love to see a video of it!
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