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  1. I have used the adapter. works good. lessens the quality a tiny bit though.
  2. Oh.. Didn't realize what you were asking disabled is when the show isn't setup to run. When you right click and enable it will run your show schedule.
  3. If you ask them, they will adjust shipping for that to about $5.
  4. I use 87.9 fm does that mean you can broadcast without any problems?
  5. I get cables on eBay. Yes, they are low quality but they work.
  6. Is the speaker acctually covered in plastic?
  7. Will lor accept a trigger when the circut is open, closed or can you do either?
  8. Caleb Linburg


    I use google sites for hosting and godaddy for domain name. Only costs $10 a year. (my Christmas site just has a coverup URL on a wix free site template for now)
  9. Will this be recorded? I don't think I will be able to participate.
  10. Caleb Linburg


    I don't use speakers at all. If people want to stand outside their cars they just turn up thief own stereos. It really helps keep my neighbors happy. I may disappoint a few foot travelers but it keeps the neighbors from complaining so the rest of the viewers can watch.
  11. Would that keep the current show still going though?
  12. Does anyone know of a way to have an input trigger on lor send a cmd to another program without doing anything to the lights. I am wanting a trigger to do somthing for a project I am working on. Thanks.
  13. When I was on the tapatalk app it would come up and say "this fourm has an app for iPad" I was wondering why this was happening.
  14. It says up to 5' on this diagram. http://www.usledsupply.com/shop/catalog/product/gallery/id/99/image/1280/
  15. Thank you!! I didn't even rember that I had started the topic. Lol. I could have found it if I knew that. Now I'm in for some reading.
  16. I rember a post about licensing and someone posted a letter that they got from whoever is in charge of that. If anyone knows where that post was can they please point me to it, I would like to read it again. Thanks
  17. I have a motion sensor that if you put a light load like an led light on it thinks it is off when it is on. We had to put 2 things on to get it to work. Maybe it could be somthing of the same type of issue. I don't think it is much to do with the wires not having shielding but more so the low power. It still seems really strange for an lor controller.
  18. If you go to the right hand corner and press that bubble symbol you can view who is olnine and even the topics they are viewing. The topic thing is a little creepy though.
  19. You will be able to go back into your PM files when the old fourms come back up in a few days.
  20. I would love to have an app! Put that in as a feature request.
  21. What is the push notifications setting do, I noticed it under settings with the email notifications.
  22. heystew wrote: No, the device appears to be un recognized.
  23. I am stuck at step 3. The driver download page is not existing anymore. Does anyone have the new page?
  24. Thank you, will try this tonight or tomorrow and report back.
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