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  1. To someone who doesn't yet make their own cords, what is wrong with this one? I am thinking about going into making them next year.
  2. Are the strips/their controllers programmable to diffrent channels. If they are how many DMX channels do they take up. How many can fit on one universe?
  3. If you have a laptop you can bring to the first controller, use a short cat 5 cable and try that. If it works perfect it might be your cat 5 cable.
  4. I think I saw what you saw and it does move up and down the strip like CCR, but it is not compatible like LOR. You would need to do something like the ge color bulb hack.
  5. Is it a possibility that they did not fully convert backwards to that software version? I have LOR s3 if you want to send one of the non working ones to me I can let you know if it runs. Clinbu@gmail.com
  6. Just make sure that you have it as the same exact length or the timing will be off. If you just simply converted it you should be fine.
  7. I just wrap mine around the vinyl edge of window tightly, then zip tie the string when it meets again.
  8. If you can send this to him, the driver is at the bottom of the page. http://www.lightorama.com/Firmware.html
  9. My dad was just telling me about people at lowes that swap out their toilet seats every year and they always take it back.
  10. Could regular led lights respond this way to a security camera. I have been having trouble with mine, I have no rgb running right now. It only happens during the show, I was just assuming that it is the night vision mode being messed up by the lights. This is most likley the case but I figured I would check with those more qualified in this area.
  11. That's what we all say!!!!! It doesn't stop easy.
  12. I have a sirs e that does not want to work I recently received it and it seems as if the computer recognizes it but a part isn't recognized. The com port has it and has the correct driver. I have tried it on 3 computers 2 are windows 7 and 1 is XP. The connection is accepted but nothing goes out to the lights. In xlights under the rate in the network settings it says n/a where if you put it in as an open I believe it says 25000 before the device is even plugged in. I took the unit out of its case and everything visually looks fine on it. I am not able to get any control from xlights or LOR. Does anyone have any ideas as to what might be causing this?
  13. Yeah, and now with the overflow protection it is no fun searching at all.
  14. I would get with LOR. They will get you one quick. It won't take as long as it originally did to get shipped.
  15. Maybe it could be the power connection plug into your controller. Is it possible that when you wiggle the plug you are actually bumping that onto the metal pin. Try pushing it onto the plug.
  16. I believe this is what you are looking for.
  17. It is not as much the lights as the controllers and the protocol adapters. If you want easily integrated with lor try the CCB the CCF or the CCR.
  18. Also. i never saw it, but I got a text one day that my lights were on while it was raining. I told them to just go ahead and unplug the controller. When I got home, I opened up the controller and water had gotten in it. (it wasn't completely closed). Check your controllers for water also. If they do unplug them, use a towel and hair dryer and dry them off. Once they are all dry they should work fine.
  19. Check all of the connections and the addressing in the computer. Also try a restart. If not file a help ticket with LOR. I do not know much about CCR.
  20. Seems like the Bridge is the best way to go. I just had an open fail on me, so don't use one of those.
  21. I don't know if I would suggest it if you do not know what you are doing, but I take the vacuum cleaner hose and suck the dust out of the vent of the laptop. It seems to do the trick for awhile.
  22. I don't see a problem. I always plug my lights in first, but then I will unplug my controllers and plug them in with all of the lights in them, so I do not see how it would matter.
  23. I have 4 strands of rgb lights running through an Enttec open and the cheap white DMX boxes. All of them work fine from my laptop but from my show PC one of them flickers. I ran the network the same exact way with both computers. I have readdressed, replaced all connections tested with xlights, which works fine. Any ideas on what my problem might be?
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