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  1. Plastic tip as you call it (rupperized paint) works well only issue not a quick fix in the feild takes a bit to dry but looks good and you can match colors. I found that it will take about 3 dips to give a thick coat. All the feild repairs I ahve made have been with the heat shrink splices the one major down side is being carefull not to smoke your wire while heating the heat shrink found that one out the hard way...
  2. Thomas, Actually it was my dumb luck that I found them in Wally world. Stopped in to pick up some items for my wife and thought heck I will just walk past and see. Mind you this is about the 10th time I had looked. All the times before they had nice items but nothing to fit my needs. But this time here were all these 100 count boxs of solid color minis (red, blue, pink, purple). I don't think the older gal standing next to me will ever be the same and I think the brusing should have gone away by now. (just kidding) It is fun though to go get milk clear across the store with your cart filled to the top with box's of mini's. The look people give you is a cross between "I bet you he talks to plants" and "he must have hit his head" Always nice to keep them guesing
  3. Checked out the local Wal-Mart got 112 boxes of Minis for 62 cents a box and then stopped at our local Ace and struck a deal with the manager for 25 cents a box will be picking up what he has left.. But did fins something interesting out when people purchase the light set and for some reason they return the set the store doesnt re-sell the item. They will normally just throe them away. I took a chance and asked if I could have all their returns so far 20 strings with just minor problems (bulb bad, fuse missing) all are working fine now. This might be an idea for you if you are handy at repairs but if you are reading this you are more than likely advanced to that point. Oh yea picked up 26 Prelighted LED trees 6 foot for 4 dollars Man I love after christmas bargains
  4. Max gave me an idea it might be real cool to wrap the rope light in mini or c-7 run them chaseing against each other. Got to try that one myself. yea man 10 foot is a big area but then again everyone builds mega trees 25 foot and up. I would love to see pictures or vid when you have the ball wired. Good project
  5. Your best results will be with LED rope light and if you go out and check your locsl stores now pricing is at your advantage. Rope light will give you the glow on a 360 schale other than when tied to sphere. If you can get the right ends (to connect end to end) you can make some really cool transitions with your LOR. Dont wait to go shopping the time is now for the good prices..... A few strobs would also fit well these though need to ordered 8 to 12 dollars per. Get the C-9 base this will make your wire up much simpler.
  6. Great Idea for reuse I was pulling the loop wire off two sets and reconnecting with crimp connector with the heat shrink on it.
  7. Thanks again Now for the stupid ? were do you find these files Looked on the internet and feel like I stuck my head in a Hornets Nest Cheeze Nothing simple any more Thanks again
  8. Thanks I purchased the Advanced up grade and still the MIDI is shaded out sounds like I have an issue with my download. Thanks again
  9. Have been Putting up Lights for 15 years and have decided to jump to an LOR set up (32 channel) In the past I would go through each string and fix and repair burnt bulbs. Do most people change out thier strings every year or repair? Is there a rule of thumb for the life of a string of mini lights? I have arounf 25,000 incondecent lights and am slowly changing out to LEDs and just mixing them in. any thoughts would be helpful
  10. Dennis Eaton

    MIDI Wizard

    Started to work through a sequence and found that the MIDI Wizard was shaded out After reading up I was under the impression that the only audio files that would work were MP3. Am I all wet here any help would be very appreciated
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