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  1. Thanks, got it working...appreciate the help...
  2. Yes, I have the channels programmed in Sequencer as RGB, the black line all the way across the song...
  3. Yes, universe one and channels 1, 2, 3,...
  4. I have hooked up everything, the following is what I have done. I am using a Holiday Coro 27 channel dumb DMX controller, actidongle, LOR S4 software. I have green flashing light on the controller. I have the LOR software setup where the Network Preferences is recognizing the ENTTEC DMX USB Pro, when testing I turn the Control panel on, then open my sequence editor and start my song. No RGB lights come on at all. I have one RGB light connected through a dongle and the other is connected direct to the terminal. Still I have no lighting. Have tried rebooting, and starting everything again, but no success. Shows on the Comm Listener DMX 1 DMX USB Pro Adapter opened. Tried a new song and setup an RGB channel from scratch...don't know what I am missing. By the way the Controller address is set to 1, using channel one.
  5. DMX

    Yes, I did my Basic Training at Ft Ord in 1974...Then Ft Polk and then Germany for 3 years...liked it and stayed....anyway my LOR is v4.3.14 advanced...When K6ccc stated as a second network, that would mean of course its own USB connection to my laptop, correct. Guys, thanks again...might have a few more questions later...order the Acti Dongle and will wait on that to see if this old soldier can get it working...really do appreciate the time.. Mr. P, I just retired in Feb 2015...was full time National Guard...in Oct 2013 my HQ called and volunteered me for Afghanistan, got home Aug 2014 and retired soon after...by the way, thanks for your service...
  6. DMX

    OK, so I purchase this Acti Dongle, then connect it to the RS-485, I have my Sequence Editor with DMX channels programmed. One question, is this Acti Dongle on its on USB port I suppose with its own RS-485 connection? I understand after reading some out here you have to turn on the Comm Listener to ensure the lights will work...just don't want to purchase a bunch of items I don't need. Thank you for your replies...I see Mr. P is in Georgia, neighbor and K6ccc is in CA...I lived in Orange County for a good part of my younger years...retired from the Military out here after 40 years. Again I do appreciate both of you taking your time.
  7. DMX

    I have used LOR for many years and even used their Dumb RGB Controllers. Now I am venturing out into the world of other DMX Dumb Controllers and purchased 27 channel controller but can't seem to make it work with S4 LOR software. What items are needed to connect the 27 channel DMX controller to LOR and what type of configuring in LOR S4 software. Please be basic, not real high speed on electronics. Thank you in advance